You Can't Send a Duck To Eagle School

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, June 25, 2010


Everything Happens For A Reason

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 in , , ,
Tomorrow I'd be free. From my exams, I mean. And once you're approaching the end, you want to quickly get over with it. Similar is the case with me. I'm literally torn. Oh yes, I'm again exaggerating here. The way I studied for my 1st sem exams was half of how I studied for the entry test. Lol. And the way I studied for these 2nd sem exams is quart of ... err... let's stop this math.

So well, back to the point. Tomorrow is my Business Strategy's exam. My strategy for this last exam was not to study for it till the very last day. So, when at 7:30 pm I finally decided to pick up books and start flipping pages, I realized I've lost (let's say, misplaced) my book. And well, 40% of the exam is coming from the book. At first I thought 'Dayum, I'm doomed' and started looking for it under the K2 of my books and papers. But this fervent search went futile. Later I even searched Bushi's school bag, for if 'by mistake' my book hopped and slid into his bag, but there were drawing sheets and test papers. No book.

Being a positive thinker, I decided to stop fretting about it. After all, Har kaam mein Allah ki maslihat hoti hay. [Ah, how well this statement fits here]. Hehe. I then decided to tune my brain to the Business Strategy station and tried to recall what I had studied in the past 4-5 months. But there was a connection error and my poor Dinky Mind failed to help me out. No. No sighs.

Today I've learned not to fret unnecessarily on lost things, especially course books. Because God helps those who help themselves =P  *lalalala. Dances and runs away*

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Keep praying. I know I can't maintain my good GPA but I don't even want it to drop to 3 or... *shudders*


Dimagh Ki Dahi

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I know this is grammatically wrong, but who cares. When I say dimagh "ki" dahi, I'm right. No arguments. Period.

Oh, and the biggest (and sole) ingredient in this dahi is MacroEc....no no no... it's Global Economics! [Dayum, I've even forgotten the name of this darn course]. Anyway, I've got GE's exam tomorrow, and I've got a filthy long list of chapters to study. Well, with the exam scheduled right after 8 hours, I have somehow managed to "read" those chapters. Focus on the word read here. Numericals and MCQ prep and all the blah blah blah shit is still left. *sniffs* But I don't care. A normal person should have a good 8-hour sleep. And I'm not going to waste a single second of that 8-hour precious sleep time on this stupid book and the über stupid handouts and .pptx. *sniffs*

Our proffy wanted us to "just" understand the graphs, get the basic concepts and well, c'est tout! But it ain't as easy as it sounds. And here is the picture of that killer graph. I tried reading this graph with all my concentration. Half-way I almost even tuned my brain to understand the concept. But then the explanation (of the graph) started getting twisted and I completely lost the whole of it! *ARGH* What the heck was the writer thinking when he was writing that? Idiot! Sara time waste ker dia!

So, I went to wash my face and planned to start with a clean, blank brain. Flipped a few pages and found another graph (the one on right). But it was as obnoxious as the previous one. In short, the whole book is a huge pain in the neck!

To sum up this course, and the book, our CR provided a very good gist.
"This increase, that will fall, but that fall will increase as this fall also increases. The net effect is an increase in the fall and of this with that remaining constant!"

Yes, my dear readers, the course, the book, the instructor, all are as confusing as the two lines above =)

Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm having this miserable flu. And this tissue box is about to go empty =( *sniffs*


What's Next II

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At the end of my post What's Next I, I wrote "14 hours are still left". This post is about how those 14 hours stretched into the most irritating ...*counts on fingers* .... almost 200 hours! Scary, eh? Read on...

* That day while walking behind a girl, I accidently stepped on her foot, and she stumbled and jerked badly. So before she could turn around and kill me with her glares (or a similar act), I stepped a foot to my left, and started looking even more sideways. Heheh.... I is evil, I knows! =P

* Now comes the BIGGEST bad-est news!!! My Mac Delight crashed! Could you just believe it??? At least I wasn't able to digest this news! It all started with Mac slowing down, as you say "hang ho-ing" for Windows, the same happened with my dearie baby Mac. So, I searched the internet but couldn't find any remedy, because it's a rareeeee problem. I contacted Mac gurus at Apple Store, and they advised me to reinstall OS X. But before I could do, I saw this error on the screen:

NTLDR is missing
Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart...

See, it's a typical Window-ish error! Where on earth should I locate these three darn keys on my infected baby Mac? =( My bad luck was when I bought my Mac Delight, I asked them to install Windows on it too (though I never used it) and that stupid Windows silently infected my dearie machine. Errrr.... Stupid Windows. Silly Bill Gates!

After more than a week, today when I went to collect my machine from the store, I was informed my machine has been upgraded from 160 GB HD to a 250 GB HD =) and OS has been upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard [and it again got degraded to Leopard because the darn Worldcall Wireless internet USB doesn't work on Snow Leopard]. *sigh* *BIG, HUGE SIGH* Why doesn't the world upgrade their systems and technologies???? I was getting a complimentary Snow Leopard, and these Worldcall people spoiled the whole deal! Grrrr.

Oh, and my Momma almost killed me with all those horrible hourly scolding sessions. At first I tried to say, "Allah ki maslihat hogi", but then I realized I better accept my mistake. See, Windows people, I had to take your darn fault on myself.

Aray, and do you know all my data has been lost as well. WINDOWS, I HATE YOU!!!!!

So before I phatofy with anger, I better go out and enjoy rains!

Cheerio =D

PS: Did I say I hate Windows? Yeah? I'm glad I said that! *hugs her Mac Delight* Apple is my happiness package! I feel alive again! =D Luhfff you MacPie =D


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