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Inspired by Ritz, and many others, I opened my Flickr Account.

There I have uploaded many pictures of our trip to Saudi Arabia. Visit http://flickr.com/photos/umemalicious.

Cheerio folks :)


Today's Word

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Remember folks, in this of my post, I asked you (Question no. 30)

"What are those little things on the end of your shoelaces called?"

And few days ago, I found the answer. They are known as Aglets!

Cheerio folks =)



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If you put few mentos in coke and shake it well, it'll burst after some time.

It's a fact!!!

Try doing it! ;)

*But don't try this at home*


Pronouncing "Phone"

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These days I'm helping Ritz pronounce "Phone". She pronounces this word like "Phooon" and "Phawn"! ;)

She told me, last night, she practised a lot to pronounce Phone as "Phone" and she even succeeded, but today, again, it's either "Phooon" or "Phawn".

People are sometimes so funny.


Dejected Woolmer Dead

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Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died in hospital in Jamaica, West Indies. on Sunday after being found unconscious on the floor of his World Cup hotel room.

I never liked this man.


Moth Smoke

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Reading Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid these days.

It's different!

P.S.: WAKA just told me, Blogspot has been removed from the restricted list of websites :) Yayyyy


10 Things I don't like

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Tagged by Gullay. Thanks :)

1. I don't like to polish my shoes (that's why I now wear joggers)

2. I don't like when I forget many things (Dinky Mind's like that by birth)

3. I don't like to cry infront of the whole word (as S does)

4. I don't like to work after I wake up.

5. I don't like people who smoke (You darn smokers don't look cool with an idiotic cigg in your hand. GOTCHA???)

6. I don't like people whining about just nothing.

7. I don't like to share chips and chocs with anyone (I can share ice-creams...Hehe, me meano)

8. I don't like when people don't leave a comment on my blog ( SO START COMMENTING!!!....j/k :p)

9. I don't like to think what I don't like to do ( So, please stop asking me this thing 'cuz there are a million and two things that I like to do and not even 10 that I don't) :(

10. Now you write what you don't like about me!!! (Hahaha...not a difficult thing, is it?) ;)

Cheerio folks!!! =)


Just for laughs: Gags

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Aww, this is such a funny programme on Pogo.


Good times, bed times!

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I am one of those who need absolute silence, complete darkness and a nice bed with 2 pillows to sleep! I'm weird!

I'm going to write about the 3 times when I slept like a dead person.

N.O.R.E.1: One day, I was having my usual 3-hour nap, when at one time I woke up to see the time. With my eyes closed, I picked up the tiny alarm clock from the side table, looked at the time with half-opened eyes and stretched my arm to keep it back. But, oh my my, I was so darn sleepy that instead of placing it on the table, I dropped it on the floor "accidently"! I mean, I thought I have kept it on the table, but actually, I didn't. By an inch's difference, I lost my Mom's favourite alarm clock. And guess what, in my sleep, I heard that something had fallen down, I heard the glass breaking, but I was so sleepy, I didn't bother to see what had happened!

N.H.S.: In this house, my room was upstairs in the corner of the house, and my bed was in the corner of the room, the alarm clock placed on the corner of the side table! ;) Don't get confused! The point is, I was sleeping. I was having another of those naps, when the alarm clock roared. I was so sleepy that I didn't notice that the alarm was ringing. It went on snooze itself. After 10 minutes, it again went mad and I was sleeping! Then my Mom rushed upstairz, opened the door and hammered the clock to silence. She yelled, "Uuuummmeeeemmmmaaaaaaaa", and I sat straight on the bed, horrified, "What happeneddddddd???" She replied, "Get up, it's 6!"

N.H.S.: I was charged with the duty to make Ashoo sleep on an exhausting afternoon. I took her to Mom's room, and sang to her all the world's lullabies in my sleepy voice. But that baby was in no mood of sleeping! After some more efforts, I saw her eyes closing and became satisfied that I'd also be able to sleep once she's sleeping. Then we both slept. After hardly 20 minutes, she woke up and cried at the top of her lungs. And, this time again, I was so sleepy that I didn't hear her crying! Then, my brother ran upstrairs, took the crying baby to her mom. When I woke up at my usual time, I had to hear a lot of harsh words! Now you don't need to know them :$


ُُُُُپانی پت کی جنگ

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کافی عرصہ پرانی بات ھے ھم نے اپنی حساب کی ٹیچر سے پوچھا: “پانی پت کی لڑائ کہاں ھوئ؟
کافی دیر سوچنے کے بعد کہنے لگیں :" پتا نہیں


I miss you

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Just mailed Farry. We've been out of contact since so long. I miss her :(


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