Pronouncing "Phone"

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 in ,
These days I'm helping Ritz pronounce "Phone". She pronounces this word like "Phooon" and "Phawn"! ;)

She told me, last night, she practised a lot to pronounce Phone as "Phone" and she even succeeded, but today, again, it's either "Phooon" or "Phawn".

People are sometimes so funny.



well don't you think you shouldn't make fun of anyone... it seems you are making fun, hehe!!!

anyways, people have the right to pronounce every word they feel comfortable with...


Lolz..no, I told her I'd write on this topic and she just smiled, saying, "Bas, baat nae karo mujh se" ;)

Okay i thought Ritz was some 3-4 year old kid but after reading the comments i doubt that :\

Anonymous says:

bhayiii hummay kiya patta tum khud Phhoooooon kahti ho ya Phawn :P

*blinks innocently*

*can u see the angel on my head*


Go to hell :P

Anonymous says:

Tumhain poorey Pakistan ko toh phir sikhana sahi hai, sach main those pronounciations sound so phunny =p

umm, hey, isnt ur phawn working?
i tried to call u yesterday, but it didn't get through!!!


tisk tisk any progress :P?

~JonyBr: well, she's my frannnd! ;)

~Asma: :)

~Raheel: hehe...yeah ;)

~Umuj: I think, my phawn's working fine ;)

~Acro: Lolz...a lot

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