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I have fallen in love with this Dairy Milk's ad. It goes like

Kitna maza ai rey,
Dunya Dairy Milk ki ban jai,
Dairy Milk ki gaari,
Dairy Milk ki road,

Gear itna tasty banaya,
Dairy Milk ne maza dilaya,
Dairy Milk ki dunya mein jab pohoncho,
Ho jao iss ke mazay mein gummm....

Kitna maza aai reyyyyyyyyyy

:D I wish it could happen :(

Me wants chockates now :$

[Just wanted to know, wouldn't we say "Dairy Milk ka road"? Road is a boy, right? I mean, road is a masculine word, errr...you do get the point, right?]

How many of you lick their half-melted choco bars? I do that, but of course, not in front of the whole world. It's fun, try it :D

Cheerio folks =)



Nahiiiii.n!!!!!!!!!! I don't like the idea of people walking on chocolate roads and all. And people would be sick. Not very nice things happen when people are sick.

BTW, If the world were such, I'd have been Alexandra, the great... the conquerer..!!

~Hina: The only thing I don't like about the ad is the choco kids and that choco cow...ewww.. but I love the song. Don't make me dislike it pweaseeeee :P

I like when the munna sa gear breaks :D

umm and u wot will happen in summers wid loadshedding, yeah... fluid roads!!!

Anonymous says:

Ok, I don't want that to happen. Happy now?
you guys really want me to start hating this cute ad. :(

lawl @ road is a boy?

buh SARAK hoti hai... and they ended wid CADBURY KI ROAD...

khair if its Dairy Milk ki dunia then there'll be no load shedding at ol... so apni cadbury ki dunia mein hi raho.... happppyyyy???

Anonymous says:

Dairy milk is a girl .. road is for sure a boy. All the sarial things usually end up being a boy ... ;P

And yeah really what will happen in hot, light-less days :S

I've long-given divorce'e even to chocs ... :) You can have all!

sarial things belong to ej specie class... boies are not sarial!!!

~Harris: jes jes, berry happy :) and I invite no-one to my dairy milk ki dunia :P me meanie :D

~Asma: You're the first one who thinks road is a boy! *hugs*...baqi sab are pathans :P
Dairy milk ki dunya will not be here na, werna to melt ho ker grossy ho jai ga sab kuch :(
ab buy chocs dhair sari and send moi :P

~Harris: your keyboard acting sanely, boie? :P

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