Dimagh Ki Dahi

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I know this is grammatically wrong, but who cares. When I say dimagh "ki" dahi, I'm right. No arguments. Period.

Oh, and the biggest (and sole) ingredient in this dahi is MacroEc....no no no... it's Global Economics! [Dayum, I've even forgotten the name of this darn course]. Anyway, I've got GE's exam tomorrow, and I've got a filthy long list of chapters to study. Well, with the exam scheduled right after 8 hours, I have somehow managed to "read" those chapters. Focus on the word read here. Numericals and MCQ prep and all the blah blah blah shit is still left. *sniffs* But I don't care. A normal person should have a good 8-hour sleep. And I'm not going to waste a single second of that 8-hour precious sleep time on this stupid book and the über stupid handouts and .pptx. *sniffs*

Our proffy wanted us to "just" understand the graphs, get the basic concepts and well, c'est tout! But it ain't as easy as it sounds. And here is the picture of that killer graph. I tried reading this graph with all my concentration. Half-way I almost even tuned my brain to understand the concept. But then the explanation (of the graph) started getting twisted and I completely lost the whole of it! *ARGH* What the heck was the writer thinking when he was writing that? Idiot! Sara time waste ker dia!

So, I went to wash my face and planned to start with a clean, blank brain. Flipped a few pages and found another graph (the one on right). But it was as obnoxious as the previous one. In short, the whole book is a huge pain in the neck!

To sum up this course, and the book, our CR provided a very good gist.
"This increase, that will fall, but that fall will increase as this fall also increases. The net effect is an increase in the fall and of this with that remaining constant!"

Yes, my dear readers, the course, the book, the instructor, all are as confusing as the two lines above =)

Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm having this miserable flu. And this tissue box is about to go empty =( *sniffs*



Best of luck :)

Daikha yeh gaya hay that the most stupidest of circumstances surrounding exams, result in the best of results.. :P so you're already in a 'good' situation :D

LOLX at Uni =P waisy try and break the instructors statement into small pieces, understand what each part explains separately and then join em all' Voila! =P

Anonymous says:

LOL...can feel what u going through...best of luck for the exams :)

Uni: Thanks uni. But aaj ka exam was in Spanish. Totally incomprehensible. And know what, our $&^#* proffy was passing smiles when he saw us sitting so lost! :/ Sadist loag!

Nikki: Lol Nikki. I did try to break the questions into pieces. But jab answer he na ai to question break kernay ka faida? =P I just pray I pass =(

Majworld: You sound like a good student =D And thankoo =)

Aww, get well soon!

LoL! I have got Economics exam tomorrow!!
And this makes me even more pareshan! *whimpers*

Get well soon and IA pass ho jao gi. :P

Anonymous says:

Hey, I LIKE international trade!!

And that sentence you quoted doesn't make sense... i tried deciphering it.

Ah well, if you need help with any economics stuff, you know where to find me :-)

P.S. Stop stressing. Everyone passes Global Economics or International Trade- whatever they call it these days *hugs*

Specsy: I used to luhvvv economics, till I met people who made me hate it =(

Lol @ deciphering the sentence. See, it's in Latin. Now imagine a whole 3-hour exam to be in Latin. I almost died! And yeah, I'm failing the course =( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

PS: *hugs back* =P

Siras, Sawj and Mr. Blunder: Thanks =)

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