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65 Questions You've Probably Never Been Asked...you know the rules. tag people in this note (including the person who tagged you!) to learn more about people. Also, try to tag people who you've tagged in other notes, sometimes you learn things in new notes that you didn't know before about them.......

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
My hands

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Ofcourse! Always a Yes for Umer! =D

4. Do you plan outfits?
Yep.On weekends I wash, iron and place all my clothes in my closet and hang them in a proper order - which dress to wear on Monday, and then which one on Tuesday and so on.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Insane. I'm under the Umer-effect right now =D

6. Whats the closest thing to you that's red?
My shirt and mommy's hand bag.

7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?
Saw rains, I suppose.

8. Did you meet anybody new today?
Yeah, the sabzi-wala at my Nani's place. Hahah

9. What are you craving right now?
Cupcakes. And Hershey's =P

10. Do you floss?
No =(

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
Cabbage comes to my mind when I hear cabbage! =P On a serious note, a cabbage lawn comes to my mind! On a serious-er note, minced meat wrapped in cabbage comes to my mind! =D *yummmm*

12. Are you emotional?
Yep. Everyone is, no?

13. Have you ever counted to 1000?
Nopes, but I've done more insane things than that =P

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
If it's Bushi's ice-cream, then I bite it! =P *evil me* But if it's mine, I very casually lick it! Oh, and that depends on the kind of people I'm with. With Ritz and Jaj, I (/we) lick ice-cream, but with other people, I take a bite and let it melt in my mouth. *yummm*

15. Do you like your hair?
I love them! Alhamdolillah, they're very nice =P

16. Do you like yourself?
Yeahhhh! =D

17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
Blekh, Noooooo!

18. What are you listening to right now?
Ammi and Lala's gossips =P

19. Are your parents strict?
They used to be, but not anymore.

20. Would you go sky diving?
After experiencing a hell scary ride recently, I now can go sky diving. Wohooo! =D

21. Do you like cottage cheese?
Nopes. :/ I think smoked cheese is better than cottage! =D

22. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Waqar Younus at Sheraton.

23. Do you rent movies often?

24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?
Lala's and Mommy's goldy bangles.

25. How many countries have you visited?
Just Saudia.

26. Have you made a prank phone call?
A lot! And that was when I was 9! Hahah. We used to have a free phone and we took full advantage of it.

27. Ever been on a train?
Yep. Bachpan ki yaadein =(

28. Brown or white eggs?
Brown! I like food well cooked!

29.Do you have a cell-phone?
No, I've just come from pind! And I still use my voice to transfer messages! =P

30. Do you use chap stick?

31. Do you own a gun?
A rifle, yes!

32. Can you use chop sticks?
I tried that many times on shashlik sticks, but nopes =(

33. Who are you going to be with tonight?
Lala, Mommy, kiddy cousins.

34. Are you too forgiving?
Yes, because I forget people's faults very soon.

35. Ever been in love?
Ever? I've ALWAYS been in love with something!

36. What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow?
Faryal will be enjoying vacations. Ritz would be sleeping at this time tmrw =P And jajo... she's a very different case! =P

37. Ever have a cream puff?
Aww yeah! I luhff them!

38. Last time you cried?
It was this Tuesday or Wednesday.

39. What was the last question you asked?
What's for lunch today?

40. Favorite time of the year?
August! And the shaadi time, when you get to meet so many people! =D

41. Do you have any tattoos?
Nopes. Tattoos are grossy =$

42. Are you sarcastic?
Like duh!!!!


43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?
Seen? Felt!

44. Ever walked into a wall?
Once cycled into a wall. =$ Once roller-skated in a door. =$

45. Favorite color?
All colors! But I like shades of red and blue

46. Have you ever slapped someone?
You need to have a strong hand to slap someone. Mine's too tiny miny! =(

47. Is your hair curly?
Nae =( Straight with a slight wave.

48. What was the last CD you bought?
Haye, that was years ago!!!! Yaad bhee nahi =(

49. Do looks matter?
They do. People should be good looking. But more importantly they should have good language and good manners!

50. Could you ever forgive a cheater?
That depends on the situation.

51. Is your phone bill sky high?
Nopes. Always in limit. I know how to keep it in limit! =D

52. Do you like your life right now?
YES, Alhamdolillah! =)

53. Do you sleep with the TV on?
I can't sleep with lights on or noise around!

54. Can you handle the truth?
Yes, better tell the truth than keep on lying

55. Do you have good vision?
I've got good eye-sight, but I'm not sure if I've got good vision.

56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?
Hate is a strong word. I dislike people but that too not very intensly.

57. How often do you talk on the phone?
Quite rarely.

58. The last person you held hands with?
Mommy =)

59. What are you wearing?
Navy blue shalwar and reddish shirt.

60.What is your favorite animal?
Cubs!!!! I so want to have 2 cubs!

61. Where was your profile picture taken at?
Photo Booth, MacBook.

62. Can you hula hoop?
Yep! I love it! =D

63. Do you have a job?

64. What was the most recent thing you bought?
Clothes. Samosay.

65. Have you ever crawled through a window?
I miss my bachpan now =(


6 Years of Happy Blogging! =)

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Btw, my blog's 6th birthday was on Nov 30, but Dinky Mind forgot it =$ *sigh*

Belated Happy Birthday dear bloggie! =D I hope I keep blogging and you grow like that!

So now I'm off to make some cupcakes for my bloggy =D


The Story Behind "Murgha Pose"

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After the movie "Taare Zameen Per", the only way we have to make Bushi get back to studies is to threaten him by saying, "Are you getting back to studies or should I get you admitted in a boarding school?" And he would whine and open up his books. That day, I was very annoyed at him and his test result, so I used the traditional boarding-school statement formula.

