Bey-misaal Ash'aar

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When we were coming back to Karachi, we witnessed some beautiful poetry on the intricately painted trucks!

See this:

Funnie?! ;)
We laughed a lot at this one!

Hai na mazay ka? ;) "Hazara coach" which was near Karachi!
Wondering who has written this....

Well, you have to read this! This is a "majmooa-e-kalaam" hahaha

'Koi dekh ker jal gaya, kisi nay dua dee'
Ufff ufff ufff.....
We all said "Walaikum Assalam" when we read the line line. Hahaha.


Cheerio =)


My past weekend

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On this weekend, we went to Sehwan Shareef. This city (its has now become a city...that's what I think) is famous for Lal Shahbaz Qalandar's tomb. It's my maternal grandfather's city! Love it!

They say this tomb has a golden gate (i.e. it's made of Gold...wow) and a gold dome. (double wow)

Here's the gold door.

Anyway, we started our journey on 22nd April, 2005 at 7 pm. We had to leave at 5 pm...but you know we are 'late lateefs'. hehehe....We were almost 11-12 people, including bacha party! On our way, I broke my chappal! I don't know how it happened, cuz I'm sure, I wasn't playing football in the car! *wonders*

I don't know if you can see from where it broke...but my almost new slippers___*weeps*
On our way, we were having a lot of trouble with our car. So we completed the 3-4 hours journey in complete 8 hours. Don't scream...just wonder how we are still alive! We reached the city at 3 am! It's just because of this!

I invite all the expert minds to have a look at our car's engine and identify the problem!
I tried to take the picture of Toll Plaza, but failed (as always).

Just have a look at the currency notes in BiYA's hand. She's holding Rs.1015. And there are more inside the wallet. Riiich ladyyy! (BiYA and Some Desi, you remember that 'Rich Lady' wala scene, right? hahaha)
I was recieving calls and messages every now and then so....

...I found a place (handle) to hang it. We were at Askari Gas Station, filling the car's belly! And in the pic, you see 'CA'r wash! The clock was ticking 1 am at that time! Woohoo...
There we saw many amazing things. Things that still exist!

This is a picture of a telephone and guess what...it works! Although I have never dialled any number (there are no buttons even there) but I guess it is used as an intercom! (That's purely what I think.) There's a knob on the right. And when you move that knob, a number is dialled. (The person who knows how to use this phone will beat me if he reads this)
"Ralko, weehan'ro, aien peengho" [ reeli (sorry, can't define it), pillow, and jhoola]

Now this is a very amazing thing. There are 2 of them over there. And so much fun when you sit in it and ...have lunch...sleep...or play!
The colourful....

A she-goat! Look at her beady eyes!

When I was holding it, I felt something warm. 'O my God', I almost screamed. But, soon I found out, there was nothing wrong! 'Thank God', I sighed! Waisay bhee aitebaar nahi kerna chahiyay aisi cheezoun per! But she was shoo cute na...
There's also a peacock there. And when I went to see it, it never spread its wings out and danced. (Ullu peacock!) So, this picture is taken by ...oops, I don't know by whom!

Hai na ishmart peacock? [It's feet aren't that bad]
We had so much fun there. We played so many games over there. We'd eat pure butter. Enjoyed our stay! Then, on Sunday morning, 24th April, we started our journey back to Karachi! :(

After a lot of concentration and effort, I finally succeeded in taking this picture! [ya ya I know my photography skills stink.] But I was hanging out of the window and taking photos. Errr.
On our way, we saw such over-loaded trucks.

And what if.... well, you have no control over accidents!
And we also saw such trucks!

Aik chingari aur phir.... well, you have no control over accidents!
Colgate Toothpaste!

Are your reserves of Colgate toothpaste over? Then, what are you waiting for? Open the door of this truck and take as many as you can! Smile, giggle, laugh...as its Colgate toothpaste ( ka ad) =)
*my evil mind can't think beyond this* muhahaha
14 cars on...

...just 14 wheels!
My office, my kitchen, and my gaari ka armrest!

There you see my phone, a pen, a small notepad (you can't see it), one lolly pop, polo, and two books (that I didnt even read). There's something missing in here, and that is Panadol (my best friend in hard times) hahaha...I kept it after some time. Time:: 1:30 pm!
What should you do when you see such a signboard?

Violate the law!
...As he has

and we say yahooooooo.
The speedometer shows more than 120, or it is a parallex error?
And what should you do when you come across a signboard like that? A signboard bearing a cow!

Just take a photograph of it, display it on your blog, and start wondering what it means!
How far is Karachi?

After, I don't remember how many endless efforts, I succeeded in taking this picture. *Phew*
We saw this wonderful project!

and this is....

