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I'm proud to announce today that I am one of those who have never ever Ever - EVER - tasted chai! [And are not even dying to taste it] =) Certainly I deserve an Oscar for restraining myself form such an addictive thing, but well, society's acceptance is the only thing I need at present.

At my workplace, chai, paani and bey-izzati are completely free! So you can imagine how much chai those chai addicts consume. While "working" that day, the tea-boy came with a tray full of chai cups. [Yes, I love the word 'chai', and not the word 'tea'].

Mr. SAH: *passing me his cup of tea* "Please, chai lijiay" =)
Me: "No. Thank you" =)
Mr. SAH: "Na na, you can take it. I'd order another one for myself"
Me: *forcing a smile and dropping a bomb* "I don't drink tea" =)
Mr. SAH: *about to faint* "You WHAT???" O_o
Me: "I. Don't. Drink. Tea." =)
Mr. SAH: *considering me a lunatic or something* "Ah, ooo-kay!"

And today, when I got transferred to another department and worked with new people, the same tea-boy came again, served tea and my new supervisor repeated the same story.

Mr. FM: *passing me his cup of tea* "Please, chai lijiay" =)
Me: *not intending to repeat history this time* "I don't dri..."
Mr. FM: *screaming* "YOU DON'T WHATTTTT????"
Me: *consoling him* "...nk tea. BUT I DO DRINK COFFEE!"
Mr. FM: *regaining his breath* "Hmmmm. So should I order coffee for you?"
Me: "Noooooo... Please. Thank you" =)

I'm NOT a coffee addict. I just need it to wipe sleep off my eyes, and that too at 11:30 am ONLY. And this silly tea-boy makes the coffee so dead sweet, it tastes awful! And since he's the only one who knows how to make coffee, the day he doesn't come, I spend my day yawning! =(

One thing that gives me the creeps is when people repeatedly dip the teabag in cup and make it drain its essence. And in the end, they just stir their tea, put the dead teabag on spoon and squeeze it with the thread once - twice - and thrice!!! My Goddd!!! At least show some clemency to that poor teabag. Kitna nichoro gey usay???  People just don't realize what creepy thing they do just to extract a few more droplets out of the dying teabag.  It's so sick! And you, my dear chai-aholics, if you do that, I request you to puhleaseee stop doing it. It's so nauseating! Blukh! Try keeping the teabag in the cup. The last sip doesn't become that strong, I'm sure.

There are more workplace stories to share. But this makes me wonder am I the only one in this world who doesn't drink tea? No! But I'm surely the only one at my workplace who doesn't drink tea. Accept it people, I can stay awake without chai! Why else do you think God created coffee? ;)

Viva la café

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Check this for the worst chai accident - at least for me



Hahahahah!! This is EXACTLY me!! :P

Don't drink tea, haven't tasted it even as far as I know! But I DO drink coffee, and no I'm not addicted either! :D

And I like my coffee completely bitter, no sugar AT ALL. So I know what you mean by him making the coffee too sweet. :\

Ahhh, I'm glad to meet my new blog-sista today! =D *big hugs*

Well, I do take sugar, but in a very very less quantity. A single extra crystal of sugar makes the coffee unbearable! And people just don't understand! *grumbles grumbles* =/
But I like my mug of milk completely sugar-free! =)

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

Haha!!! The sqeezing of the tea bag makes the tea stronger... Infact mera bs chalta tu apne pas ek plier rkhta :-/ kher you cant understand chai-aholic's feelings :P

See dear that's not WHY they say ke "Chai ho tou STRONG HO" you HAVE to dip more to get more :P Come on we Chai Addicts Need to follow the old age traditions :P See you should try Tea once the One that punches you hard in the end :P


Afridi: I know you guys. Just today I observed a colleague literally squeezing the teabag with his hand! Socho!!! And when I asked him why he did that disgusting act, he calmly replied, "Aap ko nahi pata is ka maza kitna aata hay!" BLUKH!!!

Nikki: Lol. I guess I'm better off without tea. I'm one of those jisay aik baar buri cheez ki aadat perr jai to jaati nahi =D And what I want the chai addicts to do is to let the teabag rest in the cup and not outside on the saucer or elsewhere. ;)

Ubaid: Thanks for such a comprehensive comment =D

Anonymous says:

lol haha, that was a bit funny :D

My recent post: http://lastbreath1990.blogspot.com/2010/07/love.html

jab tak tea bag nachoron nahin woh baat nahi banti ;-)

Adnan Khan Afridi says:

Han ye tu zyada ho gya... I only use my fingers for squeezing the tea bag :D haha

Lost Soul: Your post is good as well :)

Asma: Haan, pata nahi kitni khushi milti hay tum logoan ko :P

Afridi: This is inteha-e-ghalazat!!!! :/ *throws up*

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