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I am posting some jokes here. I believe most of them must be read by you. I am posting some that seem new to me. Here they are.

On a Summer holiday in Newyork Banta decided to visit a bar. At the bar, the man sitting on Banta's left told the bartender, 'Johnie Walker, single'. Then the man on his left ordered, 'Jack Daniels, single'. When the barman turned to Banta for an order, he said, 'Banta, married'.

Teacher: 'When was Rome built?'
Student:'At night, Sir.'
Teacher: 'Who told you that?'
Student: 'You did, Sir. You once said that Rome was not built in a day.'

Teacher: 'Name one animal that is found in the desert.'
Student: ' A camel.'
Teacher: 'Good. Name another animal.'
Student: 'Another camel.'

Now an advice for success:
Be like a duck. Above the surface, look composed and unruffled. But below the surface, paddle like crazy.


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I am kinda relieved now. I mean now I have got 6 more days for my next paper, which is of Awful Accounting...ssss...I dont know why I hate accounting.
Arrraaayyy, did I tell you that I am done with all four papers of Bu.St. I feel relaxed, but not much, cuz my paper 2 didnt go well. Uptil now, all my essay papers have gone wonderful, Alham-do-lillah.
Guess what happened... on Wednesday, I went to have my paper at Regent. My paper had to start at 2:30 pm. I dont know at what time I reached my centre (because all my watches have stopped working). Anyway, when I was near my centre, I found it to be completely deserted. Yes! not a single soul out there. That made me extreeemely nervous. The first thought that came to my mind was 'Oh my God, was my paper in the morning? Have I missed it? Is it 2:30 already? Am I late? Nooo way!' I quickly took out my Statement of Entry and checked the time and date. Nothing was wrong. So,when I entered, thank God, there were many people inside. I checked my hall, and then comfortably sat on a sofa in the lounge. Then, after some five ten minutes, the supervisor came and asked us all to enter the hall. I picked up my stuff and started walking towards the place. At the entrance of the hall, invigilators (sp?) check our ID card and Entry Statement. I unfolded my statement quickly. Soon, I realised that I dont have my ID card. OMG!!!! I started searching for it in my box, and all the possible places. Then, I started running towards the lounge, and a girl was coming towards me. She said, 'Is this your card?' I took a deep breath, thanked her, took my card, and again started walking towards the hall. The girl , after giving me my card, started staring at me. I guess, probably because the photograph on my card is very different from what I look like now. lol. After that, I enetered the hall and sat on my seat. After some time, a guy entered, and I almost laughed. On his shirt it was written
"I'm busy
U're ugly
Go away."
I am sure, every girl that had seen his shirt, must have said it to him. lol! That guy was somewhat horrible. I mean he had untidy shoulder-height hair, pierced eyebrow (yes...sss), was loosely dressed up and God knows what else.
On that day, I broke my fast outside on the sidewalk, alone! :o( Yes, cuz my paper ended at 5:45 pm. I got out at 5:55 pm. I didnt had any watch so I didnt know at what time Maghrib azaan started. When I saw that darkness is deepening, I took out dates from my bag, and broke my fast. Then I waited for my bus. Now thats a different, long story, which I'll tell you afterwards.
Well, I guess I must leave now. Tomorrow's my last day at college. ooowaainnn oowaainnn. Sachi, I'm gonna miss college. I'm gonna miss my friends.
bye bye everybody *wiping tears* *wiping nose* *feeling extremely sad* :o(


I am alive

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Aray wah... This page exists! I thought I wouldn't be able to post anything till 17th Nov.
Anyway, thanks God, I am here and now I can converse with you people. So, how'z everybody? Must be very happy, cuz you guys must nnot be having exams *grinding teeth*.
Ummm..I don't know what to write, and what not to write. I mean to say that I have got a lot of news for you guys but not enough time to write it down. Right now I have to go to study Econ. You know what I have got my Econ (paper IV) on coming Tuesday. I hope and pray that it goes fine.
Uptil now, I have only taken Bu.St. (I and III) and Accounting IV exams. And a long list is still left *sighs*. But I hope time will quickly pass by. Please pray for my papers, cuz I have messed up my Accounting paper *face red like a ripened tomato*. When I saw my paper, I was like "wow, good paper" but when I actually started doing it, Oh my God, just Oh my God, I forgot that stupid markup/margin formula, and heck! all my budget was ruined. Urgh, Urgh, and just Urgh! I mean how could I forget it??? Furthermore, I have got a serious problem. My balance Sheet never balances. Urgh, Urgh, Urgh... I dont know how many marks am I going to get out of those stupid 120.
Bu. St. went just okay. I forgot to give example (the most important thing). I wish I could get a spare mind from somewhere. Any genius offering???


I am bizzy these days!

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Please post something from my side.


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