Time To Breeeeeathe Chocolate

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"Chocolate is a universal language that chocolate lovers across the world speak and understand. Its very presence makes people smile, eyes glow and hearts beat faster."

The title couldn't have been any better. I literally am inhaling chocolates these days - Hershey's, to be more specific. Last week, I was gifted 2 packs of Hershey's Kisses and 2 bars of Toblerone (with a book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"). Oh, and my shweet Nani Ammi gave me chocos too, two days back =) Today, when I got back home, I saw a parcel from Javier uncle, who had sent for me 2 more packets of Hershey's =D Now that's what I call "My Eidi!" =P And he has sent me Hershey's Miniatures and Hershey's Nuggets! *drooooools*. Whole milk nuggets, you see!

I begin and end my day with a cute Kisses® (the chocolate, okay?). And after every half an hour, I crave for chocolates. I literally go nuts if it's half hour past 1 minute and I haven't tasted chocolate. And then, just like a robot, I get up and walk to the freezer, pick out one choco, and cram it into my mouth. Nothing feels as heavenly as a melting chocolate mini brick in your mouth! *starts drooling again*

Okay, so now I should tell you the Ethics of eating chocolates. You need to be relaxed and composed before having your first bite. You must exhibit remarkable modesty and respect to your chocolate. You can either start licking it (I do that when alone), or you may take a wholesome bite of your favorite chocolate and let it melt in your mouth for a good 5 minutes! In case of chocolate syrup, you just need to open your mouth, quickly squeeze the bottle and close your mouth only when it starts overflowing! Haha! =D In my case, it never does! I can finish a Hershey's bottle in 2 days! =P *starts slobbering*

Okay, it's been 30.5 minutes since I last had a Kisses®. And I don't want to act all insane now. I wish my stock of Hershey's never end. *Hops towards the freezer for yet another energizing dose*

Cheerio folks =)

Good night and Chocolate dreams! =D

PS: Don't ever expect me to share chocolates with you. Even if due to courtesy I innocently ask you to have one, you must have the heart to refuse my request! =)

PPS: I can't stop singing Cadbury's song, "Kitna maza aai rey, dunya Dairy Milk ki bun jai, Dairy Milk ki gaari, Dairy Milk ki road...." Just imagine a world like that! Oh, yummmmm!



Samz says:

haha, whenever i am bored i visit your blog and it never disappointed me.

And yea i loved the "Ethics of eating chocolates", but you didn't mention whether we can share the choco with others or not?

mainey aaj pura dubba ferrero roche ka khaya :D


yum yum

Samz: I'm glad to know my posts freshen you up =)
And well, it's up to you. I don't believe in "Sharing is caring". For me, sharing is violation! =D

~Ubaid: I'm SO not jealousss! :P And you're already fatty, itni na khaya karo :P

~Errant: Jes jes =D And welcome to my blog =) Keep coming =D

Err, I don't think I need to bring Hersheys for you anymore!


Chick's lost her mind! *shakes head*

~Huda: My stock will end someday. And before that day, you should land here WITH the chocolates! :P

~Senilius: Not a new thing =D

Oh my!! I like chocolates, but isn't this a little too much! :/

That's what you call a lil exaggeration :P

I think chocolate is quite a girly thing,No? :-)

Ummm, maybe :P

O hey... I was searching for this dairy milk jingle and your blog came up. I was totally in love with this song and still sing it. And I was looking for it's video but I just cant find it anywhere.. was wondering if you would have it ?? cheers..

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