I'm Honored!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, September 07, 2009 in ,
Today I checked my Yahoo! mail after some 2-3 months. And I found an e-mail from my university teacher, Ma'am E.A. She's the one who has taught us 5 courses (as Dinky Mind recalls), and our class had become really good friends with her. Just a few days ago I met her at IBA too, and it was really nice talking to her after a long time! Oh, coming back to the e-mail now. I checked the Aug 29th email today =( And it is as follows:
"Today while surfing the net I somehow landed at your blog. . . . . . . . I had a lot of work to do . . . . . but would u believe it . . . . . . . .I ignored my work and spent the whole night at your blog and read each tiny bit of it . . . . . . . .finally I came to a conclusion that . . . . . . . I am proud to have a student like u"
I was so sleepy but when I read this mail I was so sooo happy and felt refreshed all of a sudden =)

*hugs to my sweet teacher* =)

Cheerio folks =)



Mubarak ho! :P

Hahaha... Thankoo :D

Congratz ... :)

My teacherz rememba me and my gang for creating havoc n da class ... :D

per u really feel like a Star when U hear dem say "I am proud to have a student like u "

gr88 (Y)

Waaah .. she'll come again asking if u can help her with the aftar party at her home. Its the starting I tell you.

Mabrook :D

thats a compliment! =P

Aww, so absolutely cute! You should be honoured.

~Hammad: Lol. Guys are like that. Nothing new :D
And welcome to my blog =)

~Asma: I won't mind that :P It'll be fun, waisay :P

~Brok3n: Yep!! :D And that's why me is happy :D

~Siras: Jes jes, me ish =D

Oh she just wants you to come back to Bahria, I tell you! :P

She doesn't. She knows I'm at a better place :P

Haseeb says:

Well I m late to Congrats u .... :( ... lolll

Is this one of those group hug post ? :p

~Haseeb: =)

~JonyBr: Lol. Nah :P

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