Jangli Jahaaz

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, June 29, 2008 in
Yesterday I went to PAF Museum, and noticed 2 kids admiring the jets, radars and missiles.

Kid 1: Oh my God, these are like HUGEEE planes

Kid 2: And they call them "Jangi Jahaaz"

Kid 1: *confused* Yeah, the name suits them. They look so weird, they should be called "Jangli Jahaaz"

Kid 2: Nahiiiiii, not Jangli Jahaaz, but Jangi Jahaaz!!


Kids are so cute :~)



Anonymous says:

hehe..thats cute:)

Yeah :D

Anonymous says:

Jangli ... oh god these kids are so cute :x

Lol yeah :D

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