Me: "I'm going to call Miss XVD and she's going take you to the boarding school now. So either pack your stuff or prepare well for the next test!"
Bushi: "Nahiiiiii! I don't want to go to the boarding school. They've got zameen walay squat toilets there and you know I just can't sit in the 'murgha' pose for long! My legs hurt!!!!!" *sobs*

That statement cracked me up so bad, I literally forgot about my anger and got back to help him on his test preparation! =D

We (the kids) haven't used squat toilets and according to Bushi, even looking at those 'abnormal' toilets his legs start to hurt! Of all the four residences that we've lived in, I've never seen squat toilets (oh well, the servant bathroom doesn't count). So, since birth we kids have a habit of spending a good time on western commodes (resembling like those kiddy potties) reading comics, singing poems, and even falling asleep! They're far more comfortable that those squats where you have to maintain your balance well! I wonder how do people manage to use squats without having the fear of falling in it! *shudders*

Western toilets are what we are accustomed to. You sit down, do your business, and proceed on your day without any bathroom trauma. And this commode is one of its kind. It has got buttons! =D Cool, isn't it. And guess what the buttons are for. One of them is to warm the seat on cold wintery nights =D There's a button for music also. Press it to hear the sound of water rushing down or to hear some melodies.

Lol. So, that's the story defining different toilets. And also how its difficult to sit in the 'murgha' pose. Haha!


Idiot. Moron. Retard.

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That day I was in Finance's class, all sleepy. The day was already expected to be a moronic one, till this chowderhead just topped it off with his klutzy text messages on my phone! I was trying my level best to concentrate on Real Options when I received a stupid forwarded text message (which I first heard 3 years ago :s) from him. I read it and deleted it. The moment I deleted it, the phone buzzed again. Same stupid text. I deleted it again. But before I could press the delete button, the phone vibrated once again. And the SAME text once again! And no, it didn't end with 3 text messages, nor did it end with 10 or 20. He literally sent me that text message FIFTY times!!! That guy really is nuts! Ullu! Pagal!

It doesn't end with these forwarded messages only. That moron is so farigh, he sends me 'Hi' texts after midnight =T, or during my exam days. I never reply to such unknown people, but this guy seems to be the king of morons! He just doesn't stop! Jaahil! Retard!




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So a feeble wave of winter is right here. I really enjoy such mild winters but not when I'm faced with dry hands and sweaty feet. :/ I'm sick and tired of moisturizing my hands after every 5 minutes!!! They're literally inhaling the lotions and creams. Dove cream is so not effective! And so isn't Jergens! :/ And to get rid of dry hands, I'm advised to drink loads and loads of water! First of all, I just can't drink the regular 8 glasses of water daily. I can't even drink 3 whole glasses either! Second of all, how does a  dose of 8 glasses of choco-drink sound instead of plain warm water :$

I'm becoming a heck lot of fatty these days :/ All these meat-ings at ours and our cousins' places are turning out to be a menace. I mean when you go to BBQ parties, you have to eat a lot! I mean, one just can't resist! Plus, drink all those fizzy drinks and your tummy-meter shows full! And just to act all nice, you can't even refuse to 'taste' the sweet dish. Thankfully, I don't eat Gaajar ka Halwa, but ice-creams and cakes are so irresistable! =$ So, the main meal, salads, beverages, sweet dish... and so on, and you end up with a perfectly horrible pot belly! =/

Life's not fair! =( Why isn't it like 'the more you eat the smarter you look'? =P


Missing You!

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Missing you way too much today.
And I just can't stop these tears.
You shouldn't have left us so soon.
It's all becoming so uneasy for me. 
I'm not that old and strong enough to come out of this bitter reality.
But maybe I'm lucky enough to see you in my dreams so often.

Sometimes it's so difficult to just hold back my feelings.
But I think I just need to cry now!
I'm sure you're at a better place now.
And maybe that's all I can say to console myself!

I might not have been that expressive all my life but now I want to say:
I Love You!


Weather Changes Or Exam Stress?

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These weather changes are giving me a tough time now. My 2nd midterms are just a week away and I'm again falling ill. A month or so ago, during my 1st midterms, I gave every exam with watery eyes and red nosey =( And right after my exams ended, I was healthy and all well again! =/ I don't want this thing to repeat now! It's irritating!

A severe kind of flu attacked me yesterday and I could barely sleep last night. And today this darn backache almost killed me! All thanks to the 5-pm shower at which I'm always chastised severely =( So, in breakfast today I had soup! :/ Took steam before going to uni. Grrr... And when I got back home, I again had soup with "toasted" samosay! =/ Yep, a single droplet of oil/ghee seems fatal for me now =( I'm sick of sneezing, tired of coughing and fed up with this backache/headache =(

Why does it all have to happen right before or during my exams??? Or, should I rephrase it to, Why are my exams scheduled whenever I'm not in the position to study? =/

Prayers needed =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: It seems odd wearing a sweater in this normal weather! But I have to cover my back in order to avoid backache, fever and flu! =/


Ssssssmokin' =P

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I'm the kind of person who, if showed the wrong path, would blindly follow it. But well, unlike every other person, I can also control my feelings fairly easily too. A lil contradictory, no? =D

Okay, back to the topic. I went to visit my Mamoo today, who recently had his Angiography and Angioplasty. He has been strictly advised not to smoke again. But when he picked out his pack of cigarettes, almost everyone in the room screamed!!! =D But he, ignoring all comments and yells, ignited his cigarette and started making rings. I made a futile attempt in asking him to stop smoking and he offered me his cigarette. At first I refused politely (=P), saying that I will, for sure, smoke once in my life, but that would be a pipe or a cigar! But when he offered me again, I took it without any hesitation. Aisay mouqay baar baar nahi miltay =P So, I lightly inhaled it, and tried to exhale the smoke dramatically. Poink!!! Nothing happened! So, the next time, I inhaled a lil too much and again exhaled dramatically. Bingo! I became a pro in no time! =P Hehehe

Although the smell of that cigarette was a bit too strong, but the taste was awesome! =P Oh, and did I tell you my Momma was sitting right next to me? =P After the puffs, I looked at her and acted all nauseated.

Me: "Momma, ye to charh gai!" *started counting my fingers as 1-2-5-3-9-6*
Momma: *worried* "Hey, madam, you gotta drive back home!!!!!"

