Load shedding

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Load shedding, a very common activity in Pakistan, is making a common man's life miserable these days. In the sultry, debilitating heat of high summer, these KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) people are earning everybody's wrath. Daily we endure 2-3 hours of load shedding, especially at the time when a person is looking for some rest in such an exhausting weather. And last night was one of the worst nights. We faced a power failure at 10 pm and it returned at 11:15 pm. I don't exactly remember at what time exactly the power would disappear and return, but what I think and what my parents told me this morning was that from 10 pm to 6 am, we were privileged to have power for just an hour (cumulatively)!!!! This was so unbearable.

That day, my Nani told me that one of our cousins called the KESC helpline to inquire about the problem behind intermittent power failures, and he was answered:

جناب جب بھی قرعہ اندازی ھوتی ھے، ھمیشہ آپ کے علاقے کا نام نکلتا ھے، اس لئے ھمیں مجبوراً بجلی بند کرنی پڑتی ھے

Means, you have to endure this heat this year and all the years to come.



Procrastination at its best!

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Our exams finally ended on 16th April, and so did my fever and dry cough! Did I tell you that I wanted to have my Mid-Term exams real soon, so I could get rid of them. I actually want this semester to end quickly. I just can't study Research and Law! Errr!

Anyways. So, the day my exams started, I caught fever. And it was so high that I wanted to stay in bed for the whole day, but couldn't. I had to study. On Monday, April 16th, I got into bed around 1:30 pm and woke up at 5:30 pm. Did nothing. Slept again at 8:30 pm and woke up the next morning at 8:30!!! And woah, I was feeling so fresh, like I had never been sick. We had a day off, so, I cleaned my ultra-messy room, and slipped into bed again at 3 pm. Took a 3-hour nap. Never in my life have I slept so much after my exams. I was celebrating my independence! And I was loving it!! =)

Now, I'm feeling all fresh. No more taste of boiled eggs and Milk Pak in my mouth. I'm alive!



Story of my Nokia N70

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It was that awful day when Jaj and Ritz came to my place for studies (3rd Semester, finals), and we started taking silly pictures from our cell phones and then all of a sudden, my cell phone crashed!!!! My N70 crashed!!!! And there I was, holding it, shaking it, screaming, "Wake up!! Get started!!". And when it refused to operate, I, highly infuriated, pulled the poor battery out of the phone, threw it in air, and iserted it again in the phone. And then...

*Nokia tune*

[ Enter lock code: ]

And as I browsed through it, I was horrified to find that Quick Office, Adobe Reader, Opera, the audio files, and most of all, our pics were no where to be found! All got deleted. All my data flew. The darn memory card got corrupted! The data cable malfunctioned! I felt like throwing it out of the window.

Days and weeks slowly passed, and I tried to restrict myself to the internal memory. It was hard. Still I haven't got a new memory card. My N70 is still incomplete. But one day, I connected the phone to the PC and tried to see if the data cable's working. No postitive response. The second day, I tried again, and the phone showed the icon of "USB connected", but it was of no use as it didn't work further. And then the third day, everything became new again. The PC recognized the device and I successfully transferred all the phone files to the PC. Phew! That was a big relief!

And for those interested, I've found this blog on Nokia N70.

So, me is happy again =)

Cheerio folks!



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Exams are starting from 9th April, 2007!!!

Monday - 9th April: Financial Management
Tuesday - 10th April: Business Communication.
Wednesday - 11th April: Organizational Behavior.
Thursday - 12th April: Management Information System
Friday - 13th April: Reasearch Methods
Monday - 16th April: Business Law.

Prayers needed...


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