Chai-Phobic Ema

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I'm proud to announce today that I am one of those who have never ever Ever - EVER - tasted chai! [And are not even dying to taste it] =) Certainly I deserve an Oscar for restraining myself form such an addictive thing, but well, society's acceptance is the only thing I need at present.

At my workplace, chai, paani and bey-izzati are completely free! So you can imagine how much chai those chai addicts consume. While "working" that day, the tea-boy came with a tray full of chai cups. [Yes, I love the word 'chai', and not the word 'tea'].

Mr. SAH: *passing me his cup of tea* "Please, chai lijiay" =)
Me: "No. Thank you" =)
Mr. SAH: "Na na, you can take it. I'd order another one for myself"
Me: *forcing a smile and dropping a bomb* "I don't drink tea" =)
Mr. SAH: *about to faint* "You WHAT???" O_o
Me: "I. Don't. Drink. Tea." =)
Mr. SAH: *considering me a lunatic or something* "Ah, ooo-kay!"

And today, when I got transferred to another department and worked with new people, the same tea-boy came again, served tea and my new supervisor repeated the same story.

Mr. FM: *passing me his cup of tea* "Please, chai lijiay" =)
Me: *not intending to repeat history this time* "I don't dri..."
Mr. FM: *screaming* "YOU DON'T WHATTTTT????"
Me: *consoling him* "...nk tea. BUT I DO DRINK COFFEE!"
Mr. FM: *regaining his breath* "Hmmmm. So should I order coffee for you?"
Me: "Noooooo... Please. Thank you" =)

I'm NOT a coffee addict. I just need it to wipe sleep off my eyes, and that too at 11:30 am ONLY. And this silly tea-boy makes the coffee so dead sweet, it tastes awful! And since he's the only one who knows how to make coffee, the day he doesn't come, I spend my day yawning! =(

One thing that gives me the creeps is when people repeatedly dip the teabag in cup and make it drain its essence. And in the end, they just stir their tea, put the dead teabag on spoon and squeeze it with the thread once - twice - and thrice!!! My Goddd!!! At least show some clemency to that poor teabag. Kitna nichoro gey usay???  People just don't realize what creepy thing they do just to extract a few more droplets out of the dying teabag.  It's so sick! And you, my dear chai-aholics, if you do that, I request you to puhleaseee stop doing it. It's so nauseating! Blukh! Try keeping the teabag in the cup. The last sip doesn't become that strong, I'm sure.

There are more workplace stories to share. But this makes me wonder am I the only one in this world who doesn't drink tea? No! But I'm surely the only one at my workplace who doesn't drink tea. Accept it people, I can stay awake without chai! Why else do you think God created coffee? ;)

Viva la café

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Check this for the worst chai accident - at least for me


For One More Day

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My mother was always writing me notes. She slipped them to me whenever she dropped me somewhere. I never understood this, since anything she had to say she could have said right then and saved herself the paper and the awful taste of envelope glue.

I think the first note was on my first day of kindergarten in 1954. What was I, five years old? The schoolyard was filled with kids, shrieking and running around. We approached, me holding my mother's hand, as a woman in a black beret formed lines in front of the teachers. I saw the other mothers kissing their kids and walking away. I must have started crying.

"What's the matter?" my mother asked.
"Don't go."
"I'll be here when you come out."
"It's OK. I'll be here."
"What if I can't find you?"
"You will."
"What if I lose you?"
"You can't lose your mother, Charley."

She smiled. She reached inside her jacket pocket and handed me a small blue envelope.
"Here," she said. If you miss me really badly, you can open this."

She wiped my eyes with a tissue from her purse, then hugged my good-bye. I can still see her walking backward, blowing me kisses, her lips painted in red Revlon, her hair swept up above her ears. I waved good-bye with the letter. It didn't occur to her, I guess, that I was just starting school and didn't know how to read. That was my mother. It was the thought that counted. 

For One More Day
by Mitch Albom.


Finished reading Tuesdays With Morrie and For One More Day by Mitch Albom. These were one of those best books I've read till today. And these books have ignited my love for reading more and more books. Someday I'd surely rob Liberty Books.

And Sophie Kinsella, I'm coming to read the whole of Shopaholic series. =D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Please suggest me some books. Cuz I'm reading books at a fast speed these days :$


Scared Hair

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Remember I mentioned about parlor blues in my last post. I'm the one who's very happy with a gloss and a kajal eyeliner. C'est tout! I don't have a habit of wearing makeover at all. The max I can go is wear an eyeliner, though I never feel the need of it. So, that day when I had to get ready for my big day, I went for makeover. I had asked the beautician for a soft - real soft type - but she glared at me in a manner that was enough for me to stay quiet for the rest of the time. Becoming a prospective bride has its own tiny drawbacks. But the makeover wasn't all that bad. She did a good job. Too bad, I already have a chubby face which looks more inflated (and baked) in pictures! Bahhhh!

