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They claim: Red bull gives you wings! (I didn't get any)

Yesterday I had my class at Alliance Francaise. When we were having the class, 2 Red bulls entered. Oh, I mean two girls, who were promoting the product Red Bull, entered. They gave us all a 250 ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink, and asked us to give it a try. Honestly speaking, I had never tasted this thing before. So, I took a sip. eee...yuck! First its smell, and then its taste was just awful! After having another sip of this 'Energy Drink', I started sneezing. So, they were absolutely right. This Red Bull Energy Drink gives you enough energy to keep on sneezing for the next half hour straight! O my God, it became impossible for me to stay in the class. Although I didn't walk out, but I tried to clip my nose as tightly as possible as to avoid making that loud 'aatishoo' sound.

Once, the teacher asked, "Qu'est-ce que vous faites?" (What do you do?)...and at that very moment I sneezed. "aatishooo! Excusez-moi" And everybody started laughing. Now, that was quite embarrassing (sp.?)

When I was done with the drink, I turned the can, and started reading about it. And something in bold was written:
"Not suitable for children and persons sensitive to caffeine. Pasteurized."

Whattttttttttt???? That means it wasn't suitable for me!!!!
And then I found out why I was having those lengthy series of sneezes. *sighs*




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