Everything Happens For A Reason

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Tomorrow I'd be free. From my exams, I mean. And once you're approaching the end, you want to quickly get over with it. Similar is the case with me. I'm literally torn. Oh yes, I'm again exaggerating here. The way I studied for my 1st sem exams was half of how I studied for the entry test. Lol. And the way I studied for these 2nd sem exams is quart of ... err... let's stop this math.

So well, back to the point. Tomorrow is my Business Strategy's exam. My strategy for this last exam was not to study for it till the very last day. So, when at 7:30 pm I finally decided to pick up books and start flipping pages, I realized I've lost (let's say, misplaced) my book. And well, 40% of the exam is coming from the book. At first I thought 'Dayum, I'm doomed' and started looking for it under the K2 of my books and papers. But this fervent search went futile. Later I even searched Bushi's school bag, for if 'by mistake' my book hopped and slid into his bag, but there were drawing sheets and test papers. No book.

Being a positive thinker, I decided to stop fretting about it. After all, Har kaam mein Allah ki maslihat hoti hay. [Ah, how well this statement fits here]. Hehe. I then decided to tune my brain to the Business Strategy station and tried to recall what I had studied in the past 4-5 months. But there was a connection error and my poor Dinky Mind failed to help me out. No. No sighs.

Today I've learned not to fret unnecessarily on lost things, especially course books. Because God helps those who help themselves =P  *lalalala. Dances and runs away*

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Keep praying. I know I can't maintain my good GPA but I don't even want it to drop to 3 or... *shudders*



Anonymous says:

Don't u worry! Even i lost my zoology book during the finals.. :P n the exam went pretty well..

Oh btw Good luck! (:

OKIE, this happens to me at times when am really Over Confident about stuff :P and Gosh if this would have had happened to me than I surely would have LOST it =/

Shagufta: The same happened with me =P The exam went quite well Alhamdolillah, though it was way too lengthy and my hands almost broke at the end of 3 hours.
Oh, and welcome to my blog =)

Nikki: Oh, then does it mean I'm good at managing problems? =P And did I tell you I found the book on the tiny table in my room, where I hardly keep anything. Lol. Saamnay cheez thi and I couldn't see. Dinky Eyes have gone nuts! =P

Anonymous says:

yayayo! good to know it went well.. (: time to rest then? =p

Time to rest till the internship starts =(
Grrr... Corporate life :|

Anonymous says:

then i guess i should be thankful enough enjoying my messy life! :P

Nothing to do? Wow =P

nahe for that you always say "Baghal mai BACHA, shehar mai DHANDORA" :P :P LOLX!

So enjoying hols now? :)

Nikki: Lol. Trueee! =D

Siras: Nopes. Maid has gone so you can imagine =(

I swear you can be an awesome writer! :D
Start writing some books. :P

Hoooduhhh *jaws dropped open* Itni tareef? =P

*shrugs* I was being honest.

Awww, my shweets! *hugs* =)

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