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12:36 pm, 24th August

وہ دن جب میں نازل ھوئی تھی


Red & White (filter cigarette) [tauba tauba]

The combination I wore today


A neclace

That I wore today


Oven hot Pizzaazzzz

I have had a lot of them lately.

Ze cakeee...

Not creamy, thankfully


Had loadsa fun yesterday. But, as it always happens, I fell ill - had a slight fever :s
Yesterday evening, I watched Monsters Inc. [Don't say "Grow up" cuz I will watch animated movies, cartoons, and will play with stuff toys for my entire life]. Yay yay yay!
And oh, Faizee called me last night. Before her call, I was in a very bad mood. But when I talked to her, I felt better again. Much much better. Thanks Fa! :) You sound so good, Fa. Trust me.

I want to thank all my friends who wished me, who sent me such nice and funny cards, and who prayed for me. No buttering, seriously. You all are great!

Have a blessed day.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
beautiful pics and necklace was good too, enjoy good health...

lol @ nazil huwi thi

btw cream ke begair bhi koi cake huwa

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wish ja good luck for the years to come.

sub kuch samajh aa gai... but wuv-woz-zat 29ºC ?

I love dry cakes. Creamy cakes are jsut too heavy.

~Khattak: Thanks

~Raheel: btw cream kay saath bhee koi cake huwa? ;)

~Harris: This pic was taken yesterday, means on 24th. So, the clock is showing the weather on that day.

Happy Birthday.

Array wahhh .. this dress colours look reall y goodyyy!!!

And wow for this pizza and cake thing :) And necklace was very beautiful tooo!!!!!

U'll be gifting it to me on my bday naa ;)

do you know that neclace of yours .. its cursed :O ..

if pirates of teh black pearl come looking for it dont yell nobody warned ya :O

btw .. what the hell hapened which made you so sad ?

the cake looks delicious!!
hope u ve had a gr8 day!! :)

~JonyBr: Thanks :)

~Asma: I'd be gifting something more nicer than this. Don't worry, my twin sista :)

~Tiddy: Pirates of the Black??? DOes that mean YOU??? *Hides the neclace in a tijori* DOn't ask for the thing that made me sad. If I tell you, you'd also feel sad :(

~Sid: Well, it wasn't that great. :(

LOL @ Asmaaaaaaaa.......

Haan waqai umem neckless is a gem,i too love halkay phulkay neckless.

Cake with cream is curse for my health, I LOVEE Almonds plane cake.

And kitni kamai...aham i means gifts milay? aray gifts say yaad aaya main nay bhi kuch lay kay rakha tha aap sab ko dainay k liay bloggers meeting main BUT, naseeb naseeb ki baat hai abhi tak woh mairay drawer main para sarh raha hai sab kuch.

Between being youngest in my home i dodnt remember there isn't any year passed without celebrations on my B'Day. some of my friends say its kiddish thingy, But celebration main kiddyness, I love to be celebrated every cycle of my life

oh wow! very pretty necklace! and a very happy belated BDAY, umema!!!!

Happy belated Birthday Sister.
Khuda Hafiz

~Gul: We'll InshAllah meet on 5th Sept. and you know where. Heheehehehe

~Little princess: Thanks :)

~Borges: Thanks and where are you these days?

Hey, happy birthday!!

Am I late? I don't know but my clock seems to be running a bit slow now-a-days (I plead 'permanent' insanity)...

Anyway, best of luck for all the years to come...

Fallen Angel is aliveee...yayyyyyyyy

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