A Scary Fact!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, October 26, 2009 in , ,
I must tell you this thing. Whenever I brush my teeth before going to bed, the next day I always wake up late! I mean it ALWAYS happens!!! I just don't get it why!

In the morning today, I did wake up when Momma's alarm rang around 5:30 or 6 am. But I didn't hear my alarm ring at 7 am? Why so? =( Although I irrefutably remember about setting the alarm last night. It must have rung for sure! I wonder why did I not notice =( Finally Momma had to come and wake me up at 7:45 am =( I had to skip brushing teeth =( Just had to gargle hard with the mouthwash! :/ I remember my dentist Uncle once said that it's not necessary to brush teeth in the morning, but it's essential to brush them at night, before going to bed! Don't think of me as a dirty person. I really love brushing teeth and here's the proof too!

I love brushing my teeth at night. Get a shower and brush your hair with it and it really gives you a cool, soothing feeling when you're going to bed for a peaceful slumber. But if this keeps on happening like that, I think I'd be needing to give up my habit of brushing teeth at night then =(

Cheerio folks =(




I find this fact funny than Scary! :/
Uni is REALLY getting to me! :s

Earlier I found it funny too, but this is becoming a grave concern for me now =(

thank gawd!
brushing my teeth at night never affects my sleep:D :P

i think its just myth in your mind..
might be the direct relation of your long and sound sleep is to taking bath before going into bed or you had an hectic day

Samz says:

Scary? I think tumhen tou faida hai jab bhi dair tak sona ho, just brush your teeth aur phir....:P

btw i agree with Ash, it can be because of taking bath i think, but not sure...

Anonymous says:

... I don't get it... seeing as you ALWAYS brush your teeth, you ALWAYS get up late?

AWesome ;-)

you mean you dont brush your teeth always ???

i think my jaw dropped :P

i remember the advert, brush your teeth with mcleans, twice a day every day...


Sorry, but this was terribly funny. I hardly think brushing your teeth can cause you to be late. :P

~Ash: Oh yeah, maybe that's the thing =P

~Samz: Lol. =D

~Misspecs: I seriously am not lying! Ajeeb sa fact hay! =D

~AD: Ohhoooo, miscommunication!!! =P I don't regularly brush my teeth before going to bed. I usually brush them in evening and in the morning of course! =P

~KZ: I don't like Macleans. I is a colgate fan! =D

~Siras: It always does =(

its not about which tooth paste you use, u need to do it twice a day every day...

Adnan Siddiqi says:

As I said on FB,"Safai tumhey Ras nahi ati..that's what I can conclude" :>

well,i feel kinda boring to brush teeth before going to bed.

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