Thermal Power Station,
Mohra Jabal,
It was good watching the stretched, barren lands.

and the mountains...

A chameleon

so neatly camouflaged!
Yeh dhuwan sa kahan say uthta hay....?

Dadabhoy mills, near Noori Abad!
And then we finally reached Karachi in exact 8 hours. Started at 10 am and finished the memorable journey at 6 pm....just because of our car!
I have got so many other photgraphs...but I am too tired to post them now.
Havta go now.
Cheerio !


My Wedding!

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Today was supposed to be me wedding! And you see, I am sitting here, writing this post! Errrr... My groom......is not feeling well! He's suffering from high fever! Allah sehat dey. Ameen. [Pata nahi kis baat ka bukhaar charh gaya hay].

When we were coming back to Karachi, 'he' said he'll marry. And 'he' will marry me! That was quite shocking for me, and also for rest of the people in the car! So, we planned everything out. But....something sad happnened!

Today, when I was having my class, I recieved a message. "Salam, Hum nahi aa rahay. Shaadi postponed! Dulha beemaar hay". This is the message sent to me by his mother at 7 pm, today! Uffff....you can't imagine my feelings at that time! At first, I didn't understand it, as my mind was tumbled into french lessons. But then, after 5 minutes, I again read it, and I burst out.....laughing/ crying! [I laugh and cry at the same time. That's my speciality]. My God!!!!! It became so hard for me to control myself! But, I had to. There were so many people around me, and I didn't want to be questioned by each and every one of them. So, I tried to keep my feelings to myself!

Here's the picture! of Mr. Grrrrrooom! His name is ....well you know him, don't you?

Now, let me tell you the details. My dowry, as suggested by BiYA and groom's mother, includes million packets of Top Pops, lolly pops, Prince biscuits, loadsa football-shaped chocolates, 4ever candies, and everything that Talal likes! Furthermore, there will be CDs and video cassettes of Scooby Doo, Flintstones, Tom & Jerry, powerpuff Girls, and Popeye, the sailor man- poo poo, and all other cartoons that Talal likes!

Wedding dinner was to include Maaza Mango juice, Slanty chips, and Super Crisps (and every thing that Talal and I like)

Daily, it will be my duty to sing to him the Flinstones OST, and in return, he'd be liable to sing "Aik do das" to me! "Aik do das" is a poem that I like the most, in his voice! It goes like:

"Aik do das, upar say giri bus,
Bus kay neechay kaila,
maamu jee ka mela,
Melay main jaingay,
Ghora sajain' gey.
Ghoray ki taang tooti,
Marham lagain gay,
Marham per makhi baithi...." and it goes on!

I have memorised this whole poem, but I won't publish it! Because I like the way he sings it! He pronounces 'S' in a different way. Like you keep your tongue between your teeth and try to say 'S'. So, you can now imagine how he recites this poem! The first two lines are worth listening! hahaha.

Sad ending of a happy day!

Cheerio folks! ;)


Exaggeration Unlimited!

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This is an extract from the book "Perwaz" by Shafiq-ur-Rehman. Must read it!

[click to enlarge]

That's all folks.
Cheerio! =)



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In my last post, I wrote about having a nap! But, I believe, instead of a nap, I went into hibernation. That's why I was, sort of, absent from Blogistan! I am not sure if any of you missed me, but something surely tells me that you people did miss me a lot! Let me elaborate my point. Today, the moment I woke up, I started having hiccups. So, I drank half glass of water. And there was peace for a few minutes, but after some time, the cycle started again! So, I had to suffer from the 2nd Episode of Hiccups. This time, I drank a full glass of water (having sugar, Energile, and 2 ice cubes in it..he he). Then, after some half hour, I again started "ha-ou'u". That time, I really felt like cursing the person who was missing me so badly! But I controlled myself and drank a whole jug of water! Started watching TV then. Everything on all those *counts* 90 channels was extremely uninteresting, or probably I wasn't in the mood of watching TV at that time [Don't know]. Anyways, I again started having hiccups. BiYA asked me, "Kon yaad ker raha hay is buray tareeqay sey?" And I replied, "Pata nahi *hiccup* Kon yaad ker raha *hiccup* hay is buray tareeqay *hiccup* sey" [Say it aloud, and you'll sound like nuts :o) ].
And then, you can guess how much fun she had made of me and my uncontrollable hiccups! *weeps* [my evil sista].
I really don't *hiccup* remember how many episodes of these *hiccup* killing hiccups I experienced today! *hiccup*. .. [Pause]...I don't *hiccup* know exactly how many *hiccup* million gallons of water I have drunk today *hiccup*

So you see, I am STILL suffering from these hiccups. Please pray for me, before I take my last hiccup.....