Hahahaha =D That was a cool experience btw! =P Those of my friends who aren't allowed to even smoke sheesha kinda get electrocuted when I casually tell them that my Mom does sheesha too =D But I find sheesha to be more tasteful than cigarettes.

Happy ssssssmokin' folks =P


Funny Cheapness

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There's some massive construction work going on in the Academic Block of our university. So, on the right side of the corridor (that leads to restrooms) is our class and on the left is the construction-in-progress work. During the Marketing class, half of the students (including me) had their eyes fixed on the workers outside, who were throwing trowel-full of mortar on the ceiling - quarter of which would fall down as a shower! =D It was really very fascinating.

After the class, I went to the washroom to fix my ever-annoying scarf. The moment I stepped out, one of the three workers started singing some cheapo song. And when I got near the class, I heard him sing the whole line of the song, "Akhioun se goli maaray..." =D Man, that cracked me up so bad, I sped into the class, and with another crazy laughing fit told the story to Rabia =D

That actually kept me smiling for the rest of the day =D Hey, no, it doesn't mean I have a crush on him =D The way he sung that cheapo song was dead funny! =D


The Nobel Sneeze Prize

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The weather these days is changing dramatically - at one time you enjoy the soft cool breeze in the morning, and after a few hours, you wish for a chilled room where you could nestle yourself against the frosty wall! After having a quick face-wash in this dry weather, you start feeling cold again. And then suddenly you feel a sultry wave of debilitating heat passing through you and you again run to some AC-ed room! Grrrr... Octobers are meant to be like that!

Now coming to the real story. Silly me actually loves to wash face, hands and feet with cold water! So I usually do ablution with cold water. And it's fun! So, after Fajr prayers, I went to have a quick shower. That quick shower wasn't that warm. And that actually resulted in me sneezing the whole morning. =(

I actually sneeze a lot - as in, I always sneeze in a series of minimum 3 sneezes. Hehe. People think I'm nuts, and my silly sneezes actually prove my nutty-ness to them =( The whole way to the university I sneezed a lot. Had a half pack of tissue papers crumbled up in my lap as I completed my 15-minute drive from home to university! In class I tried to control my short, killing, serial sneezes! I did succeed a few times but aathishoo-ed the remaining time =( Thankfully I don't sneeze that loudly so the pin-drop-silenced class didn't get that much disturbed! =D

Did I ever tell you I'm allergic to dust too? Well then, you now know about it too! If I roll down my car's windows, I start sneezing. And when I turn on the AC in the car, I start sneezing again! Nazuk me, I know! =/ So when I got back home, I was sneezing again, but with a lesser frequency.

Me: Know what, I sneezed like a mad person today! They were just unstoppable!
Momma: And how do mad people sneeze?
Me: *performs the first series of three sneezes in a row*
Momma: But isn't that normal of you?
Me: Bahhh!!! You don't want me to repeat the whole morning madness now =(

And when Bushi returned from school...

Me: *aatishoo*
Bushi: Bless you!
Me: *aaaaatishooooo*
Bushi: Buhless youh!
Me: (with the thrid sneeze welling up) *aaaaaTHISHoooo*
Bushi: *grits teeth* BLESS YOU multiplied by infinity! *runs away*


Momma honored me with the Nobel Sneeze Prize - a hot mug of Ovaltine! =D And I became a happy yappy kid again! =D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: One of my friends always argues that somebody misses you when you're sneezing, and not when you're getting hiccups! Though I don't believe it, but still whoever you are please don't miss me that badly! Sadly, it's equally painful for me =$


A Scary Fact!

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I must tell you this thing. Whenever I brush my teeth before going to bed, the next day I always wake up late! I mean it ALWAYS happens!!! I just don't get it why!

In the morning today, I did wake up when Momma's alarm rang around 5:30 or 6 am. But I didn't hear my alarm ring at 7 am? Why so? =( Although I irrefutably remember about setting the alarm last night. It must have rung for sure! I wonder why did I not notice =( Finally Momma had to come and wake me up at 7:45 am =( I had to skip brushing teeth =( Just had to gargle hard with the mouthwash! :/ I remember my dentist Uncle once said that it's not necessary to brush teeth in the morning, but it's essential to brush them at night, before going to bed! Don't think of me as a dirty person. I really love brushing teeth and here's the proof too!

I love brushing my teeth at night. Get a shower and brush your hair with it and it really gives you a cool, soothing feeling when you're going to bed for a peaceful slumber. But if this keeps on happening like that, I think I'd be needing to give up my habit of brushing teeth at night then =(

Cheerio folks =(


Mere Hair

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I am... well, not sick, but tired of my waist-long hair now. It's hard to handle them in this heat. Its been 2-3 months now that I'm after my Momma to get me a haircut, or at least hair trimming. And all my requests go futile as soon as some event pops up and my Momma goes like, "You should be thankful about your long hair. Many girls don't have them. Look at your cousin, Miss TBD and Miss DFQ and your friend Miss HPD. Now don't argue with me and get ready for the dinner party!"

I once fought with her. "You either get me a haircut or a hair straightener!" And she chose the latter! =( A few days back, I started whining again about my hair loss and ganday baal. "All the energy I get from my tiny intake of food goes straight to my hair. I certainly don't like it when people look at me and say: *mimics* 'Kitni kamzor ho gai ho'. And then nobody pays attention to my so-called long, cool hair!" Guess what, the next day Momma bought for me a hair cream, a dozen pomogranates and a carton of Nesvita! Darrrnnnn! She can spend thousands on other things that I don't want and can't spend a few hundreds on a haircut. =(

I tie my hair in a pony tail (folded, so that my hair don't sneak out of the scarf). 2 days back, during the class, I felt my pony tail getting loose. I left the class and went to tie it up again. While I was about to tie the last knot, the band broke, and all my hair fell on my face. Grrrrr! I tried to tie my hair in a bun, but failed. I recalled how Momma does it so perfectly and tried again. Succeeded enough to walk back to the class and ask my fellow friends for an extra hair band so I could tie my hair properly and tightly!!!! Nobody had it, but thanks to Rabia, she fixed my broken band and finally I went to tie my annoying hair again! Bahhhh!!!!

