I'm suffering...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, April 07, 2005 in
.... from Dandruff!

Well, yes, that's true. Sometimes, it seems like its snowing in my head. If I keep looking at the floor, and then move my head from right to left, I find the floor covered with a flimsy layer of dandruff. Ok guys, enough of exaggeration! So, is any of you recommending any good (anti-dandruff) shampoo to me? Besides, I use Dove for normal hair. And please, exclude Head n Shoulders shampoo from the list. I have tried it once, and I was left with 4 strings on my head (aaaaaaa.... gosh, I take my words back. This description is so very scary).

Well, today when I asked my Mommese to oil my stinky head, she said she's gonna try something different today! And can you guys believe what she meant when she said "different"? Instead of oil, she used butter! *hey, please don't scream* Well, since we've MashAllah got khud-kafeel (self sufficient) in butter, we have started utilising it in this way! Woohoo! :P Anyways, when she started applying butter on my head, she declared, "You won't be able to get rid of it that easily. So you have to shampoo your hair twice, or maybe thrice." Uh, twice, thrice?? I almost screamed! Anyways, will see that!

Well, I thanked God that nobody came to our place today, cuz my head was stinking badly! When I washed my head ..."Kaboom" ... it was still stinking....hahahaha....Well, it wasn't! But I felt a great change! My hair got silky (as they show in the advertisements) and shiny, and straight! I loved the change - the 'different thing' :p Try this! It works. Now, I still see dandruff in my head but not that much. It ain't snowing anymore! =)

*smells them* Not even stinking now. =)

Ok folks, I've gotta go and study.

Adios amigos. =)



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