Time To Breeeeeathe Chocolate

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"Chocolate is a universal language that chocolate lovers across the world speak and understand. Its very presence makes people smile, eyes glow and hearts beat faster."

The title couldn't have been any better. I literally am inhaling chocolates these days - Hershey's, to be more specific. Last week, I was gifted 2 packs of Hershey's Kisses and 2 bars of Toblerone (with a book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"). Oh, and my shweet Nani Ammi gave me chocos too, two days back =) Today, when I got back home, I saw a parcel from Javier uncle, who had sent for me 2 more packets of Hershey's =D Now that's what I call "My Eidi!" =P And he has sent me Hershey's Miniatures and Hershey's Nuggets! *drooooools*. Whole milk nuggets, you see!

I begin and end my day with a cute Kisses® (the chocolate, okay?). And after every half an hour, I crave for chocolates. I literally go nuts if it's half hour past 1 minute and I haven't tasted chocolate. And then, just like a robot, I get up and walk to the freezer, pick out one choco, and cram it into my mouth. Nothing feels as heavenly as a melting chocolate mini brick in your mouth! *starts drooling again*

Okay, so now I should tell you the Ethics of eating chocolates. You need to be relaxed and composed before having your first bite. You must exhibit remarkable modesty and respect to your chocolate. You can either start licking it (I do that when alone), or you may take a wholesome bite of your favorite chocolate and let it melt in your mouth for a good 5 minutes! In case of chocolate syrup, you just need to open your mouth, quickly squeeze the bottle and close your mouth only when it starts overflowing! Haha! =D In my case, it never does! I can finish a Hershey's bottle in 2 days! =P *starts slobbering*

Okay, it's been 30.5 minutes since I last had a Kisses®. And I don't want to act all insane now. I wish my stock of Hershey's never end. *Hops towards the freezer for yet another energizing dose*

Cheerio folks =)

Good night and Chocolate dreams! =D

PS: Don't ever expect me to share chocolates with you. Even if due to courtesy I innocently ask you to have one, you must have the heart to refuse my request! =)

PPS: I can't stop singing Cadbury's song, "Kitna maza aai rey, dunya Dairy Milk ki bun jai, Dairy Milk ki gaari, Dairy Milk ki road...." Just imagine a world like that! Oh, yummmmm!


Eid Day Marathon

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In my previous post I told you guys that this Eid is going to be a very different one. And I was right! Never expected such a huge influx of guests and a refrigerator overflowing with cakes only! My yesterday was spent doing the following 'few' tasks.

1. Greet guests.
2. Go to the kitchen.
3. Make refreshments.
4. Serve the guests.
5. Greet another set of guests.
6. Pick up the dirty plates.
7. Repeat step # 2.
8. Refill the servings.
9. Repeat step #4.
10. Repeat step #2.
11. Tie the apron.
12. Roll up sleeves.
13. Wash the dishes. [See, the unlucky 13 had to be this one!]
14. Once done, get rid of the apron.
15. Roll down the sleeves.
16. Repeat step #5.
17. Repeat step #2.
18. Get out of the kitchen to say tata to the Step #1 guests.
19. Wash my face.
20. And do a lil inhale-n-exhale session to refresh myself up.

And guess what, I had to repeat the above 20 steps from 9 am to 9 pm =) At the end of the day, all of my bones started squeaking badly. My right arm and my lil feet were almost dead and were begging me to take some rest. Ahhhh! Did I just say rest??? To give a lil comfort to my aching arm, I had to tie a crepe bandage around it. But due to an exponential increase in my arm ache, I had to swallow a bitter painkiller too. :/ Those who know me know well how much I dislike to take medicines! :/

That was my Eid's 1st day and I luhbed it! =D Though it went a lil too busy but I got the chance to meet (or well, just say Salam and Allah Hafiz to) many of my loved ones =)


PS: I missed out the collecting-Eidi step from the algorithm above :P And it has a reason. Momma was collecting it on my behalf. Now I must go and do the hisaab-kitaab :P

PPS: I didn't wear my proposed Eid dress. Wore a shocking pink and white one instead =) Hahaha. Now don't picture me as a pathan, my dress was a very decent type, and everybody (including me) loved it! =D


Eid's Coming =D

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Me is taggeth by my tweenie sis, Asma =) *hugs*

1. What are you wearing for eid? for girls: What color is it? ;)

I've planned to wear a not-so-glitzy caramel and beige colored dress. And it's so decent, I just luhvvv it =D

2. How do you intend to spend chand raat? Whats the usual norm?

I'd call and txt my friends "Eid Mubarak" (only if our beloved networks allow :P). The usual norm is actually to go buy cake for Biya & Co. and also get my hands henna-ed, but this Eid would be a totally different one.

