All About Adverbs

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That day I was teaching Bushi what adverbs are. The most easiest way I could find to explain him was that (nearly) all those words which end with "-ly" are adverbs. I gave examples of Beautifully, Quickly, Amazingly, Extremely, Sadly...etc.

And when I asked him to tell me the definition and the examples, he said, "An adverb is a word which gives us more information about a verb. For example, Sadly, Slowly, Shane Lee, Brett Lee.."
and I couldn't stop laughing! =)

Cheerio folks! =)



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What would the world be without chocolates and chips (or fries, or rather potatoes) ?



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That day while channel surfing, I unluckily came across this channel called Filmazia. It was showing our funjabi hippo (aka Say-ma Jee). She was trying to dance on some stupid song. She had to reach Shaan. And that guy was unfortunately standing very far away from her (or is it a good sign?) :P Anyways, there were 3-4 chaarpai between Say-ma Jee and Shaan. With the sounds of "thishkiaoun thishkiaoun" of firing in the background, that heavy-duty aunty quickly jumped on the first chaarpai. With two more thishkiaoun, she successfully jumped on the second chaarpai, then on the third and finally in Shaan's lap!!! Lol!!!!

I changed the channel before I could see the poor man getting crushed by the bulldozer =)

[I so much wanted to add a pic of our Lollywood Queen but I couldn't find a better one] :p

Cheerio folks =)



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"Abey mein ne tumhein pehchaan lia.
Ab pata chala...
Bata doun kia?
Tum wohi ho na jo apni naak ka X-ray le ker bus mein ghoomta hay
Aur kehta hay ke
.meray dil mein suraakh hay!"


Right now

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I'm feeling extremely hungry
Fighting against evil mosquitoes
Trying to keep my eyes open and complete my work
And thinking what more to write here


Spelling Mistakes

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....are so funny sometimes =)



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I'm free of all prejudice; I hate everybody equally!


Bicycle Bumps

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It's been more than a year that I've been driving a car, and more than 4-5 years that I haven't touched a cycle. But today I went to my sista's place and they've got a bicycle. And me, the uncontrollable Dinkum, couldn't stop herself and decided to ride the bike. Okay!!! Everyone prayed and I finally sat on the seat. Whoops!!! That seat was way too tiny. I reminded myself that I wasn't in my car, but on a cycle, which doesn't even have a seat belt! Anyways, I took a deep breath and automatically my hand started closing in a position as if I was holding the car keys, and it reached towards the handles, when I finally realized that I was on the cycle!!! Ufff!!! I closed my eyes and tried to stamp the statement in my Dinky Mind that "I am about to ride a CYCLE." I finally tightened my grip on the handles, glued my feet to the pedals and with Ayat-ul-Kursi on my lips, I finally started riding that poor thing. [Poor, not because it was old or in a bad condition, but because it had to bear me] *sighs*
The funny (and the embarrassing) part came when I decided to stop the cycle and get down. Guess what, I forgot how to slow down a cycle. In my mind, it was 'clutch and break' to reduce the speed. I, the proud owner of Dinky Mind, stretched my left leg out to push the imaginary clutch and was preparing the right one to slightly touch the brakes when I realized I was about to fall down! YIKES!!! I somehow controlled the funny me, tried to ignore all those evil grins, and reminded myself that brakes are under your hands and not near your feet!
Phew! It was a horrible-ist experience.
Ceerio folks =)



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"For I see, since I am asleep, that I dream, while I am awake!"


Hard to resist

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I opened this KFC's site for doing an assignment and I can actually smell all those chicky burgers...mmmmm... me hungry. Me wants a zeeenger :(


Fan Sound

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I'm one of those who just can't sleep in any type of noise. I want the door and windows to be closed, but the fan to be switched on! I believe that fan's sound absorbs all kind of noises. In summers, even when the AC is turned on, I want the fan to be switched on too (at a low speed). If I don't switch on the fan, I feel that that quietness would soon be filled by noise (of TV, of people speaking or walking, of the tick-tick of clock). In chilly winters also I prefer to sleep with the fan on. I don't care if I wake up alive the next morning or not, I just want the fan's sound to sleep with.
It used to pinch me a lot when we would be deprived of dear electricity, the thought that I wouldn't be able to sleep without fan's sound would boil my blood up, but thankfully, we've got UPS now! I can sleep with my fan's sound for as long as I want. Yay!!!!
Are you as crazy as I am? :P


What's going on?

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Bomb blasts everywhere
Breaking news on all channels
40 dead, 50 injured...
Bomb blast in a Jirga
Bomb blast in a Janaza
People dying in road accidents
Rape of young girls
Teenagers becoming suicide bombers

Where the heck are we heading?
Where is our humanity?

We are all living a life of insecurity
Who knows if we'd be able to breathe again tomorrow

This thought scares me a lot!! I wish I could, I wish we all could do something to put a stop to all this...to make Pakistan a peaceful country.


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