Cheerio = (

[P.S.: Wo loag jo mujhay yaad ker rahay thay, seedhi tarah sey apna naam, pata bata dain, aur ab mujhay naa yaad karain....taakay meri zindagi sukoon main aa sakay, aur main in hichkiyoun sey nijaat paa sakoun. Advance main Shukria]


Ahmed Faraz

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I read this 'nazm' some days ago. Found it good, cuz it has a happy ending [that's what I think]. You guys read it, while I go and have a nap.

[click to enlarge]
{Dinky Mind is becoming lazy these days. That's why she's posting images these days}
Cheerio folks. [zzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzz]


Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary!

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Dearest Papa and Mommese,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[My Mom aint that old! And neither is my dad so short. But they are as cute as these bears! Couldn't find some other image, so pasted this one!]

Today, at exact 12 am, all of us greeted Mommese, who was having a sound sleep at that time. We then called Papa. His number was constantly busy. So we all guessed it must be evil BiYA, who called him first! Then she (BiYA-Y) called here and wished Mommese. Then, till 12 45 am,
I have bought a gift, but I am not satisfied with it! It seems to me its just a pebble of sand and nothing else.

May you anniversary bring...
The happiest of moments
to enjoy together.

May your anniversary bring...
The happiest of memories
to share forever!

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Cheerio =)


Blogger or a Blurker?

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No matter how hard I try, I can't read the Sunday newspaper on Sundays. I always read it on Mondays or any other day of the week, but surely not Sunday. Once, when Hansie Cronje died (I mean he died for once only...uh how stupid of me!), I read the news after three days of his death. And at that time, I almost jumped and screamed,"Oh, Cronje died... how, when, where..." Then, BiYA said sarcastically, "Oh.... he died...hawww....And you know what, he died 3 days ago!"
"Oops! " I then checked the date of the newspaper. It was surely 3 days old.

Anyways, what I am here to talk about is an (article?) I saw in Dawn Classified (page J). Zainab Mahmood wrote it. Now let me copy, paste it over here.

"A Blog (from Weblog) is instant online publishing at its simplest, and a tool for exchanging information at its most advanced. The first form of blogging was corporate, but the trend caught on, and now millions of users around the world host online blog acounts, from war correspondents to housewives, from nuclear scientists to gossip columnists.

The use of blogging is the thrill of maintaining a daily journal and being read by hundreds (or atleast one or two) users, making us believe that our voices count. Blogs demand to be be taken seriously as they allow people to exchange ideas, opinions, or just personal anecdotes. Recently, Tsunami-survivor blogs attracted heavy traffic, raising the point that there's no quicker way to get information out there, than posting it on a blog.

Responses from readers are the most crucial part of blogs, allowing everyone to express their opinion. Companies are encouraging blogging as a means of sharing concepts, familiarising new recruits with policies, while the promo aspect has a role all its own.

Blogging also has its share of controversies, and critics suggest that setting limits and regulations is necessary to prevent blogging from breaking copyright laws or publishing offensive material.

Blogging has led to the invention of its own langauge. Words like Blogathy (akin to writer's block), Bloggorhea (Blogging too much) and Blogiversary (Birthdays of blogs) have become commonplace.

So whether you are just a Blurker (One who doesn't blog but sheepishly reads those of others) or a loyal ciizen of Blogistan (community of Bloggers), the fact is that when an online activity leads to the formation of seminars, conferences, blogger parties and blogger awards, it has arrived! "

Nice, isn't it?

Cheerio folks! =)


My favourite cartoon characters!

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Miss Tweety. [I thought I saw a pussy cat, I did. I did]

Sylvester [*ssssaliva showering out of the mouth* sssssllleepy ssssyllllvester wishing for sssssssome sssweeet dreams ]

Goofy [hooooou'uu ( I wish I could spell that sound) Wondering if you have seen 'An Extremely Goofy movie']

Road Runner [peep peep *whoosh...runs away*]

Speedy Gonzalez [Andre andre arriba arriba *dunno how you spell it* My sweet amigo...]

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd [mmm...what's up doc?] [where tiny, where toony..where all the little loonies - Looney Tunes]

[Flintstones, meet the Flintstones,
They're a modern stone-age family,
From the town of BedRock,
They're a pace right out of history.
Let's ride with the family down the street,
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.
When you're with the Flintstones,
Have a yabba dabba doo time,
A dabba doo time.
We'll have a gay, old time]

Tom & Jerry [oops...they are silent cartoons. *Still, I like watching them in a high volume*]

Mask [This is the Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaskkkkk... Ssssssssmokin']


All these cartoons have some (better say, a lot of) effect on my insane personality!
Out of all these cartoons, I love Goofy the most (these days, actually).