When I got home, I, very sadly, told the whole story to my Momma. Instead of saying, "Aww, may be if you had shorter hair you could have left them open" and agreeing to get me a haircut, she taught me how to make a perfect bun! ='(

I have now learnt to style my hair in different ways and how to dry and straighten them in no time. =( I have even learnt to tie my hair in buns, and how to put rollers on. =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: There's one thing I can't argue my Momma on. "After getting a haircut you'd wish for long hair again". That's so true! Mommies always know thier kids better =(


25 Random Things About Me

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Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

1. I once broke a thermometer just to see what Mercury is.

2. At the age of 7 or 8, I inserted my fingers in the socket to find how how you feel when you get an electric shock. And I felt great =P

3. I'm a paratha freak. Like an addict! I do not eat roti, unless it's shaadian I'm going to =$

4. I can never ever Ever EVER sleep on a sofa, chair, carpet, etc. I need a proper bed, pin-drop silence and pitch darkness.

5. 5 years ago I started over-eating because I wanted to become fat. Yes, FAT! And that actually resulted in an upset tummy and me spending a week in hospital. Hahaha =D

6. I have promised myself to smoke a pipe or cigar once in my life. I know it's not good, but I want to know how it feels to smoke!

7. I always brush my hair before going to bed.

8. I have spent a day speaking a language that I barely knew. And it was awesome-ish fun! =D

9. I always fee thirsty after having ice-cream. And that thirst is always satisfied with water, and no other beverage.

10. I always write 5+5=25. So during exams, I always use a calculator to find out what 5+5 exactly is!

11. I have planned to learn Wushu - Chinese Martial Arts in near future.

12. In musical instruments, I desire to learn Tabla, but silly me hasn't ever tried 'dhol bajana' as an alternative.

13. I always open a packet of chips from the side, and not from top.

14. Given a new pen, I never write my own name, but the pen's name.

15. I want to own 2 cubs and never want them to grow up =$ I've even decided their names =$

16. I fall ill if I don't shampoo my hair on alternate days.

17. I had a weird habit of collecting coke can tops. I have made numerous key chains out of them, 5 of which are still hanging from my bag, and around 5-7 I have actually distributed in my friends. And each key chain has about 70-90 tops. I also collected calling cards =$

18. I had always been passionate about getting dental braces till I actually got them!

19. I love pierced noses. Can't wait for mine to get pierced. This girl's nose pin is so dead awesome!

20. I'm a slow eater. I'm always the last person in a group to finish eating. And that happens even when I'm not talking at all.

21. I love the smell of new shoes, freshly photocopied paper, Macbook heating up :P, and pour-homme deodorants =$

22. I want things to be in perfect order. If I place my pencil on the right side of the book, and you pick it up and put it on the left side, I'd place it back on the right side!

23. I cannot chew a gum for more than 5 minutes.

24. I love singing in my perfectly awful and bey-suri voice. And I don't care if people like it or not.

25. I love sunlight. I love Summers. It's the brightness that always rejuvenates me!

I tag:

Asma, Siras, Absar, Sawj, Huda, Qurrat, YWB and all those who want to be tagged =) This goes for my FB friends too =)


Nice Way To Keep Students Awake.

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We had our Operations Management class from 12:00 to 1:30 pm. That's peak time when all of us (the students), frustrated by the debilitating heat, feel very low and highly demotivated to study. Our teacher, who's an ex CEO of Philips, teaches us in (kind of) a monotonous tone, or else it seems to us. And to avoid his boring lectures, our shararti classmates often move the class clock's needles forward! =D Once they moved the time around 25 minutes ahead. And we did manage to get an early off that day =D We all happily hopped out of the class, leaving the poor proffy to match his own watch with the class's clock time =D

Today, we didn't even touch the clock. You know it seemed to us a stale idea. And honestly speaking, none of us had the energy to think of a new and improved one. Plus, we had to submit an ass-ignment today and nobody had done it, so the fear of hearing an acerbic lecture and the threat of solving an unwanted quiz discouraged us to even go near the darn clock. We were hoping to get our exam papers back. But we weren't lucky enough and we had to study and complete the darn-ish chapter :/

When around 1 pm, 90% of the class dozed off and 10% had actually started snoring, our CEO proffy asked us to take out a piece of paper. "QUIZZZZZZ????" was the first thought that striked our sleepy minds and made us more indisposed and lugubrious. Nobody was in the "mood" of a quiz. After looking at our distorted faces, he said, "It's kind of a game". He then asked us to open our books, jump to the blukh-blah case study, form groups of 2, nominate ourselves as Manager and make our other friend as our Assistant and....

Yeah, can you guess what he asked us to do? He said, "I want you all to write your names on the paper and count all the E's in the case study and write that number on the sheet, and submit it to me!!!!!" With the speed of light, every team joined their heads in finding out the E's in the case, beacuse he tricked us by saying, "Whoever is going to submit me their answer first will get 2 marks". The kind of 'duffer' class we have, everybody wanted to grab those 2 numbers. It was fun - people started counting loudly, some were striking out E's so their count was the perfect, and the others were admonishing those few who were counting loudly. =D It was a mess and a whole lot of fun too =D

After the proffy made sure all of us were completely awake and all charged up, he then calmly burdened us with another very berry long ass-ignment =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: I scored 20/20 in QMDM, Alhamdolillah =D Yayyy =D


If You're Not The One.

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OMG. I just heard this song and I instantly fell in love with it!!! Awww, it's such a sweet sweet song. Reminds me of This I Swear. It's an equally sweet song.

And here you go with the lyrics:

If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield.

If you’re not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you’re not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I'll never know whatthe future brings
But I know you're here with me now
We’ll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

If I don’t need you then why am I crying on my bed?
If I don’t need you then why does your name resound in my head?
If you’re not for me then why does this distance maim my life?
If you’re not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?

