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Momma: Dump your books in your own room and get ready for lunch.
Me: What is there in lunch?
Momma: Bottle gourd! (aka Ghiya, louki, kaddoo, sorekai and God knows what else).
Me: *starts making faces* Nahi khaana!
Momma: Hawww. You shouldn't be saying like that. It's a Sunnah to eat louki!
Me: I'm sure there were other better vegetables in the Prophet's era. Isn't eating potatoes a Sunnah????

I don't want to skip lunch. I don't do breakfast or dinner. I'm not a fan of green veggies. I don't want to eat Miss Louki!!! :/ Bahhhh!!! ='( I think I should go fry a few spring rolls!

Cheerio folks =(



I really like vegetables. Especially Louki and Begann! :$
I hate karailay though :P

Oh and btw, same thing happened with me when I came home yesterday .. asked Amma whats for dinner.. she told me it's 'aalo gosht' .. didn't want to eat it so I had a glass of milk instead :/ and its 6 am and im starving right now!

Err...ghiya/kaddoo are not exactly louki. :P

~Huda: And I like aaloo and teenday! I made Maggie Noodles in the evening =(

~Senilius: But they belong to the same family, no? What's the difference waisay? And no, I don't expect you to say, "I'm a ghiya, and you're kaddooo!"

I also like louki :)

collection of best emails

I'm not a ghiya, but you surely are a kaddoo! :P

Anonymous says:

My mum makes the wrost ghiyya kaddu EVER. Like EVER. Like EVER EVER EVER. I eat EVERYTHING but I draw the line at what my mum makes on the name of 'sabzi' *turns green* (pun intended ;-))

Awww you and Sawj are so cute! :P :$

Fight fight! :D

~Meh: Why do I have such louki-lover blogger readers? :P Oh, and btw, Welcome to my bloggie =D Enjoyyy =P

~Senilius: You're a teenda!!!! :P

~Misspecs: hahaha... Buri baat Specs! :P I don't like any sabzi. =( Aaloos are an exception!

~Huda: I'm more cute!!!! Sawj ki sirf zulfein are cute, aur kooch nahi! =P Hahaha

Screw you both!

I am cute-r! :P and I can't wait to see SAWJ ki zulfien, mazaaq urana hai! :P

Lassies have stopped deeming veggies as a food.


~Huda: *looks around for that cute-r bachi* :P

~Fareed: Because chicky chicken is more scrumptious than veggies! =)

i like louki ka raita by the way ... :D

Oh I hate louki/ ghiya, whatever you want to call it. :/

~Ash: I like baingan ka raita. Had it once and I loved it! Maybe I should try the louki wala too.

~Siras: Join the club! =D

You are a bhindi!

I was exactly expecting this reply from you! Meanster insaan!

Oh I'm the meanster now?

Who else then, Snivelly Kaddooo? :P

You, Dinky Bhindi Mind! :P

am i the only one who doesn't know what a ghiyya kaddu is???

And okay, although i might live outside my mom DOES make desi food, however shes never made 'ghiyya kaddu!' :P

~Senilius: Hahah.. That sounds so cool =D ... as cool as Snivelly Kaddoo, nahi? =P

~PD: That seems so =P Your mom never made kaddooo? How lucky of you!!! Do you know what 'torian' are? We have to eat them too =(

~SAWJ: And I just came up with a name for Absar! =P Guess guess =D

What is a louki? =[

Okay, remove Dinky. It's just Bhindi Mind! :P

As for Absar...err...Shanoo Aaloo???

haha yes, mine makes them too, but not a lot. They're not all that bad with white rice. :P

Sawj, make it Shanoo Aaloo 'chachoo' for Absar ;) bahaha

Have I told you? Whenever I see your name it makes me think of sinus and a runny nose! What happened to Sawj??

I've finally come to a conclusion that its their weird names that make me a big repellent of them ... vegies like these are very very yum. Now I cook all of them and eat with Alhamdolillah :D

hahaha i m a veggie person as long as i know the english names ;)

~UglyDuckling: It's a vegetable, which is also a Sunnah to eat, and which sadly I dont like =(

~Sawj: Nahhh... He's no more a fatty aaloo now. He's Absannnrrrr Toreyyy :P or as some people say, torayeee! :/

~PD: With white rice I only like yellow daal and fried potatoes =D

~Asma: *Sighs* Susraal ja ker sab he kuch khana perta hay, now I know =P

~AD: that's why I wrote bottle gourd instead of just louki-kaddooing =D

PD - Good one for Absar! :D

And yes you told me. I like it. :P

SAWJ is gone. ;)

BM - I like PD's better! :P

Haseeb says:

The Most Admired Post :;;;;;;; Lol......,Makes it 30

Anonymous says:

30 going on to 31 ;)

Anonymous says:

Kuch nahi hosakta ...

~Haseeb: I've got a sillier post with 50 comments =)

~Ghazal: Oh yeah *dances* =P

~UTP: Kis ka? =D

Hmm, just before saying it 'ye nae khana' ...

For a second do think of a person, who doesn't even have any thing to eat... =(

I hope after realizing this, you would love to eat any thing that is available!

You're right Jingo lala, we have become very very ungrateful for all our blessings =( I think I should try my hands on louki next time =$

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