Independence Day!

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I'm not the type who celebrates her Independence Day when her exams are over, because I always watch movies and go out on shopping sprees during my exams. And once my exams are over, I feel ultra bored for not having anything to read. Yep, Dinky Mind is über insane!

So well, we were talking about my big Day. Well folks, today I happily celebrate my Independence Day as we've got a new 24/7 maid servant for home. Yayyyy! =D I'm no more an OLPM, no more a Cindarella! The feeling was just too great when I got to know our dearest maid was en route to our place this morning. No more dusting, mopping, laundry-ing or ironing. Wow! I'd be free. I'd be able to focus on my pending ass-ignments and reports. The feeling was driving me nuts. I wouldn't be bashed for untidy chairs and/or staying glued to my laptop and ignoring household chores. Imagine that!

Now when our maid arrived, momma left for grocery shopping. And I had to look after her (maid). I had to act like her shadow wherever she went. It was a huge responsibility, because I'm the kind whose bags and jewellery would be littered all over her room {and in the lounge, and mum's room, and sometimes kitchen as well [okay, everywhere I suppose (and why the heck am I using parenthesis within parenthesis?)]}. Phew! I'm out of brackets now! So, in short, I had to keep a keen, acute eye on her. And, of course, cram all my stuff in their respective cupboards as well.

So now I got time to get online. But I want to admit here I'm a bad supervisor. I always prefer doing my work myself. Or maybe getting someone do them for me and that someone shouldn't bug me where to put what, how and why. Since this maid is a new girl, I had to teach her everything and guide her where the mop was and where to find salt. She, coming from interior Sind doesn't know Urdu, and I, being a ... French-speaking person (=P) find it hard to communicate with her. Even then I try my level best but my stock of Sindhi ends after a few words, and then I foolishly stress on Urdu words - like saying jharoo in a loud voice - and expecting her to understand my language. And no, it's not funny at all. I mean I can't use sign language or hire an interpreter. So, I believe in a few days I'd surely be able to learn her language fully, if not able to teach her mine.

This language barrier sometimes proves to be very disastrous. Like today, I asked her to make a paratha for Bushi, to which she thought it's some special kind of paratha I'm asking her to make and she made a helpless face. *sigh*. And when I clearly explained her what exactly she had to, I left the kitchen and started typing this blog post. And a few moments ago when I went to see her progress, she was ready with four parathas! Four!!!! I mean who would eat 4 parathay? She knew all of us had had our lunch, and just Bushi was left, and still 4! Grrr! And with all those 4 parathay in her hands, her face was beaming as if she was holding an Oscar. I wish I could tell her that I wanted just one and not 4! *sigh*. Now I'm going to wrap the remaining 3 of them and slide them in the frigo.

Key Learning: Do you work yourself. Why on earth would you be gifted with two hands then? So, tmrw I'd do the laundry myself and I'd iron my week's clothes too. I just can't afford burnt dupattas or stained scarves.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

tum kitni mehenti ho :/

This was a nice read. :D

Raheel: Being a Cindarella is no easy job =(

Huda: Thankoooo <3

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