I don’t know why you’re so far away
But I know that this much is true
We’ll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in you’re the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

‘Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away
And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today
‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right
And though I can’t be with you tonight
You know my heart is by your side

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I could stay in your arms


I feel so refreshed after hearing such songs. Guess what, I don't feel like studying for tmrw's exam! =D So you may expect a cry-baby post tomorrow =P As for now, I'm all la-la-ing =P

Cheerio folks =D

PS: I know it's a berry old song, but I love such melodious songs!

PPS: I was just searching for some lala-word and found a new word, "Lollapalooza", which means "A person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive". Viola! Polish up your vocab =) Oh, and thank you =P


Food For Thought

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Momma: Dump your books in your own room and get ready for lunch.
Me: What is there in lunch?
Momma: Bottle gourd! (aka Ghiya, louki, kaddoo, sorekai and God knows what else).
Me: *starts making faces* Nahi khaana!
Momma: Hawww. You shouldn't be saying like that. It's a Sunnah to eat louki!
Me: I'm sure there were other better vegetables in the Prophet's era. Isn't eating potatoes a Sunnah????

I don't want to skip lunch. I don't do breakfast or dinner. I'm not a fan of green veggies. I don't want to eat Miss Louki!!! :/ Bahhhh!!! ='( I think I should go fry a few spring rolls!

Cheerio folks =(


Time To Breeeeeathe Chocolate

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"Chocolate is a universal language that chocolate lovers across the world speak and understand. Its very presence makes people smile, eyes glow and hearts beat faster."

The title couldn't have been any better. I literally am inhaling chocolates these days - Hershey's, to be more specific. Last week, I was gifted 2 packs of Hershey's Kisses and 2 bars of Toblerone (with a book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"). Oh, and my shweet Nani Ammi gave me chocos too, two days back =) Today, when I got back home, I saw a parcel from Javier uncle, who had sent for me 2 more packets of Hershey's =D Now that's what I call "My Eidi!" =P And he has sent me Hershey's Miniatures and Hershey's Nuggets! *drooooools*. Whole milk nuggets, you see!

I begin and end my day with a cute Kisses® (the chocolate, okay?). And after every half an hour, I crave for chocolates. I literally go nuts if it's half hour past 1 minute and I haven't tasted chocolate. And then, just like a robot, I get up and walk to the freezer, pick out one choco, and cram it into my mouth. Nothing feels as heavenly as a melting chocolate mini brick in your mouth! *starts drooling again*

Okay, so now I should tell you the Ethics of eating chocolates. You need to be relaxed and composed before having your first bite. You must exhibit remarkable modesty and respect to your chocolate. You can either start licking it (I do that when alone), or you may take a wholesome bite of your favorite chocolate and let it melt in your mouth for a good 5 minutes! In case of chocolate syrup, you just need to open your mouth, quickly squeeze the bottle and close your mouth only when it starts overflowing! Haha! =D In my case, it never does! I can finish a Hershey's bottle in 2 days! =P *starts slobbering*

Okay, it's been 30.5 minutes since I last had a Kisses®. And I don't want to act all insane now. I wish my stock of Hershey's never end. *Hops towards the freezer for yet another energizing dose*

Cheerio folks =)

Good night and Chocolate dreams! =D

PS: Don't ever expect me to share chocolates with you. Even if due to courtesy I innocently ask you to have one, you must have the heart to refuse my request! =)

PPS: I can't stop singing Cadbury's song, "Kitna maza aai rey, dunya Dairy Milk ki bun jai, Dairy Milk ki gaari, Dairy Milk ki road...." Just imagine a world like that! Oh, yummmmm!


Eid Day Marathon

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In my previous post I told you guys that this Eid is going to be a very different one. And I was right! Never expected such a huge influx of guests and a refrigerator overflowing with cakes only! My yesterday was spent doing the following 'few' tasks.

1. Greet guests.
2. Go to the kitchen.
3. Make refreshments.
4. Serve the guests.
5. Greet another set of guests.
6. Pick up the dirty plates.
7. Repeat step # 2.
8. Refill the servings.
9. Repeat step #4.
10. Repeat step #2.
11. Tie the apron.
12. Roll up sleeves.
13. Wash the dishes. [See, the unlucky 13 had to be this one!]
14. Once done, get rid of the apron.
15. Roll down the sleeves.
16. Repeat step #5.
17. Repeat step #2.
18. Get out of the kitchen to say tata to the Step #1 guests.
19. Wash my face.
20. And do a lil inhale-n-exhale session to refresh myself up.

And guess what, I had to repeat the above 20 steps from 9 am to 9 pm =) At the end of the day, all of my bones started squeaking badly. My right arm and my lil feet were almost dead and were begging me to take some rest. Ahhhh! Did I just say rest??? To give a lil comfort to my aching arm, I had to tie a crepe bandage around it. But due to an exponential increase in my arm ache, I had to swallow a bitter painkiller too. :/ Those who know me know well how much I dislike to take medicines! :/

That was my Eid's 1st day and I luhbed it! =D Though it went a lil too busy but I got the chance to meet (or well, just say Salam and Allah Hafiz to) many of my loved ones =)


PS: I missed out the collecting-Eidi step from the algorithm above :P And it has a reason. Momma was collecting it on my behalf. Now I must go and do the hisaab-kitaab :P

PPS: I didn't wear my proposed Eid dress. Wore a shocking pink and white one instead =) Hahaha. Now don't picture me as a pathan, my dress was a very decent type, and everybody (including me) loved it! =D


Eid's Coming =D

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Me is taggeth by my tweenie sis, Asma =) *hugs*

1. What are you wearing for eid? for girls: What color is it? ;)

I've planned to wear a not-so-glitzy caramel and beige colored dress. And it's so decent, I just luhvvv it =D

2. How do you intend to spend chand raat? Whats the usual norm?

I'd call and txt my friends "Eid Mubarak" (only if our beloved networks allow :P). The usual norm is actually to go buy cake for Biya & Co. and also get my hands henna-ed, but this Eid would be a totally different one.

3. How do you spend Eid? Go for namaaz or sleep late?

Definitely go for Eid prayers. Then get back home, and send (and receive) Sheer Khurma in our neighborhood. =) I hardly get time to sleep on Eid. The day goes berry busy.

