What's Next II

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At the end of my post What's Next I, I wrote "14 hours are still left". This post is about how those 14 hours stretched into the most irritating ...*counts on fingers* .... almost 200 hours! Scary, eh? Read on...

* That day while walking behind a girl, I accidently stepped on her foot, and she stumbled and jerked badly. So before she could turn around and kill me with her glares (or a similar act), I stepped a foot to my left, and started looking even more sideways. Heheh.... I is evil, I knows! =P

* Now comes the BIGGEST bad-est news!!! My Mac Delight crashed! Could you just believe it??? At least I wasn't able to digest this news! It all started with Mac slowing down, as you say "hang ho-ing" for Windows, the same happened with my dearie baby Mac. So, I searched the internet but couldn't find any remedy, because it's a rareeeee problem. I contacted Mac gurus at Apple Store, and they advised me to reinstall OS X. But before I could do, I saw this error on the screen:

NTLDR is missing
Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart...

See, it's a typical Window-ish error! Where on earth should I locate these three darn keys on my infected baby Mac? =( My bad luck was when I bought my Mac Delight, I asked them to install Windows on it too (though I never used it) and that stupid Windows silently infected my dearie machine. Errrr.... Stupid Windows. Silly Bill Gates!

After more than a week, today when I went to collect my machine from the store, I was informed my machine has been upgraded from 160 GB HD to a 250 GB HD =) and OS has been upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard [and it again got degraded to Leopard because the darn Worldcall Wireless internet USB doesn't work on Snow Leopard]. *sigh* *BIG, HUGE SIGH* Why doesn't the world upgrade their systems and technologies???? I was getting a complimentary Snow Leopard, and these Worldcall people spoiled the whole deal! Grrrr.

Oh, and my Momma almost killed me with all those horrible hourly scolding sessions. At first I tried to say, "Allah ki maslihat hogi", but then I realized I better accept my mistake. See, Windows people, I had to take your darn fault on myself.

Aray, and do you know all my data has been lost as well. WINDOWS, I HATE YOU!!!!!

So before I phatofy with anger, I better go out and enjoy rains!

Cheerio =D

PS: Did I say I hate Windows? Yeah? I'm glad I said that! *hugs her Mac Delight* Apple is my happiness package! I feel alive again! =D Luhfff you MacPie =D



=P hahahahaah it happens u see I also said Allah ke maslehat hogi is cheese mai" to one of my faults =/ and dis doesnt make any sense =P

Lol. It never even helps. Daant to laazmi perti hay =$

Allah Mian wanted you to use Windows, dumbo! :P

*high five* Apple rocks! :D

And thankfully everything's back to normal. Moral of the story is, never use windows again! :P

Senilius: Jee nahi. Im not made for Windows =D

Siras: Heheh... I know... Bohat bura experience tha. =$

Anonymous says:

enjoy using mac then..

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