Blogger or a Blurker?

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, April 11, 2005 in
No matter how hard I try, I can't read the Sunday newspaper on Sundays. I always read it on Mondays or any other day of the week, but surely not Sunday. Once, when Hansie Cronje died (I mean he died for once only...uh how stupid of me!), I read the news after three days of his death. And at that time, I almost jumped and screamed,"Oh, Cronje died... how, when, where..." Then, BiYA said sarcastically, "Oh.... he died...hawww....And you know what, he died 3 days ago!"
"Oops! " I then checked the date of the newspaper. It was surely 3 days old.

Anyways, what I am here to talk about is an (article?) I saw in Dawn Classified (page J). Zainab Mahmood wrote it. Now let me copy, paste it over here.

"A Blog (from Weblog) is instant online publishing at its simplest, and a tool for exchanging information at its most advanced. The first form of blogging was corporate, but the trend caught on, and now millions of users around the world host online blog acounts, from war correspondents to housewives, from nuclear scientists to gossip columnists.

The use of blogging is the thrill of maintaining a daily journal and being read by hundreds (or atleast one or two) users, making us believe that our voices count. Blogs demand to be be taken seriously as they allow people to exchange ideas, opinions, or just personal anecdotes. Recently, Tsunami-survivor blogs attracted heavy traffic, raising the point that there's no quicker way to get information out there, than posting it on a blog.

Responses from readers are the most crucial part of blogs, allowing everyone to express their opinion. Companies are encouraging blogging as a means of sharing concepts, familiarising new recruits with policies, while the promo aspect has a role all its own.

Blogging also has its share of controversies, and critics suggest that setting limits and regulations is necessary to prevent blogging from breaking copyright laws or publishing offensive material.

Blogging has led to the invention of its own langauge. Words like Blogathy (akin to writer's block), Bloggorhea (Blogging too much) and Blogiversary (Birthdays of blogs) have become commonplace.

So whether you are just a Blurker (One who doesn't blog but sheepishly reads those of others) or a loyal ciizen of Blogistan (community of Bloggers), the fact is that when an online activity leads to the formation of seminars, conferences, blogger parties and blogger awards, it has arrived! "

Nice, isn't it?

Cheerio folks! =)



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