4. What’s the menu on Eid?

Sheer Khourma, for sure! And breakfast usually has halwa puri or any other heavy breakfast item =D And there's a lot of juices cuz I feel extra thirsty on Eid day =$

5. Share 5 Eid festivity related pictures of your choice. (you can post ur eid dress, preparations pictures too ;) )

Pic # 1: Choorian! =D Took this picture yesterday especially for this post :P There was no other stall where I could find a better quality/design bangles displayed this way.

Pic # 2: Siwaiyyaaan!!! =D Although I'm not a big fan of plain vermicelli, but I love them in Sheer Khurma :D

Pic # 3: Where to save all the Eidi? :P

Pic # 4: My shweetheart, Umer!!!! Yep we actually made him wear that huge Namaz scarf and took pictures :D

Pic # 5: Abeer baby wearing those Eid rainbow sunglasses :P Kids always ask for funky purses, rainbow glasses, cartoony wrist watches and, well, how can I forget Ballloooonssss :P

I love Eids =D I love dressing up and meeting people/ cousins/ friends.

Wish you all a blessed Eid! =D Enjoy =P

Cheerio folks =)


Welcome New One =)

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Name: Rayyan Abdullah Siddiqi.
Date of Birth: Sep 18, 2009.
Age: 11 hours (and counting...) =)
Weight: 5.5 lbs. [Miniature baby] =D
Nickname: Paala sha munna baby! Shonu monu! Shweeto bacha! [Somebody stop me!] =D

Meet my nephew - adorable Rayyan - a new and berry cute addition to our family. He's got such a velvety skin, MashAllah. I was able to just caress him although I had planned to pull those munnay munnay cheekies. Yum yum yum! :D

Will post more pictures later, because I personally believe kids look cuter on 2nd or 3rd day and onwards :D


Embarrassing 2 seconds =$

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Our Managerial Accounting proffy is a very energetic person. He addresses the class without any microphone, and moves to and fro in the class to keep the 70 lazy bums alive. So today, while delivering the lecture, he stumbled upon the cord of his laptop (connecting the OHP), and nearly fell. I, being seated at a position where I could see the whole incident, gasped loudly! In a pin-drop-silence class, a gasp as loud as mine attracted the attention of everyone. All sleepyheads woke up at once and all eyes converged on me! I frantically covered my mouth with my palms and felt dead embarrassed.

Actually I thought his laptop would fall. And because I tend to take extra care of my Mac Delight, I thought all people do the same. So the moment he tripped, the thought that his laptop would now plummet to the ground and get a serious scratch sent chills down my spine. And that resulted in the loudest and most awkward gasp ever! *sigh*

Dinky Mind gets scared very berry easily =$


I'm Honored!

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Today I checked my Yahoo! mail after some 2-3 months. And I found an e-mail from my university teacher, Ma'am E.A. She's the one who has taught us 5 courses (as Dinky Mind recalls), and our class had become really good friends with her. Just a few days ago I met her at IBA too, and it was really nice talking to her after a long time! Oh, coming back to the e-mail now. I checked the Aug 29th email today =( And it is as follows:
"Today while surfing the net I somehow landed at your blog. . . . . . . . I had a lot of work to do . . . . . but would u believe it . . . . . . . .I ignored my work and spent the whole night at your blog and read each tiny bit of it . . . . . . . .finally I came to a conclusion that . . . . . . . I am proud to have a student like u"
I was so sleepy but when I read this mail I was so sooo happy and felt refreshed all of a sudden =)

*hugs to my sweet teacher* =)

Cheerio folks =)


Before And After Iftaar

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Before Iftar I usually feel fresh, knowing that I'd be devouring the scrumptious Iftari in no time. But when you're done making iftari well before time, it becomes really hard to wait for the Maulvi Sahab to say Allah-hu Akbar! This is what happened today. We got free a good 20 minutes before the Azaan time. I was already sleep deprived and had lost my senses completely, so I started doing tawaaf of my own place - walking lousily from one room to the other in a futile attempt to kill time. Finally, I slumped in the chair and cupped my face in hands, widened my eyes so I wouldn't fall asleep. Checked the time. The dead clock moved an unbelievable 90 seconds forward only!! Dissapointed, I started making imaginary rings in the empty plate. Yes, you have no idea how stupid I was acting and how badly I was waiting for the Azaan.

Finally Momma said that 2 minutes are left in Iftar, and instead of wasting time, we should start making dua. With half-opened eyes, I raised my hands and the first dua that popped out of my mouth was, "Please Allah, ask Maulvi Sahab to give Azaan soon". All eyes turned towards me, and I gave them an embarrassed smile =$ And then my silly prayer got answered and I heard the loud and clear Allah hu Akbar! And at that very moment, the dua to break the fast flew out of my Dinky Mind. Fidgety me was like, "Oh my God, oh my God, what was the dua????"
And then everybody started reciting dua, making me all panicky and getting more confused. I just pushed my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes, quickly recited the dua and drank a whole gallon of water in a mere second! That was rejuvenating!!!


After thoonsafying a lot of iftari one feels a lot sluggish and sleepy. Being the Queen of such people, I feel extra dead and über sleepy.

Me: *in a dead voice* Who is going to help me get up?
Momma: *yawns* Thanks for transferring the disease!
Me: "I feel like pulling this extra chair and reclining on it"
Momma: "I wish I could lie on bed and then pray"
Me: "I wish I could just pray in my dreams..."

After this silly convo, both of us stood up and scrabbled to get to the prayer room with our sleepy minds and stuffed tummies.

Now, me is going to make Green Tea. That's one thing that's keeping me alive these days.

Cheerio folks =)


And Then They Say, "Welcome To IBA!"

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They say your day is ruined if you see a bad person early in the morning. I saw Mr. Jammey today! :/ He's the person who'd be teaching us two courses this semester, and we'd be having consecutive classes on Wednesday and Saturday. So, if I act all cranky, hyper irritated or just out of my senses, do NOT blame me!

