Bushi Vs His School Bag

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That day I played a lot of Table Tennis after a long time, so naturally my legs started aching badly. I'm the kind who really detests taking medicines. Earlier, it would never come to my mind what to do with a headache or any other ache. I used to forget that things like Disprin and Panadol etc. exist to relieve pains. *sigh* And now that Panadol always clicks my mind, I don't want to take it :/ My sista once told me that when you're having pain in your legs, put a pillow on them and place a load or ask someone to sit on that pillow. In this way, the pain would be relieved in no time.

So that day when I was literally dying of the pain in legs, I asked Bushi to bring a pillow, put it on my feeble legs and sit on it. He, being a very impatient and weak kid, stood up after hardly 90 seconds.

Me: Sit down!!
Bushi: I have to go play cricket.
Me: Can't you just sit down for a minute or two??? Your 20 kgs aren't relieving my idiot pain!
*He sits down for another 30 seconds and then gets up*
Bushi: I have to complete my painting.
Me: *grrrr* Okay then bring me your loaded school bag. I'm sure it weighs more than you!

He dragged his bag to the bed and I had to get up and actually put the darn thing on my dying legs. But it was better. A lot better!

The next day I played even more Table Tennis and the pain just died away! :D



LOL! His bag was better than him! :P

O yeah! :D

I have never tried Table Tennis, seriously, never. I loveeee Volleyball and b-ball with passion.

Oh, I do that too, I ask my bro to sit on my legs and he runs away after a minute, but then I've my ways, offer him chocolate? or a candy? :P

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