3. How do you spend Eid? Go for namaaz or sleep late?

Definitely go for Eid prayers. Then get back home, and send (and receive) Sheer Khurma in our neighborhood. =) I hardly get time to sleep on Eid. The day goes berry busy.

4. What’s the menu on Eid?

Sheer Khourma, for sure! And breakfast usually has halwa puri or any other heavy breakfast item =D And there's a lot of juices cuz I feel extra thirsty on Eid day =$

5. Share 5 Eid festivity related pictures of your choice. (you can post ur eid dress, preparations pictures too ;) )

Pic # 1: Choorian! =D Took this picture yesterday especially for this post :P There was no other stall where I could find a better quality/design bangles displayed this way.

Pic # 2: Siwaiyyaaan!!! =D Although I'm not a big fan of plain vermicelli, but I love them in Sheer Khurma :D

Pic # 3: Where to save all the Eidi? :P

Pic # 4: My shweetheart, Umer!!!! Yep we actually made him wear that huge Namaz scarf and took pictures :D

Pic # 5: Abeer baby wearing those Eid rainbow sunglasses :P Kids always ask for funky purses, rainbow glasses, cartoony wrist watches and, well, how can I forget Ballloooonssss :P

I love Eids =D I love dressing up and meeting people/ cousins/ friends.

Wish you all a blessed Eid! =D Enjoy =P

Cheerio folks =)


Welcome New One =)

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Name: Rayyan Abdullah Siddiqi.
Date of Birth: Sep 18, 2009.
Age: 11 hours (and counting...) =)
Weight: 5.5 lbs. [Miniature baby] =D
Nickname: Paala sha munna baby! Shonu monu! Shweeto bacha! [Somebody stop me!] =D

Meet my nephew - adorable Rayyan - a new and berry cute addition to our family. He's got such a velvety skin, MashAllah. I was able to just caress him although I had planned to pull those munnay munnay cheekies. Yum yum yum! :D

Will post more pictures later, because I personally believe kids look cuter on 2nd or 3rd day and onwards :D


Embarrassing 2 seconds =$

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Our Managerial Accounting proffy is a very energetic person. He addresses the class without any microphone, and moves to and fro in the class to keep the 70 lazy bums alive. So today, while delivering the lecture, he stumbled upon the cord of his laptop (connecting the OHP), and nearly fell. I, being seated at a position where I could see the whole incident, gasped loudly! In a pin-drop-silence class, a gasp as loud as mine attracted the attention of everyone. All sleepyheads woke up at once and all eyes converged on me! I frantically covered my mouth with my palms and felt dead embarrassed.

Actually I thought his laptop would fall. And because I tend to take extra care of my Mac Delight, I thought all people do the same. So the moment he tripped, the thought that his laptop would now plummet to the ground and get a serious scratch sent chills down my spine. And that resulted in the loudest and most awkward gasp ever! *sigh*

Dinky Mind gets scared very berry easily =$


I'm Honored!

