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In my last post, I wrote about having a nap! But, I believe, instead of a nap, I went into hibernation. That's why I was, sort of, absent from Blogistan! I am not sure if any of you missed me, but something surely tells me that you people did miss me a lot! Let me elaborate my point. Today, the moment I woke up, I started having hiccups. So, I drank half glass of water. And there was peace for a few minutes, but after some time, the cycle started again! So, I had to suffer from the 2nd Episode of Hiccups. This time, I drank a full glass of water (having sugar, Energile, and 2 ice cubes in it..he he). Then, after some half hour, I again started "ha-ou'u". That time, I really felt like cursing the person who was missing me so badly! But I controlled myself and drank a whole jug of water! Started watching TV then. Everything on all those *counts* 90 channels was extremely uninteresting, or probably I wasn't in the mood of watching TV at that time [Don't know]. Anyways, I again started having hiccups. BiYA asked me, "Kon yaad ker raha hay is buray tareeqay sey?" And I replied, "Pata nahi *hiccup* Kon yaad ker raha *hiccup* hay is buray tareeqay *hiccup* sey" [Say it aloud, and you'll sound like nuts :o) ].
And then, you can guess how much fun she had made of me and my uncontrollable hiccups! *weeps* [my evil sista].
I really don't *hiccup* remember how many episodes of these *hiccup* killing hiccups I experienced today! *hiccup*. .. [Pause]...I don't *hiccup* know exactly how many *hiccup* million gallons of water I have drunk today *hiccup*

So you see, I am STILL suffering from these hiccups. Please pray for me, before I take my last hiccup.....

Cheerio = (

[P.S.: Wo loag jo mujhay yaad ker rahay thay, seedhi tarah sey apna naam, pata bata dain, aur ab mujhay naa yaad karain....taakay meri zindagi sukoon main aa sakay, aur main in hichkiyoun sey nijaat paa sakoun. Advance main Shukria]



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