Embarrassing 2 seconds =$

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Our Managerial Accounting proffy is a very energetic person. He addresses the class without any microphone, and moves to and fro in the class to keep the 70 lazy bums alive. So today, while delivering the lecture, he stumbled upon the cord of his laptop (connecting the OHP), and nearly fell. I, being seated at a position where I could see the whole incident, gasped loudly! In a pin-drop-silence class, a gasp as loud as mine attracted the attention of everyone. All sleepyheads woke up at once and all eyes converged on me! I frantically covered my mouth with my palms and felt dead embarrassed.

Actually I thought his laptop would fall. And because I tend to take extra care of my Mac Delight, I thought all people do the same. So the moment he tripped, the thought that his laptop would now plummet to the ground and get a serious scratch sent chills down my spine. And that resulted in the loudest and most awkward gasp ever! *sigh*

Dinky Mind gets scared very berry easily =$



lol ... abb aadhi class samjhay gii gasp was for sir ;)

*bad bad thoughts*

btw, He had mac too?

U know, i dont have a laptop, i had one in 1995-1998, but never after that. i just dont like them, too delicate for me. But i do stumbled upon many other things every now and then in my classes :D

~Asma: Hahaha... Worry not, I cleared it to my friends at least :P And nopes, he's got Toshiba.

~JonyBr: Stumbling so often in class is dangerous. What was the female strength of your class? :P

Boo! :P

~Saadat Bhai: Hahaha... You scarrrrreeeedddd me! :D

Hahahah :D

You're so cute! :D

Lol. Thankoo Qurrat =)

rasheed says:

poor teacher!

Anonymous says:

hahah.. ur so funnny umema!

~Rasheed: And his lucky laptop :D

~Ghazal: ;) Waisay it was a very funny situation :D

Hadd hoti hai! :P

~Senilius: Kis ki? :D

new member says:

By the way remember what date as it .......9/11..... someone had to fall that day :)

~New Member: That's a strange name. But anyway, welcome to my blog =) And that's so right. I never noticed =D

awww that is ok :)
dont tire yourself thinking so much girl :D

Lol. You think I'm that type, AD? =P

Dinky Lala .. it happens :)
tht too depicts that how caring you are! :)

(which you aren't at all) =D

So it means I'm a good pretender! =D

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