Before And After Iftaar

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Before Iftar I usually feel fresh, knowing that I'd be devouring the scrumptious Iftari in no time. But when you're done making iftari well before time, it becomes really hard to wait for the Maulvi Sahab to say Allah-hu Akbar! This is what happened today. We got free a good 20 minutes before the Azaan time. I was already sleep deprived and had lost my senses completely, so I started doing tawaaf of my own place - walking lousily from one room to the other in a futile attempt to kill time. Finally, I slumped in the chair and cupped my face in hands, widened my eyes so I wouldn't fall asleep. Checked the time. The dead clock moved an unbelievable 90 seconds forward only!! Dissapointed, I started making imaginary rings in the empty plate. Yes, you have no idea how stupid I was acting and how badly I was waiting for the Azaan.

Finally Momma said that 2 minutes are left in Iftar, and instead of wasting time, we should start making dua. With half-opened eyes, I raised my hands and the first dua that popped out of my mouth was, "Please Allah, ask Maulvi Sahab to give Azaan soon". All eyes turned towards me, and I gave them an embarrassed smile =$ And then my silly prayer got answered and I heard the loud and clear Allah hu Akbar! And at that very moment, the dua to break the fast flew out of my Dinky Mind. Fidgety me was like, "Oh my God, oh my God, what was the dua????"
And then everybody started reciting dua, making me all panicky and getting more confused. I just pushed my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes, quickly recited the dua and drank a whole gallon of water in a mere second! That was rejuvenating!!!


After thoonsafying a lot of iftari one feels a lot sluggish and sleepy. Being the Queen of such people, I feel extra dead and über sleepy.

Me: *in a dead voice* Who is going to help me get up?
Momma: *yawns* Thanks for transferring the disease!
Me: "I feel like pulling this extra chair and reclining on it"
Momma: "I wish I could lie on bed and then pray"
Me: "I wish I could just pray in my dreams..."

After this silly convo, both of us stood up and scrabbled to get to the prayer room with our sleepy minds and stuffed tummies.

Now, me is going to make Green Tea. That's one thing that's keeping me alive these days.

Cheerio folks =)



and still u managed to make a blog post ;)

I'm so waiting for aftar time ... just a few more minutes to go so better go and make some quick thing .. ha. Its again one of those calm aftaris :(

Make not green but PINK tea for me ;)

ps: uve got a separate prayer room too? thats cute <3

Haseeb says:

Hmmmm... Shoooooo Niceeeeeeeee , One thing is Missin... Guessss What ?

U haven't disclosed the mystery of embeded picture of two girls... lollll

Actually i read the Title , than go thru the picture , and was imagining that the picture shows what is before Iftar and what was after .... lollll...

U understand na....

P.S : So quickly explain this mystery ....:-O


oyee try lemon grass!!!

and we have a little masjid in our home too :D

~Asma: Now that's a good question! :P Calm iftari??? :P Call it modest werna I'd start again with kaaam iftari :P

~Haseeb: Well, of course, the picture is showing before and after iftar effects =D

~Ubaid: Lemon grass bana ker bhaijo :P Even I make a "deyrh eent ki masjid" in almost all matters :P

Lemon Grass ;)

U can get it easily from any store ... just add dash of it .. otherwise ur tea wud be overflavored ;) its like cinnamon .. if u know what I mean.

oooookieeee... Me didn't know =$

Hahaha! this post was so funny!

Do you get sleepy after iftaari though? I eat, pray and I just want to go to bed and sleep! :(

I doooooo!!! But once I get up from the dining table, I feel fresh again :D Thoonsnay ke baad kuch to energy aati he haina :P

green tea is fawesome!

The after iftari part is soooo true! me is the victim of the same disease, I feel soooo sleeepy after iftar that I really have to put in a super effort just to get up and offer my prayers!

~Brok3n: Oh yeah =D

~Kamran: Lol. I often ask my Momma to pull me up :$

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