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Today I checked my Yahoo! mail after some 2-3 months. And I found an e-mail from my university teacher, Ma'am E.A. She's the one who has taught us 5 courses (as Dinky Mind recalls), and our class had become really good friends with her. Just a few days ago I met her at IBA too, and it was really nice talking to her after a long time! Oh, coming back to the e-mail now. I checked the Aug 29th email today =( And it is as follows:
"Today while surfing the net I somehow landed at your blog. . . . . . . . I had a lot of work to do . . . . . but would u believe it . . . . . . . .I ignored my work and spent the whole night at your blog and read each tiny bit of it . . . . . . . .finally I came to a conclusion that . . . . . . . I am proud to have a student like u"
I was so sleepy but when I read this mail I was so sooo happy and felt refreshed all of a sudden =)

*hugs to my sweet teacher* =)

Cheerio folks =)


Before And After Iftaar

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Before Iftar I usually feel fresh, knowing that I'd be devouring the scrumptious Iftari in no time. But when you're done making iftari well before time, it becomes really hard to wait for the Maulvi Sahab to say Allah-hu Akbar! This is what happened today. We got free a good 20 minutes before the Azaan time. I was already sleep deprived and had lost my senses completely, so I started doing tawaaf of my own place - walking lousily from one room to the other in a futile attempt to kill time. Finally, I slumped in the chair and cupped my face in hands, widened my eyes so I wouldn't fall asleep. Checked the time. The dead clock moved an unbelievable 90 seconds forward only!! Dissapointed, I started making imaginary rings in the empty plate. Yes, you have no idea how stupid I was acting and how badly I was waiting for the Azaan.

Finally Momma said that 2 minutes are left in Iftar, and instead of wasting time, we should start making dua. With half-opened eyes, I raised my hands and the first dua that popped out of my mouth was, "Please Allah, ask Maulvi Sahab to give Azaan soon". All eyes turned towards me, and I gave them an embarrassed smile =$ And then my silly prayer got answered and I heard the loud and clear Allah hu Akbar! And at that very moment, the dua to break the fast flew out of my Dinky Mind. Fidgety me was like, "Oh my God, oh my God, what was the dua????"
And then everybody started reciting dua, making me all panicky and getting more confused. I just pushed my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes, quickly recited the dua and drank a whole gallon of water in a mere second! That was rejuvenating!!!


After thoonsafying a lot of iftari one feels a lot sluggish and sleepy. Being the Queen of such people, I feel extra dead and über sleepy.

Me: *in a dead voice* Who is going to help me get up?
Momma: *yawns* Thanks for transferring the disease!
Me: "I feel like pulling this extra chair and reclining on it"
Momma: "I wish I could lie on bed and then pray"
Me: "I wish I could just pray in my dreams..."

After this silly convo, both of us stood up and scrabbled to get to the prayer room with our sleepy minds and stuffed tummies.

Now, me is going to make Green Tea. That's one thing that's keeping me alive these days.

Cheerio folks =)


And Then They Say, "Welcome To IBA!"

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They say your day is ruined if you see a bad person early in the morning. I saw Mr. Jammey today! :/ He's the person who'd be teaching us two courses this semester, and we'd be having consecutive classes on Wednesday and Saturday. So, if I act all cranky, hyper irritated or just out of my senses, do NOT blame me!

Now the story begins. When he entered the class today, the air-conditioning system refused to work, the mic went out of order and the OHP crashed! To make things worse and stinky, he made us all to move our chairs a lil forward so his voice could be reached to the back benchers. The class became hell suffocated, and at one point, I was literally about to faint. *sigh* That's how we spent our Marketing's class.

After a 15-minute of heavenly break in the sunny lawn, we returned to the class to attend our Ethics class (by such an unethical instructor!). He asked us all a question:

"Have you ever done anything wrong in life? And what is it?"

Most of the replies were related to rash driving and bribery, and slapping kids and snatching their candies, but then we had this guy who said, "I ran away on my engagement day!" Hahaha. The whole class cracked up! :D That lil session refreshed us a lil bit. And when we asked Mr. Jammey what has he done wrong in his life, he politely answered, "I don't want to spoil your rozay!"

After the classes, I went to submit the vehicle parking documents, which made me climb three darn staircases. And then they made me wait for so long, I left the papers there and crawled down! I felt badly thirsty!

Left for home after that. And guess what, my car broke down when I entered our colony. I mean, everything was going against the rule in such a chronological and neat manner. Anyway, called my bro up, who was luckily at home and asked him to come and check the car.

And now this silly time ain't passing by! I wish I could just get on top of some huge stupid clock and manually fix its needles to 7:53 pm!!! Grrrr!!! Roza lag-ing =(

Cheerio folksaz! =(


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