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I am... well, not sick, but tired of my waist-long hair now. It's hard to handle them in this heat. Its been 2-3 months now that I'm after my Momma to get me a haircut, or at least hair trimming. And all my requests go futile as soon as some event pops up and my Momma goes like, "You should be thankful about your long hair. Many girls don't have them. Look at your cousin, Miss TBD and Miss DFQ and your friend Miss HPD. Now don't argue with me and get ready for the dinner party!"

I once fought with her. "You either get me a haircut or a hair straightener!" And she chose the latter! =( A few days back, I started whining again about my hair loss and ganday baal. "All the energy I get from my tiny intake of food goes straight to my hair. I certainly don't like it when people look at me and say: *mimics* 'Kitni kamzor ho gai ho'. And then nobody pays attention to my so-called long, cool hair!" Guess what, the next day Momma bought for me a hair cream, a dozen pomogranates and a carton of Nesvita! Darrrnnnn! She can spend thousands on other things that I don't want and can't spend a few hundreds on a haircut. =(

I tie my hair in a pony tail (folded, so that my hair don't sneak out of the scarf). 2 days back, during the class, I felt my pony tail getting loose. I left the class and went to tie it up again. While I was about to tie the last knot, the band broke, and all my hair fell on my face. Grrrrr! I tried to tie my hair in a bun, but failed. I recalled how Momma does it so perfectly and tried again. Succeeded enough to walk back to the class and ask my fellow friends for an extra hair band so I could tie my hair properly and tightly!!!! Nobody had it, but thanks to Rabia, she fixed my broken band and finally I went to tie my annoying hair again! Bahhhh!!!!

When I got home, I, very sadly, told the whole story to my Momma. Instead of saying, "Aww, may be if you had shorter hair you could have left them open" and agreeing to get me a haircut, she taught me how to make a perfect bun! ='(

I have now learnt to style my hair in different ways and how to dry and straighten them in no time. =( I have even learnt to tie my hair in buns, and how to put rollers on. =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: There's one thing I can't argue my Momma on. "After getting a haircut you'd wish for long hair again". That's so true! Mommies always know thier kids better =(



Haseeb says:

First to Comment on your beautiful hair . lol...
Actually frankly speaking they are little dull and starving for energy, Give em a bath with lassi ( curd milk , khati wali not meethi lol) , really it works.
Lots of advices , sorry for that , but you need that. do try 2 or three times than c the diff.

Awwww, it's the same with me love!
Nobody lets me get a haircut! and I've long hair too. And when I complain I get to hear the same thing "Shukar karo" and all that.

Kya karain, sehhna paray ga! :(

And oh, I did the 25 Random things wala tag! :D

awwww ... but they look so nice Masha Allah .. get them in U shape may be and enjoy ;)

in the meanwhile I'm thinking of getting my hair done in shorter fashion now ... :D

Uh, sorry.. what was the post about? I didn't notice the hair :P

~Haseeb: Thanks, but these aren't my hair in the picture. I posted the picture just to give my readers an idea about the length of my hair =(

~Huda: *says it filmi way* Magar aakhir kab tak? =(
Oh wait, let me read them then. =D

~Asma: These aren't my hair =( Mine are better :P lol. J/k. Do post a picture of your new haircut =( *sobs sobs*

~Absannnrr: Hahaha... These aren't mine, so you can stare at the picture for as long as you want! =P

Oh my God!! I could so relate to that post!! I go through the EXACT same thing!

tie 'em in a bun with a clip. Won't budge out of your scarf then.
As far as the haircut is concerned...I guess aunty can't really say or do anything once you've had 'em cut. WITHOUT permission =/ ....still risky. haha. she might give you silent treatement depending on how strongly she feels about yur lengthy hair =/ ..risky. risky.

Haseeb says:

So.......... : (

You just HAD to ruin it for me, didn't you? :P

Waise mujhe waise hi shak ho raha tha. I mean, the woman in the picture is... well, curvy! :P

i think your hair pretty very pretty m jealous..my hairs just below the shoulder..its growing....and trust me much more wild..n yes ull regret cutting ur hair last year i got a bob cut ( like very small bob cut)HAHA it was fun cutting but i still regretted it =/

~Siras: Haina? It's so irritating sometimes =(

~Haseeb: Enjoy reading the post then =D

~Absar: Haan haan, mein to jaisay moti dholl houn na?!?! :@ *grits teeth* And if knew ke loag post perhnay ke bajai picture mein ziada interested hein to isay upload he na kerti! Hahah =D

~Pandora: Know what, I want to have bob cut hair too =( But then I want them to grow faster again! =D Lol... And Alhamdolillah, my hair do grow fast, still I cant convince my Momma for a haircut =(

My mom wants me to cut my hair and I don't! :(

Hawt chick in the pic! :D

I wish I had a mom like yours =(

Haan haan, sukoon se beth ke dekho! Isi liay ye picture lagai hay =D

lay .. and I thought ur hair are rough :P


LOL! :P Dholl na sahi, laikin just look at the curves on HER and then tell me honestly.. :P

(See? It's because of comments like these that I doubt I'll have a natural death :P)

I dont even care about my hair anymore.
It stays in this weird shaped bun thingy.. i dont even know what to call it. I dont even get time to comb it at all.


Time hee nahee milta. Kya kerein

~Asma: They are rough! I mean oily bhee hein aur ganday bhee. Is se ziada bura nahi kahoun ge :P

~Absar: You envy the curves? Let's see your curves then. Bwahahahah =D Waisay bhee you've become quite a lot slim, nae? :P

~Qurrat: I'm just like you waisay. When I'm at home, they're always tied up in a bun :/

this post made me to say my fav liner which i used toi say in uni


you want to get rid of your long hair and me want to grow my hairs long and long and tooooo longs =(

Samz says:

ab kitnay white hair hogaye hain?:P

Anonymous says:

Wow, you're lucky indeed! But its like people insisting someone wear red lipstick because they're gori gori *cough* so its so irritating, its not even funny.

Waisey wakaee, @ absar, I was ALSO envying the right amount of curves and feeling all jealous when it turns out this is some random chick. Oh dinky, why did you put up such a dangerous picture? I almost kicked you off my G Reader in a fit of jealous rage.;-)

~Ash: Ab tak I've complained about my hair so much that I've suddenly fallen in love with them again :$ I don't want them to be cut now, but give a little healthy look at least =(

~Samz: Dono ghaib! =D I'm so happy! =D

~Misspecs: hey, but it doesn't mean I'm a moti dholl! =(
And guess what, after this post got published, the number of visitors on my blog increased dramatically =P

Samz says:

Hehe but dono Ghaib or dono dyed?:P

First dyed, and now died maybe! =D

Anonymous says:

showing your hips and covering your head
kia pardah hai

Seems like you didn't read all the comments! =)

moral of the story....
Insan kisee haal mein khush nae =D

~Jingo Lala, wo insaan he kia jo har haal mein khush ho? =P

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