Leaving "One Family"

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 in ,
Uh, so today was the last day of my 12-week traineeship at L&F. And what an amazing experience it was. 12 weeks passed in the flick of an eye. Today it was a very fun-packed, yet gloomy day for me. So while I sniff my nose and quietly weep behind the couch, why don't you guys check my desk pictures. I wish I could post those memorable pictures of ours as well, but, umm, I might upload them on facebook. Might.

Left-to-right view of my desk. See that paper pen-holder? I proudly made it and happily gave it away to N :)

I'm so going to miss all those post-it notes that always helped my Dinky Mind to stay active. And my Aussie kangaroo placed right in front of me too :') Oh, and see those capsules in a slender bottle? Only 3 people know what it actually had! Haha :D

This was my favorite side of soft-board :) I had my tiny 2-paged phone directory, my favorite quotes that always motivated me and my huge "IBA Class of 2011" mug. Coffee tasted much more heavenly in it :)

This was the rear side of my desk. And I made a smile there. Know why? That's cuz whenever I used to turn around to look at my supervisor, he would, sort of, glare at me sometimes and this smile helped a lot in balancing my mood out! Thank you, dear smiley :)

 And that's while packing all things up and leaving in a while :( Notice that post-it note having etc written on it? Well, that's end of thinking capacity! So apt!

Thanks a million L&F for making my stay so memorable. And thanks a million & one USAID for placing me there!


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