10 Things I don't like

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 in
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1. I don't like to polish my shoes (that's why I now wear joggers)

2. I don't like when I forget many things (Dinky Mind's like that by birth)

3. I don't like to cry infront of the whole word (as S does)

4. I don't like to work after I wake up.

5. I don't like people who smoke (You darn smokers don't look cool with an idiotic cigg in your hand. GOTCHA???)

6. I don't like people whining about just nothing.

7. I don't like to share chips and chocs with anyone (I can share ice-creams...Hehe, me meano)

8. I don't like when people don't leave a comment on my blog ( SO START COMMENTING!!!....j/k :p)

9. I don't like to think what I don't like to do ( So, please stop asking me this thing 'cuz there are a million and two things that I like to do and not even 10 that I don't) :(

10. Now you write what you don't like about me!!! (Hahaha...not a difficult thing, is it?) ;)

Cheerio folks!!! =)



Anonymous says:

میں نے اردو میں لکھا ، گل نے رومن میں لکھا ، آپ نے بات ہی ختم کر دی انگریزی میں لکھر

Anonymous says:

*Reads number 8 and runs here to comment*

Did I fill this taggie? Answers se toh aisa hi gumaan hota hai.

~Qadeer: Hehe. Thanks :) Btw, it's really hard to write in urdu. By that, I don't mean my Urdu is bad, but I just don't have the proper facility to write in Urdu.

~Jonybr: Lolz. Thanks. Keep commenting like that ;)

~Raheel: Dekh ke batati houn :)

yaara number 1 matches with moi too :D

ok, so the thing is, there r so many things that i like, n u don't....

for example, ive always kept my shoes presentable and i always polish them...
I love it when i forget everything, prolly cuz i forget EVERYTHING!!!

I always share my chocs and chips with someone, infact only one person in particular!!!

hmm... well, therez a whole lotta bunch to not like about u

:P j/k

Anonymous says:

lol @ point 3
i know wat u m ean by S :D :P

Anonymous says:

lol @ point 3
i know wat u m ean by S :D :P

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