Now the story begins. When he entered the class today, the air-conditioning system refused to work, the mic went out of order and the OHP crashed! To make things worse and stinky, he made us all to move our chairs a lil forward so his voice could be reached to the back benchers. The class became hell suffocated, and at one point, I was literally about to faint. *sigh* That's how we spent our Marketing's class.

After a 15-minute of heavenly break in the sunny lawn, we returned to the class to attend our Ethics class (by such an unethical instructor!). He asked us all a question:

"Have you ever done anything wrong in life? And what is it?"

Most of the replies were related to rash driving and bribery, and slapping kids and snatching their candies, but then we had this guy who said, "I ran away on my engagement day!" Hahaha. The whole class cracked up! :D That lil session refreshed us a lil bit. And when we asked Mr. Jammey what has he done wrong in his life, he politely answered, "I don't want to spoil your rozay!"

After the classes, I went to submit the vehicle parking documents, which made me climb three darn staircases. And then they made me wait for so long, I left the papers there and crawled down! I felt badly thirsty!

Left for home after that. And guess what, my car broke down when I entered our colony. I mean, everything was going against the rule in such a chronological and neat manner. Anyway, called my bro up, who was luckily at home and asked him to come and check the car.

And now this silly time ain't passing by! I wish I could just get on top of some huge stupid clock and manually fix its needles to 7:53 pm!!! Grrrr!!! Roza lag-ing =(

Cheerio folksaz! =(


Orientation Day =D

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The IBA people planned to keep the Orientation session on this blazing hot day - a perfect one to torment the new entrants! Reached there on time, found Maryem, and then got my attendance marked. Thanks to them, we were given a folder to use it as a shade. At 11:15 am, we left in those huge stuffy IBA buses for the HEJ Auditorium. I love that place. It was peacefully quiet and coool! I sat there pretending to be awake. First, Mr. Ahmed Zaheer came to address the students, followed by The Dean & Director, Mr. Ishrat Hussain. It was B.O.R.I.N.G! :/ But the fun part came when we were introduced to our potential proffies. One of them was Mr. Asad Ilyas. Yep, the same guy who taught us Remedial Accounting. His picture displayed over there was heck funny. He seemed all baffled in it! And had a funny looking french beard. Hahah =D But overall, he's a very smart and witty person.

Saw Sidrat Asim over there. Too bad, didn't get the chance to talk to her. Met Rabia Sameem too. She's a very nice person =) We'd be classmates, I suppose. =) When we were about to leave the HEJ Auditorium, we walked to the buses, but before we could climb any of the three buses, they all filled up with the speed of light! I suggested Maryem and Rabia to get on to the first one, cuz I saw 2-3 vacant seats in it. But lil Maryem didn't approve of it, and was searching for a place in the third, little coaster. Unfortunately, we couldn't even step into it because it was filled (and overflowing) with the male students. :/ So what happened was, all three buses started moving before our eyes and the three of us were left there doing Eenie meenie minei mo!!!! It was funny! :D Maryem started panicking, "Ab kia ho ga?" and all that. Rabia and I were kind of enjoying that funny situation. The guard who was standing over there called another coaster for the three of us! :D And in the meantime, I took out my camera and started taking silly shots in that sultry, debilitating afternoon. =D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: The picture above is of the City Campus. And this is my favorite wall in the whole City Campus =)


New Type Of Grapes! :P

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What if you're standing under a Neem tree and these small green-yellow beads (or whatever you call them) fall down and make your way colorful (or messy, as Momo says it) in such a pleasant weather , would you call them GRAPES????

Meet our sweet Momo =) She thinks grapes grow on such high trees. Cute =D

Oh, and this best friend of mine mailed me this.
"Have fun on birthday, like a drunk person. seriously break everything,
shout and choke Bushi =D
it's just once a year!"

I seriously couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes :D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: Roza lag raha hai, kia karoun? =(


Happy Birthday Momma =)

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, August 22, 2009 in ,

Made this card meself =) And I luhv it!!! =)

Oh, and Ramadan Kareem to all my readers! I'm so excited =) And now me off to Taraweeh prayers.

See ya.

Cheerio folks =)


Crazy Ema

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These days I'm going all mad about food. I try new recipes almost 3-4 days a week. And I love them all!!! Maybe I'm becoming a good cook. I remember when my sister got married, Momma used to get so worried about how would I handle the kitchen - I just knew how to make omelette and paratha. And that precisely meant I knew how to fill my tummy only! Now, Alhamdolillah I have learned how to satisfy other people's hunger. And Momma beams with joy when I ask her to taste my dishes and give an honest opinion :P

Phuppo and Sana were expected to come yesterday, so I decided to make the most awaited Doughnuts and Garlic knots! =D Sana and I loooovvvveeeedddd the doughnuts and Momma and others luhved Garlicky knots!

And here are the garlic knots and doughnut delights =D

Ramadan is near, and if I don't stop eating like a mad woman, I'd be having a difficult time in that month =(

Prayers pwease =(


Double Celebration!

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First of all Happy Independence Day to all of you!! =) I wanted to make doughnuts today, but Momma told me that Sana's coming, so I shouldn't try making doughnuts. Maybe tomorrow or some other time =) So, I made coconut cake in my new cake mould that I bought from Imtiaz supermarket (I'm totally lattoo over it), and I decorated the cake and set it in the platter that I bought from the same Imtiaz =) Here it is! =)

Oh, and the other good news is that my big bro got promoted to Lieut. Cdr. =) MashAllah MashAllah =) We're all so happy for him!!! I wish Papa had been here. He was so waiting for this day to come.

Tonight my brother is going on a cruise to the Gulf. I ask you all to please pray for him and all of us. =)

Cheerio folks =)


Bushi Vs His School Bag

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That day I played a lot of Table Tennis after a long time, so naturally my legs started aching badly. I'm the kind who really detests taking medicines. Earlier, it would never come to my mind what to do with a headache or any other ache. I used to forget that things like Disprin and Panadol etc. exist to relieve pains. *sigh* And now that Panadol always clicks my mind, I don't want to take it :/ My sista once told me that when you're having pain in your legs, put a pillow on them and place a load or ask someone to sit on that pillow. In this way, the pain would be relieved in no time.

