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Today Ritz and Sana came at my place to study Development Economics. From 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm we:
  • messed up the room with our notes.
  • had lunch.
  • completed our assignment.
  • txted our friends.
  • gossiped looaaddssaaaaa.
  • prayed.
  • had french fried.
  • took loadsa stupid pics.
  • watched dance videos
  • listened to dance numbers.
  • tried Govinda dance steps. Hahaha...That was the best part. :D
  • made video of that dance.
  • and in the end, Ritz and I played "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki" :D Lol.
Kahani Ghar Ghar ki was actually taking a photo in that KGGK pose. We kept our cellphones on the carpet - one on the other, set the camera on the table, set it's timer, quickly posed our hands around the cellphones, as perfectly as it is shown in the drama. :D I would've posted the picture, but the result wasn't that perfect :D

Sana is so good at performing Govinda dance steps. She taught them to Ritz. Ritz picked them up quite quickly. My poor friends tried to teach them to me too, but I'm ... hehe. You don't need to know the rest of the story :D

Cheerio folks =)



errr hello? parha kab??? upload video on utube ;)

What about Economics then?

~Acro: Perhnay ke liay hotay hein group study sessions? :P

~gh: assignment kia na :P

Anonymous says:

extreme per fun ...... lush yaar


Anonymous says:

Kahani ghar ghar ki .. why not kiyunkay saas bhi kabhi bahuu thi :P

Uff govinda is one of my top fave heroes .... Goodness umemooooo u had fit combined study session ;)

Anonymous says:

Great girls...
I am glad that you people kept the spirit and tradition of typical group study alive ...:D

That was one constructive study session. ;)

Anonymous says:

haha nice! combined study sessions are just one of the many ways we can tell the world that we're studying while we're not! :P

Anonymous says:

Man group study is always fun. I remember the days when we used to study at a friend's place. Since his parents were out of station therefore we used to cook stuff ourselves. You will miss these days more after 5-10 years. I also made a post about it *shameless promotion* :P

A lovely post. *feels nostalgic*-Asma zara dopatta deyna, meray tu ansoo agayee

~YouTee: Yep :)

~Asma: Lol. cuz we don't like to act like saasein and bahouein :D
Govinda...You like Govinda? :$ I like his (stupid) dance only :D

~Ash: Lol. Yep. That's what we're good at :P

~Siras: Yeah ;)

~Kamran: Hahaha... So true! :D

~Adnan: Lol. Once we also made coffee - Ritz, Jaj and I. And we even broke a cup :P

You talking about 5-10 years, I'm already missing my uni and my friends although I have still got a semester to go :D

Anonymous says:

I'm already missing my uni and my friends

haan tu theek hay. tum dostain apnay bacho ki shadi ek dosray se karwadeyna aur agar spicy banana hay tu bachpan se hey tum aur tumhari sahelian apna bachay ek dosra k ghar chor dia karay. baray hokar khud he apas me affair chala ley gey :P

~Adnan: Astaghfirullah! Stop watching Star Plus now :P

Anonymous says:

Lo! is mey astaghfar ki kiya baat hay? itna acha solution dia hay wo bhe muftay mey! rishta dhoondnay ki tension he nahi rahay gi. :P

And I don't watch Star+ :-). You sure watch!

~Adnan: Ab jab time ai ga to dekha jai ga :D

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