How To Beat Monday Morning Blues!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, July 30, 2012
As much as you want to tear away the Monday from the calendar, cross out your Mon Meetings from schedule, erase the 9 am to 5 pm slot from your clocks, and directly jump to Monday evening to reminisce the Sunday remnants, you can't! All your wishful thinking must be kept aside. And you must muster up some courage to face it once every 52 weeks of every upcoming year of your precious, little life! Let your Mondays be wanted, not haunted!

So here are a few tips, if you like, follow them, or else drag yourself to work every Monday then.

1. Brush your teeth for a good 5 mins. All your senses wake up when you enjoy brushing your teeth. Fact!

2. Wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual and dedicate those minutes to shower. Shampoo well. And wear your exclusive Monday morning perfume/cologne (yes, set aside one of the best ones for Mondays only).

3. Wear your best clothes to work. The cleaner and admirable to everyone you are, the better you'd feel. Fact!

4. If you have time, make your own coffee/tea rather than waiting for the tea boy to bring you one. There's so much joy in making your own coffee/tea! If not, chit-chat (or gossip, in crude words) with your colleagues.

5. Take breaks! Eat a cookie. Chew a gum. Keep chocolates. Drink loadsa water. The moment you feel drowsy, gulp down a glass of water and experience the magic of revival. Fact!

6. Always wish for the weather to be good. And take a moment out to enjoy that beauty!

7. Take full advantage of the time while your boss is out on a meeting. Roam about. Socialize. Call mommy/wifey/kids. In short, change your location for a while. But if you're the boss, well, you can do anything then!

8. Keep a toy on your desk. Play with it once in a while.

9. Blog from office! :p Or tweet. Or listen to a song. Or keep an e-book. And do not report this to my boss!

10. And if you're left with some time, WORK! Why else do you think they pay you?!

In a nutshell, be positive! The weekend is just 4 days away! ;)

PS: Oh, during Ramadan, when you can't eat or drink or gossip, just be patient. Your working hours have been reduced, right?

Cheerio folks! =)


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