So that day when I was literally dying of the pain in legs, I asked Bushi to bring a pillow, put it on my feeble legs and sit on it. He, being a very impatient and weak kid, stood up after hardly 90 seconds.

Me: Sit down!!
Bushi: I have to go play cricket.
Me: Can't you just sit down for a minute or two??? Your 20 kgs aren't relieving my idiot pain!
*He sits down for another 30 seconds and then gets up*
Bushi: I have to complete my painting.
Me: *grrrr* Okay then bring me your loaded school bag. I'm sure it weighs more than you!

He dragged his bag to the bed and I had to get up and actually put the darn thing on my dying legs. But it was better. A lot better!

The next day I played even more Table Tennis and the pain just died away! :D


Utterly Butterly Delicious Dinner! :P

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After successfully making Bread, I was waiting for the time when I'd make buns or something like that. Yesterday Momma and I went to Imtiaz Supermarket to buy grocery and all. Momma usually avoids taking me there because I go all crazy when I step in the crockery section. And this time, I bought a cake mould and an icing set besides a few cool platters :P

Momma bought a few extra kgs of Apples this weekend, although she knows her kids aren't big fans of Apples (and I'm not talking about Apple Inc. here) :P And then Humera bought another kg, so our kitchen became like an apple store (not Apple Inc. again) :P Although I had to make doughnuts as my next sweet dish but this unexpected influx of apples encouraged me to make an Apple Pie - my Dad's favorite! And I so badly missed him =(

That's me, preparing to spend 3 hours in the heated kitchen. Tied my black scarf in pagri style to keep my hair tied up.

Then I kneaded the dough to make buns and Apple Pie crust. That's actually quite a tough job. A fragile person like me can get a good ache in arms when you try to punch and knead the dough. But it's fun, really! :P After making the pie, I started making buns. I had prepared the boneless chicken chunks before kneading the dough. And deep fried them before serving. Made pickled cucumbers and green chillies. Had to make garlic dip too but stupid KESC people didn't allow =( And I so missed the dip in my sandwich =(

Here's the pie before going into the oven. Check the flower and leaves :P

And when it came out, it looked like this:

Don't go on the picture quality. We had a power failure so I was unable to take the pictures properly =(

Here you go with the yummiest buns that I made! :D Crispy from outside, soft from inside! :D

And here's my sandwich =)

And guess what Momma said,
"To be honest, this sandwich is far better than Subway's". Awwww *hugs* =D She's a very critical judge and she right away tells me what's missing and what's additional in my recipes, but her compliment today just made my day!

Lub you Momma =D


The Aquafresh Effect

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My stock of Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste was about to end, so 2-3 days ago I went to buy a new one. In the store there was Colgate but not Max Fresh (with cooling crystals). So instead of buying the normal Colgate, I bought AquaFresh (with lemon and mint). Yeah, yeah, I love toothpastes with good taste and good smell :P

Last night, when my Colgate took it's last breath, I threw the tube away in the waste bin and picked out the new AquaFresh. =D The toothpaste (I really detest saying 'paste' instead of 'toothpaste', don't know why) was white, yellow and mint green in color, but when I started brushing my teeth, my mouth became all green-ish! :/ It looked so gross! You have no clue how delighted and refreshed I feel when I brush my teeth before going to bed. And all my happiness went down the drain with that green-foam toothpaste :/ Even the smell of that silly toothpaste changed. :S

My teeth seemed draculian green after that :/ Ugh!!! I'm so dissatisfied with this brand now, I'm gonna get Max Fresh real soon.

*grumbles grumbles*

Cheerio folks =(


Double Apple Sheesha!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, August 02, 2009 in , ,

My favorite!!! :P


Baking Bread

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I had been itching to make bread for so many weeks (make them months). I went to a couple of places to get a bread mould, but couldn't find it :/ Silly people! Their stocks end a day before I enter their shop :/ Anyway, I had to make it! And then Momma said I don't need any mould for it, and I should think of some other ideas. So I checked the internet and made these 2 new style breads :P

So, here are the results :P

That's the braid bread.

And after baking, it looks like this :D

And these are my cutie cinnamon buns :D Haye, so yummy they are =D

Although making these breads took a lot of time and patience, but I enjoyed making them soooo much :D
And my Momma was so happy to see the results =D She was actually expecting a messy kitchen and a total disaster bread instead of braid bread :P And now, after making this bread, I've got so many new ideas =D Oh, and I so want to make donuts now =D Anybody has any good recipe?

That's all for today.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Pray for my Mid-term exams, starting from Auggie 3rd =( I'm least prepared and so in love with baking and Table Tennis these days =(


Playing Billiards

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, July 30, 2009 in , ,
So today we went to our previous residence to check the condition of the house and meet our Chinese tenants. Since they are all bachelors (six or seven, I guess), they didn't decorate the lounges and also made the drawing room as their room. In the lounge upstairs, they had a cool Billiards table with all its equipment. It tempted me so much that when I saw my big bro walking out with one of the Chinese guy, Bushi and I climbed up the stairs and decided to try our hands on Billiards :D Bushi wanted to try first, but couldn't hold the pool stick properly. So I - acting like a pro - showed him how to polish the tip of the stick first and then how to position it between your fingers and how to eye at the balls properly and then gently hit. Lol. And he was listening to me so attentively, it now makes me laugh like anything! :D

With a few balls lying randomly on the table it seemed like somebody was playing it. And guess what, Bushi and I spoiled their game. Hahahah =D They must be cursing us now :P But it was fun. Wish I had taken my camera along so I could actually show you how I messed up the game and pocketed wrong balls :D

Cheerio amigos =D

PS: I missed setting up my Table Tennis table in the foyer. =( And that place was so deserted. =( I think I should advise those Chinese to get a Table Tennis table too. :P That'd be a whole lot fun then :D

PPS: In the past 30 hours, I've slept for only an hour and a half. I might act all weird, so please don't mind :P


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