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Remember I mentioned about parlor blues in my last post. I'm the one who's very happy with a gloss and a kajal eyeliner. C'est tout! I don't have a habit of wearing makeover at all. The max I can go is wear an eyeliner, though I never feel the need of it. So, that day when I had to get ready for my big day, I went for makeover. I had asked the beautician for a soft - real soft type - but she glared at me in a manner that was enough for me to stay quiet for the rest of the time. Becoming a prospective bride has its own tiny drawbacks. But the makeover wasn't all that bad. She did a good job. Too bad, I already have a chubby face which looks more inflated (and baked) in pictures! Bahhhh!

Anyway, coming to the hair styling part. Avid readers of this blog know how much care do I take of my 6 hair. Well, of course, I'm exaggerating here, in reality I've got 4.5 hair* (yep, 0.5 means fringes/bangs). That day I had shampooed my hair twice (to completely get rid of the oil) and then conditioned them well. So at the parlor, the hair stylist made a ponytail of half of my hair. And guess what, she used a RUBBER BAND!!!! Imagine that! I was silently sobbing as to how I'd get rid of that thing =( It's like getting a chewing gum stuck in your dental braces. I've been through this situation so it's not at all a bad analogy. Then she made a very nice hair bun, but sadly the bun got covered with my beautifully heavy dupatta. Making that bun required a filthy huge stock of hair pins. Half the pins were directly hitting my scalp like a sharp blade and I would just wince quietly. And in the end, she sprayed a nice topping of hairspray. And my hair became all stiff and artificial.

So when I got back home and planned to untie my hair, the first thing I had to do was to pull out all the hair pins carefully. Know what, they all totaled to 45! Forty-five pins in 4.5 hair! *Zulm* [I counted them because curiosity was killing me] =P And then I saw my ponytail and that killer rubber band. I asked Lala to get that thing off my hair and she did a wise thing. She took a pair of scissors and carefully cut it. By 'it' I mean the band, just in case you're still wondering =P The hard, sprayed hair were so annoying me, I at once went to shampoo and condition them for the 3rd time in 6 hours. And then I slept peacefully. Ahh!

So this was a sweetly sad story of my delicate hair.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Benty just came online and she asked me about Mr. Dinky Mind. Haha.. I like the name!

* All figures are in million of hair =P



:D I like that! Mr Dinky mind ko salaam and mubarak baads!

Acha, so the hair. Behn. Why in the whole wide happy beauty-parlourless world did you step inside that place for a makeover??????????

A/c to me, the most the parlour can make a reasonably average looking girl, reasonably bad looking! And the most it can make out of a stunningly pretty girl, is a um, pretty girl :P. It downgrades you!! And you just narrated what proves my point :S. I so wish people would just be happy with well, okay, a lil professional makeup. But at least dont let them touch the hair. They just want to see a finished 'look' - they don't care whether they stick 45 pins into you, 145, and a whole hairspray bottle. Your hair may even become like a cement wall - but if that wall is perfectly 'shaped' ... they think its a job well done.

Sorry for the long comment - but I just fail to get this absolute necessity keh bhui parlour jakar HEE tayyar hona hay!

PS ;). I have yet to see somebody jis ko parlour nay BEHTAR bana dia ho :P... natural beauty is always wayyyy better ...

I agree with the natural beauty point. Know why girls go to parlor to get makeovers? Because they have to face those stadium-type floodlights on the stage. Is wajah se girls need to put on base on their faces. And if you ask me, I can't breathe if there's any extra thing on my face. And bases cover your skin so badly, one can hardly breathe.

lol @ baked

and 45 pins?! now we know why they charge so much...

lolz ... I hate the back combing these hair stylists do .. may look good then but its heck of an hassle to smooth it down.

and a tip from me for your future makeovers (IA) .. keep yourself high over the beautician ... they'd run-of-the-mill makeover otherwise .. its better to discuss things then and there like what shades you''d be using on eyes, blusher and the lipstick ... what amount of base you prefer and all that you are paying them to do this and not the other way around :)

hahahaha ur post made me remember the time of my sisters wedding. Where I too was supposed to get ready from the parlor... being the center of the attention I had to be PERFECT too :P
Now I have EXTREMELY silky hair, and dont ask How extreme they can get ... to an extent where the beauticians FAILED to do proper back combing =/ yes they were irritated to sn extent that they were literally holding my hair in their hands like as if Im a culprit over there and the Head Beautician was like "Iskay baal yahan sy uthao" and she was like "Madam utha rahe hun magr isky baal nahe horahay" and she kept swaying her hands with my hair and I was looking like a headless freak =(

Oh I HATE when they mess with my hair!! :|

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