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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 in
I am doing the last question and suddenly a nice synonym comes to my mind which I want to use in Question no. 2. And then I think if I could use Ctrl + F key to find that word (which I want to replace) in my paper.

Before the paper, I remembered the definition of boundary spanning, but as soon as I read the question, "Define Boundary Spanning", the definition flows out of my head!! And then I wish if I could google it!

I know I am weak in math, but probably you don't know how much. When I couldn't calculate what is (.08 - 0.07),I pick up my calculator and wished my brain was something like an AMD Athlon instead of a rusted 486 Dinky Mind.

I write a sentence. After a few moments, I find it's somewhat wrong. I cut the whole thing out. Write a new sentence, but I find it too ambiguous. Now I cut this one out also. I want to write the previous sentence which was a bit clear in meaning. So why should I write it again? Don't you think there should be an option like Ctrl Z?

The teacher stamps the paper on the desk infront of me, and my exceptional compilation of lexis deftly escape from my mind. And I wish if I had F7 for the automatic spell and grammar check, and Shift+F7 for thesaurus.

And lastly, when I forget to start a new paragraph from a certain sentence, I wish there were Enter and Tab keys!

Going through this picturesque area, I wish I could capture it in my eyes and transfer it in my computer when I reach home. There ain't any USB to connect the images in my mind to the computer yet.

I need your exponential prayers!!!!!

Cheerio buddies.



hehehe hota hai hota hai, "integrate" all our prayers and inshAllah u wil be fine ;).

486 was still faster 286 wud be precise :P


I used to have a Russian teacher for two years in university and at nights i had nightmares of him calling me "I will multiply you, I will differentiate you, I will integrate you"

They are recurring again now that I am preparing for GRE :S

Anonymous says:

How abt the time when I have to write something similar in two answers and I think of control C and V!!!!


uuuuffff u use that much computer.....there is only one solution dont use that much computer than u wont think like computer :P

کھسک گئی ۔۔۔

Anonymous says:

aray yar we know dat u r not at all good at computers thats why ur gettin jealous n always thinkin about it nay nani nay nay

~Acro: I am trying hard to upgrade my 486 to something better, but arghhhh...Keep praying..lol

~Vox: Hahahaha...I saw that "preparign for GRE" pic...lol..nice one.

~Somewhat Eccentric: Hahahaha...so true.

~Khawab: I don't use much computer, I just want my hands and brain to be as fast as my computer!!! =)

~Harris: Tumhari he behen houn...hahaha

~:( haye qudrat.... khair..

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haan to bhai, Abdullah Abdullah hay na...

khair, I had to remove the code long ago, abhi tak to kia nahi...aagay dekho kia hota hay

Anonymous says:

lolz...soon some day all this would be true. :P

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