Double Celebration!

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First of all Happy Independence Day to all of you!! =) I wanted to make doughnuts today, but Momma told me that Sana's coming, so I shouldn't try making doughnuts. Maybe tomorrow or some other time =) So, I made coconut cake in my new cake mould that I bought from Imtiaz supermarket (I'm totally lattoo over it), and I decorated the cake and set it in the platter that I bought from the same Imtiaz =) Here it is! =)

Oh, and the other good news is that my big bro got promoted to Lieut. Cdr. =) MashAllah MashAllah =) We're all so happy for him!!! I wish Papa had been here. He was so waiting for this day to come.

Tonight my brother is going on a cruise to the Gulf. I ask you all to please pray for him and all of us. =)

Cheerio folks =)



My prayers are with you guys :)

and hot cake :P

My day just started, I am putting up a big flag in my balcony :$ =D

ufff janoon hai aap ko cakes ka hai naah :p

and congrats for your bro :)

~Huda: Lol. I know it ain't that perfect, but well, I consider it a nice effort :P Hahahah

~Ubee: Baking ka junoon hai :D


It looks good; and it would have tasted good too!

And inshallah your brother will be safe and sound.


very nice cake
and prayers for your family :)

~Qurrat: It was so yummmmmmyyyy =D

~Dufferina: Thankoo =)

Late I know, but still a yummy cake!!

And many congrats to your bro and all of you. Lots of prayers for all of you :)

awww dear you made a jhanda cake .. waah .. it looks so good :)

You are become baking maestro Masha Allah :)

And Allah be with ur bhai in his endeavors

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