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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 in
There was once a time when I would just forget to drink water, and the next day I would realize, "Oh, yesterday I had hardly 2 glasses of water!!" And I am talking about summers here!!!

Just a month ago, I decided to start this water therapy because many people told me that if I start drinking those standard 8 glasses of water daily, it would positively affect my jharoo hair and my dinosaur-thick skin! So daily I would remind myself after every hour, "Go Ema, drink water". I could hardly keep this habit for a week, as my rusted Dinky Mind would always forget how many glasses of water I have already drunk and how many more to go. *sigh* So I had to give up this idea of making my tummy act like a water reservoir, plus, it became increasingly hard for my pea-sized brain to keep a track of my water meter. *double sigh* :P

So here I am, again surviving on 2 glasses of water a day :D Yayyy :D

Ab pray for me :P

Cheerio folks =)



I've a brilliant idea! Tie, on each of your any eight fingers, a thread. Every time you drink a glass of water, untie a thread. If you are somewhere outside, you can use rings instead... :P And if you think this silly, wear eight bead bracelets then.

Anonymous says:

You are absolutely my sismo ... :P

Everyday .. I think Ive to drink water .. lods of it ... there are times when I havent drank ore than 2 cups of water in a whole week ... ://

I can be that bad ... but water is so good and I shant be the only one in Pak (along with you ;P) to save it from wastage .. lets drink some =))

@hina, bread slices ... hmm hmm *drools at the idea*

~Hina: Haye, who has the time to tie those threads? :$ Lazy moi! :( and I can't wear 8 rings. I'd look like a perfect lafangi :P [tauba tauba] :P

~Asma: hardly 2 cups a WEEK? Are you alive??? Khuda ka khauf karo, aaj kal germi bohat hay... Drink atleast 7.99 glasses of water DAILY, weekly nae :P

chal pagli!

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