That's all folks!

Cheerio =)


The truth is...

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We have become a generation of people who worship our work, who work at our play, and who play at our worships.

I love this quote!


I'm suffering...

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.... from Dandruff!

Well, yes, that's true. Sometimes, it seems like its snowing in my head. If I keep looking at the floor, and then move my head from right to left, I find the floor covered with a flimsy layer of dandruff. Ok guys, enough of exaggeration! So, is any of you recommending any good (anti-dandruff) shampoo to me? Besides, I use Dove for normal hair. And please, exclude Head n Shoulders shampoo from the list. I have tried it once, and I was left with 4 strings on my head (aaaaaaa.... gosh, I take my words back. This description is so very scary).

Well, today when I asked my Mommese to oil my stinky head, she said she's gonna try something different today! And can you guys believe what she meant when she said "different"? Instead of oil, she used butter! *hey, please don't scream* Well, since we've MashAllah got khud-kafeel (self sufficient) in butter, we have started utilising it in this way! Woohoo! :P Anyways, when she started applying butter on my head, she declared, "You won't be able to get rid of it that easily. So you have to shampoo your hair twice, or maybe thrice." Uh, twice, thrice?? I almost screamed! Anyways, will see that!

Well, I thanked God that nobody came to our place today, cuz my head was stinking badly! When I washed my head ..."Kaboom" ... it was still stinking....hahahaha....Well, it wasn't! But I felt a great change! My hair got silky (as they show in the advertisements) and shiny, and straight! I loved the change - the 'different thing' :p Try this! It works. Now, I still see dandruff in my head but not that much. It ain't snowing anymore! =)

*smells them* Not even stinking now. =)

Ok folks, I've gotta go and study.

Adios amigos. =)


Your fault

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[click to enlarge]

Moral: Never ever sleep in your office, or.... ;) [Do you feel happy that you're still unemployed?] =)

Thanks Ahmer bhai for such a nice dinner - Gol Gappay! hahaha...love zem!

Cheerio =)

[Listening to Aaroh's Naa Kaho. That's the only song by Aaroh that I have heard. And I love it!]


Royal Looks

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I don't like sitting in it, but I love staring at it!

And that's why I call it "Our Royal Jhoola"
Love it!

Cheerio =)


O My God

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Red Bull: I shouldn't have tried this idiotic thing! *Takes the can out of the bin and reads the ingredients*
Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Acidifier Sodium Citrates (ee..what?), Carbon dioxide (the same that's found in cigs? yuck!), Taurine (0.4%)(This had great effect on me. I became a bull), Glucuronolactone (0.24%), Caffeine (0.03%), Inosital (jee??), Vitamins (Niacin, Panthothenic Acid, B6, B12), Flavourings (uh, which ones?), Colours (Caramel, Riboflavin).
I wish it had nothing but water!

Papai Azam: Pope John Paul II has expired last night. Inna Lillah..... Full story by CNN.

Parwaz: It's not something about Parwaz fan. It's a book by Shafiq-ur-Rehman. A humorous one, infact. And I love this book. It has got the funniest chapters in it. If you get hold of this book ever in your life, do read Takia Kalaam. =)

Happy Birthday: Sweet Faizeee... May you have many more!!!! :o)


Red Bull

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They claim: Red bull gives you wings! (I didn't get any)

Yesterday I had my class at Alliance Francaise. When we were having the class, 2 Red bulls entered. Oh, I mean two girls, who were promoting the product Red Bull, entered. They gave us all a 250 ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink, and asked us to give it a try. Honestly speaking, I had never tasted this thing before. So, I took a sip. eee...yuck! First its smell, and then its taste was just awful! After having another sip of this 'Energy Drink', I started sneezing. So, they were absolutely right. This Red Bull Energy Drink gives you enough energy to keep on sneezing for the next half hour straight! O my God, it became impossible for me to stay in the class. Although I didn't walk out, but I tried to clip my nose as tightly as possible as to avoid making that loud 'aatishoo' sound.

Once, the teacher asked, "Qu'est-ce que vous faites?" (What do you do?)...and at that very moment I sneezed. "aatishooo! Excusez-moi" And everybody started laughing. Now, that was quite embarrassing (sp.?)

When I was done with the drink, I turned the can, and started reading about it. And something in bold was written:
"Not suitable for children and persons sensitive to caffeine. Pasteurized."

Whattttttttttt???? That means it wasn't suitable for me!!!!
And then I found out why I was having those lengthy series of sneezes. *sighs*



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