Idiot. Moron. Retard.

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That day I was in Finance's class, all sleepy. The day was already expected to be a moronic one, till this chowderhead just topped it off with his klutzy text messages on my phone! I was trying my level best to concentrate on Real Options when I received a stupid forwarded text message (which I first heard 3 years ago :s) from him. I read it and deleted it. The moment I deleted it, the phone buzzed again. Same stupid text. I deleted it again. But before I could press the delete button, the phone vibrated once again. And the SAME text once again! And no, it didn't end with 3 text messages, nor did it end with 10 or 20. He literally sent me that text message FIFTY times!!! That guy really is nuts! Ullu! Pagal!

It doesn't end with these forwarded messages only. That moron is so farigh, he sends me 'Hi' texts after midnight =T, or during my exam days. I never reply to such unknown people, but this guy seems to be the king of morons! He just doesn't stop! Jaahil! Retard!




Anonymous says:

wow, using the word retard takes your ignorance to a new level.

Anonymous says:

Hey, Zong key network per aao... or whatever that ad is. Block this person, na!

P.S. Saw your flickr. It rocks! Which camera do you use?

pyar hogaya... kisi say yaaron hamein pyar hogaya!!!

~HannahJ: He really was more than a retard!

~Misspecs: Lol. I'm pretty okay with Ufone. Wo banda bhee kab tak tung karay ga, khud he bezaar ho jai ga aik din! =D
Thanks for the flickr pics. I use Sony. The camera details are usually written in the side panel. (Yeah, I don't remember the model =(

~UTP: Wo to jee loag he alag hotay hein! Hahaha =D

Aap cheez he aisi ho jaan-e-man! :P

aah, freaky stalker people. :S dont you have an older brother or cousin who you can give his number too?

Send his number to me.

And while you're at it, send yours too. :P

Junglee says:

I am still wondering...... how do u know it was a Guy?

Good question, Junglee! There was this girl, Mashaal, who was also bugging me through text messages. I told her I don't know any Mashaal so you better not waste money on reminding me on who you are, and she stopped! Really! See, girls do obey! Guys are just jerks!

Junglee says:

:) well said.....but still may be its the same Mashaal who is still doing it

Why would she send me all those cheapo text messages? The kind guys send to girls! And even the kind oops-I-meant-to-send-this-text-to-my-friend!

Oh, and btw, who are YOU?

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