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Name: Rayyan Abdullah Siddiqi.
Date of Birth: Sep 18, 2009.
Age: 11 hours (and counting...) =)
Weight: 5.5 lbs. [Miniature baby] =D
Nickname: Paala sha munna baby! Shonu monu! Shweeto bacha! [Somebody stop me!] =D

Meet my nephew - adorable Rayyan - a new and berry cute addition to our family. He's got such a velvety skin, MashAllah. I was able to just caress him although I had planned to pull those munnay munnay cheekies. Yum yum yum! :D

Will post more pictures later, because I personally believe kids look cuter on 2nd or 3rd day and onwards :D



Adnan Siddiqi says:

Mabrook! Glad 2 see another "Siddiqi" in the world :-)

Gudda paaara shaa gudda .. give a few kisses from this phuppo too :D

ps: seems like he's saying annoy me not, phuppo :p

You are tagged :)

~Adnan Bhai: Yeahhh =D And what do I see in my mailbox? :P

~Asma: Lol @ Gudda. We call Umer by that name too :D He poses a lot :P
And thankoo for tagging. Will have to look for pictures to add in that post now :P

Adnan Siddiqi says:

~Adnan Bhai: Yeahhh =D And what do I see in my mailbox?

tu mail receive karna k baad forun bhai lagadia? :P

Awww such a cute addition in the family :)

~Adnan Behen: Lol. I knew you'd notice it and complain (?) about it :P Btw, nice pic :P Abhi I have to scrutinize araam se :P

~JonyBr: Jes jes indeed! =D

Awwwwwwww!!! Cutiieeee! MashaAllah! May Allah bless him! And all of you! :)

Bunch of wait, and the pic won't load for me. :/

But I bet the kid is cute.

~Siras: Thankoo shweets =) And Aameen to your prayers =)

~Shuaib: Hawwww, get your internet conncetion checked, foran foran! =D

Your nephew? Bhai ka hai ya behan ka?

And why is everyone naming their kids Rayyan? Absar ke bhteejay ka bhi yehi naam hai. :D

~Senilius: Bhai ka =) My Dad had thought about this name a few years ago, but then my bro got a baby daughter then, so the name had been saved and now when the baby boy was born, he was instantly named Rayyan =)

Haseeb says:


so sute MashaAllah
and very nice name indeed

btw.. this post reminds me that i have to publish two very good newses too on my blog which we got during my mom's treatment and i totally forgot to post abt them
thanks dinky

i will surely post 'em really soon :D

~Haseeb: =)

~Ash: Thankoo sho mush! =D Oh, I'm waiting now =D

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