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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, January 24, 2009 in ,
1. My calculator crashed the night before my AFS (Analysis of Financial Statements) exam. And that was Wednesday night. Actually, I stretched my legs and the poor thing fell down on the solid, tiled floor. Bus phir kia tha, it started acting weird. Showed half the digits and half were in invisible mode. I picked out my cutie lil screwdrivers' set and started operating my abnormal calculator. I took out the batteries, shook it ruthlessly, and then screwed it up (literally :P) as it was not in the mood of getting back to life! I contacted Ritz to bring her calc the next day for me, and started studying again. I slept around 4:30 am that night. And the exam was scheduled at 12:30 pm on Thursday.

Woke up around 10 am. Checked the calc. No improvement. I then tried the 'desi tareeqa' in a hope of seeing it working again. Smashed it on a carpeted floor :P And guess what, when I picked up the poor thing, and gently pressed the power button, it showed nothing. Haye, my dear calc died! :( Just imagine what a pain it was to use my Dinky Mind for all the scary calculations :(

2. When on Thursday I had my exam, I was mentally sleeping. Seriously. I had to revise from 10 am to 11:30 am, but in that time I was just doing 4 things - picking up the formula sheet, staring blankly at it, falling down on my books and having Momma wake me up after every 5 minutes. And damn! Time flies when I'm trying to study. :/

Anyway, when I reached uni, I was sleepy again. And guess what happened when the paper came. First of all, I felt all the formulae to be evaporating from my tiny mind. And secondly, I was sure of it :P In a question I had to calculate -12 * -18 = ? Its 216, right? Guess what this sleepy Dinky Mind wrote: -216 ! And then I sat wondering why the Beta coefficient was giving a negative answer! Gosh! For a person who always writes 5+5=25, how can you expect from her that she'd know that the product of 2 negatives is a positive. *Sighs* I don't trust my brain anymore. I check if 3.5+1 is really equal to 4.5 or not! *Sighs again*

I believe AFS is the first course in which I checked my solutions after completing the exam. And it did help :D

3. Today's Nani's birthday and Vageha's birthday too =) I wish you both a berry happy Birthday :) Me going to bake a cake for my shweet Nani Ammi. Lala, Momma and I have planned out almost everything now =)

4. And hey, did I tell you guys I had my last exam today? I feel so so happy. Ahhh! I seriously detest fall semesters. Waisay I've never felt as relieved as I do this time. God knows the reason :D

5. Watched Ghajini today. Pretty tragic movie. Plus, I don't like movies with sad endings :$ Plus, Aamir Khan has got a cute smile :P Btw, I'm still tensed at the ending :(

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Yes, I'm berry happy that I'm done with these *beep* exams. Don't care when's the result. And don't even ask me for updates. If it isn't Re(in)sult, then I'd tell you myself, otherwise, just *shhhh* :D



Anonymous says:

What is AFS? Does it mean A Frustrated Subject ? :-)

~Adnan: *sighs* I used to think I'm the silly one but there are people like you who always prove me wrong :P Thank you so much :P

Anonymous says:

I'm the silly one but there are people like you who

Siyanay Kahtay hain k Bewaqoofo k samnay Aqalmandi ki batain karna sab se bari Bewaqoofi hay :P

:( exams khatam :(? no more torture :P? thats sad :P

did i tell u i didnt like Ghajini n Superman :P

and I believe my mind is becoming dinkier, I was actually thinking how to find out if a point is inside a circle :'(, grrrrrrrr

Anonymous says:

well its quite interesting to read ..

1- poor calculator my his soul rest and peace.
2- confused mind for calculation.:P

3- Belated birthday from YouTee as well

4- good luck for result LOL..hardest time of Uni life :P

5- no comments ..its just Aamir Khan


YAY! No more exams! :D

~Adnan: Achaw??? :P

~Acro: Haww, you is a meano! :P
And no, you never told me you dislike the movie. I have told you what I like about the movie :P

~YouTee: Keep praying pwease. Really need them.

~Siras: Yeah :( But exams to tension to ab tak hai na :(
Pwayers pwease

Anonymous says:


Pwayers pwease

lagta hay zyda he Machli khali hay..darh mey kaanta chub gaya hay :P

~Adnan: Haye. A lil humor was meant there :$

Aww.. loads of prayers coming your way! Tension not! :D

~Siras: Awww, thank you sho mush :D May allllll of your prayers be accepted, Ameen :D

please tell :P

~Acro: Aamir Khan's smile :P latest addition to Dinkyland :P

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