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Was cleaning my wallet when I found this on a neatly folded paper. Reminded me of the time when I had memorized it and wrote it on that paper. It's one of my favorites by Amjad Islam Amjad.

مجھ کو اپنے ضبط پہ ناز تھا
سر ِ بزم رات یہ کیا ھوا
میری آنکھ کیسے چھلک گئی
ھے یہ غم برا ھوا

میری زندگی کے چراغ کا
یہ مزاج کچھ نیا نہیں
ابھی تیرگی، ابھی روشنی
نہ جلا ھوا، نہ بجھا ھوا

مجھے آپ کیوں نہ سمجھ سکے
یہ اپنے دل سے پوچھیے
میری داستان ِ حیات کا
ھے ورق ورق کھلا ھوا

مجھے جو بھی دشمن ِ جاں ملا
وہ پختہ کار جفا ملا
نہ کسی کی ضرب غلط پڑی
نہ کسی کا وار خطا ھوا

مجھے ھمسفر ملا بھی تو
ستم ظریف میری طرح،
کئی منزلوں کا تھکا ھوا
کئی راستوں کا ُلٹا ھوا


Jangli Jahaaz

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Yesterday I went to PAF Museum, and noticed 2 kids admiring the jets, radars and missiles.

Kid 1: Oh my God, these are like HUGEEE planes

Kid 2: And they call them "Jangi Jahaaz"

Kid 1: *confused* Yeah, the name suits them. They look so weird, they should be called "Jangli Jahaaz"

Kid 2: Nahiiiiii, not Jangli Jahaaz, but Jangi Jahaaz!!


Kids are so cute :~)


Daily diary

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  • Jun 23: Exams finitoed
  • Jun 24: Had a dinner party (and slept at 6 am)
  • Jun 25: Started internship (had to reach office at 9 am)
  • Jun 26: Got some work to do here in the office (that too around 4:30 pm) :/
  • Jun 27: Completed that some pending work by 10 am. And again free!

There's hardly any work for me. I have to run after people to give me work. But thankfully, I have now made a friend over here (an auditor). Out of 50 employees here, there are just 3 females. People are so dead busy over here, they hardly talk. And Ema, the chatterbox, feels dead bored and waits for the clocks to strike 5. This 9 to 5 life is really boring if you dont have much work to do. :~

Cheerio folks =)


Here Come I To My Own Again....

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Although I had to visit my dentist on Jun 24, still I went today without calling him and confirming. Went there and found out that my dentist is off on vacations!!! So, I asked the other dentist uncle to remove my braces. It took an hour to get that (well, not so) sicko thing detached from my teeth. And it was hell painful! Seriously!

After I came home, ammi was so excited and wanted to see my (well, not so) new smile. =) I thought I used to look like a chota bacha in braces. *sigh* And Ammi confirmed it!!! :D At first, I didn’t like my new smile. And I literally spent some 20 – 30 minutes in front of the mirror just trying to calm myself that it wasn’t that bad (since I now can’t get braces again!!!)

The first thing I ate after getting these braces off was a spoonful of chocolate spread!! :D Yummm yummm! =) And it was so much fun to have it. Earlier, when I would eat rice or chicken or sandwich, half of it would go into my tummy and the other half would get stuck in my braces. And it was so much pain to brush my teeth after every teeny weeny thing that I'd eat. So, from now on, I'd use a new tooth brush and discover the joys of brushing braceless teeth. Hahaha :D

Waisay, I have noticed that I can eat a little fast now. With braces, I would take tiny toony bites and would try to get them straight to the tummy without getting them stuck in those braces. Those were horrible times. I had lost like 3-4 kgs. And now, without braces, I'm again going to become a mutallo!

Pray for me again, pweez.

Cheerio folks *_*

PS: Check out when I got braces.


Sleep deprived moi

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Yesterday we had a power failure at 4:15 pm. Thought it was a normal loadshedding thing and hoped for the power to return after exactly 2 hours. But it returned after exaclty 26 hours!!!! Everything, including me, melted! :/

I'm sick of these cable faults and power failures. Last night I slept around 4 am. Then woke up at 7. Couldn't take my usual three-hour nap, as there wasn't any power from 3-6! Haye!!! Imagine, I, Umemalicious, didn't sleep properly in the past 32 hours!!!

whaaaaaatttttt???? *falls on bed and sleeps*

*opens an eye and says in a sleepy voice "cheerio forks" :P and sleeps again*


Water therapy

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There was once a time when I would just forget to drink water, and the next day I would realize, "Oh, yesterday I had hardly 2 glasses of water!!" And I am talking about summers here!!!

Just a month ago, I decided to start this water therapy because many people told me that if I start drinking those standard 8 glasses of water daily, it would positively affect my jharoo hair and my dinosaur-thick skin! So daily I would remind myself after every hour, "Go Ema, drink water". I could hardly keep this habit for a week, as my rusted Dinky Mind would always forget how many glasses of water I have already drunk and how many more to go. *sigh* So I had to give up this idea of making my tummy act like a water reservoir, plus, it became increasingly hard for my pea-sized brain to keep a track of my water meter. *double sigh* :P

So here I am, again surviving on 2 glasses of water a day :D Yayyy :D

Ab pray for me :P

Cheerio folks =)



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I have fallen in love with this Dairy Milk's ad. It goes like

Kitna maza ai rey,
Dunya Dairy Milk ki ban jai,
Dairy Milk ki gaari,
Dairy Milk ki road,

Gear itna tasty banaya,
Dairy Milk ne maza dilaya,
Dairy Milk ki dunya mein jab pohoncho,
Ho jao iss ke mazay mein gummm....

Kitna maza aai reyyyyyyyyyy

:D I wish it could happen :(

Me wants chockates now :$

[Just wanted to know, wouldn't we say "Dairy Milk ka road"? Road is a boy, right? I mean, road is a masculine word, errr...you do get the point, right?]

How many of you lick their half-melted choco bars? I do that, but of course, not in front of the whole world. It's fun, try it :D

Cheerio folks =)


Giving up Greasy Parathas!!!

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I have been a paratha addict since childhood. I just can't have roti or bread for breakfast. For lunch and dinner too, I prefer having parathas with any dish. Similarly, I have been an addict to fried stuff, especially french fries!!!

Just yesterday, I had paratha and fried teenday for dinner. [If anybody knows the english name of teenday, please let me know]. Thanks to these ultay seedhay new times, I just can't keep track of my time zone, and hence, had dinner at 10:15, which is too late for me. Then I drank a full glass of water, which further aggravated the idiotic situation. I couldn't properly digest all that oil-soaked dinner, and started feeling ...ermm...awful! :D
It was then that with my teary eyes and burning tummy, I promised myself not to eat such greasy stuff, especially at night!!!! So, today, I had roti in dinner! :/ Everybody on the dinner table was really shocked to see me having roti and not paratha. But I had my eyes on Bushi's paratha. He's also a paratha addict like me. So, I took my last two bites from his paratha :P
Cheerio folks =)
PS. I'm berry berry happy today for two reasons. One, I'm done with almost all of my reports, and the other reason...well, I won't tell you :P


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