Anyway, coming to the hair styling part. Avid readers of this blog know how much care do I take of my 6 hair. Well, of course, I'm exaggerating here, in reality I've got 4.5 hair* (yep, 0.5 means fringes/bangs). That day I had shampooed my hair twice (to completely get rid of the oil) and then conditioned them well. So at the parlor, the hair stylist made a ponytail of half of my hair. And guess what, she used a RUBBER BAND!!!! Imagine that! I was silently sobbing as to how I'd get rid of that thing =( It's like getting a chewing gum stuck in your dental braces. I've been through this situation so it's not at all a bad analogy. Then she made a very nice hair bun, but sadly the bun got covered with my beautifully heavy dupatta. Making that bun required a filthy huge stock of hair pins. Half the pins were directly hitting my scalp like a sharp blade and I would just wince quietly. And in the end, she sprayed a nice topping of hairspray. And my hair became all stiff and artificial.

So when I got back home and planned to untie my hair, the first thing I had to do was to pull out all the hair pins carefully. Know what, they all totaled to 45! Forty-five pins in 4.5 hair! *Zulm* [I counted them because curiosity was killing me] =P And then I saw my ponytail and that killer rubber band. I asked Lala to get that thing off my hair and she did a wise thing. She took a pair of scissors and carefully cut it. By 'it' I mean the band, just in case you're still wondering =P The hard, sprayed hair were so annoying me, I at once went to shampoo and condition them for the 3rd time in 6 hours. And then I slept peacefully. Ahh!

So this was a sweetly sad story of my delicate hair.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Benty just came online and she asked me about Mr. Dinky Mind. Haha.. I like the name!

* All figures are in million of hair =P


Relationship Status: [Happily] Enagaged

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OMG. I still can't believe it. Hehe.


Okay, starting from when the things got finalized and we had to rush to malls and caterers to finalize things there. It was a hectic, but a fun-packed job. And I badly prayed for things to go smooth. Being a perfectionist I really disliked when it rained yesterday. I mean you know how much I love rains but yesterday was a different story =P And Alhamdolillah it didn't rain during the big event =D See, my prayers do get answered real quick! Alhamdolillah. Okay, back to the pre-engagement fun. So, 2 days before the Big Day, my cousins and relatives organized a mini dholki at our place and it was huge fun! All (exclude me)  danced madly. Like real madly! And we sung songs on dholl, the real fun type songs. Haha.

The next day I got hennafied. Momma fed me dinner. That was the best part of the whole day. I was acting like a princess. Hehe. I mean sitting at one place and getting my work done by others. That was amazing for a few hours but after that I got tired of not doing work myself. I'm stupid. Thankyouverymuch.

That day my dress and things came as well. And the packing was ammmazing MashAllah. We also packed "his" stuff that day. Took loadsa pictures. And the thing that was itching me the most was the camera was not in my hands. Being hennafied has its own disadvantages.

Okay wrapping up this section and going to the next one now. But wait, the beauty parlor story is left. But it's a very comprehensive one, which will be described by pictures.


So the big day was here and I was completely sleep deprived. I slept at 4 am and woke up after exactly 2 hours. I just couldn't sleep anymore. Anyway, I was forced to take a nap at 3 pm which was pretty helpful.

So when I entered the lawn, I really admired the decoration and I was itching to take pictures of the place and flowers. *sigh* mein aisi kyun houn? For a good lot of time I was comfily seated inside the ... uh, bridal room. Got pictures there. And there was a funny scene. The glass doors of that room were covered with curtains. I was seated on an armchair under the fan and from that angle I was able to see people outside in the lawn. And guess what, the only "people" I could see was "him"!!!! So what would you call that, a mere coincidence? =P

Then when the time came for the ceremony and when he held my hand to slide the ring in my finger, my heart stopped beating. Pakka I'm not exaggerating here. It was a very very different feeling. My legs froze and became rock-hard. Although he did try to keep me at ease with small conversations before the big moment, but at that very moment, I got so ... No, I can't describe that feeling anymore. No more adjectives left now. But I must say it was awesome! MashAllah. =) I had decided I was not going to get nervous but... well, those who have experienced it know very well how it feels. And now I laugh at my awkward feeling. Haha. Us waqt to jaan nikli hui thi =D

Oh, and there are other funny stories related to the event =P But of course, I can't post them all over here. Because, that would make the post too lengthy then. Haha.

All in all, the ceremony went awesome-ish. Alhamdolillah. And I slept at 4 am last night.


*all smiles* =)


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