Meet Umaima

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This is a list of named craters on Venus. All cytherean craters are named after famous women or female first names.
Check this out too :)
CHeerio folks :)


Helping People

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Yesterday I was sitting on the entrance stairs of our university with my friends. I saw this girl coming out of her car, and I sensed something fell down when she was getting out of her car. As she approached me, I got up and told her that she has dropped something (like a card, or paper). She went back towards her car. By that time, her driver had turned the car, and the object was under it. She searched, couldn't see anything, so started walking towards the university's entrance. She came to me and said sarcastically, "Thanks. There was nothing!"

I couldn't even say to her that you were looking at the wrong side. I sat quietly for a moment or two and then started chatting with my friends. I was a bit angry. Told them that she should have searched properly, and that I was quite sure she had dropped something. Anyways. She met her friend, and after 5 minutes, they both walked towards the car to leave. Her driver, by that time, moved the car a bit forward, so when she approached the car, she found her something, felt a little embarrassed, waved that card (or paper, whatever it was) to me and went away.


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