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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, May 24, 2010 in , , ,
My brain and eyes seem to be out of sync today.

  • I woke up well before time. And I didn't feel sleepy at all although I knew 45 minutes were still there before the alarm could go mad.

  • Whenever I leave home I mentally make a check of three essential things - IBA ID card, wallet, cell phone. Yesterday I added two more things to the list; cash and documents. And this morning this Dinky Mind forgot this tiny mental note. *sigh* 

    • When I was 5 minute-drive away from my uni, my car *accidentally* went over a puppy! I mean I was driving on a pretty wide road, in the first lane, and from a distance I saw a kid and a doggy running to cross the road. I also noticed 2 puppies on the green belt who did not move to cross. And since I cannot see the road properly while driving in my jahaaz-like car, I didn't notice when the poor puppy jumped out on the road and then I heard a loud *bump*. Eeeekkkk! I heard a few bones getting crushed beneath the front left tyre. It was dead scary. I started palpitating badly. And for the next 5 minutes till I safely parked the car I felt equally terrible. Oh, and the puppy didn't die. Thank God!!!! From the rear-view mirror I saw it getting up and limping to the other side of the road. *phew*
    • When I got off the shuttle at our uni gate, there are movable 3-feet tall iron fences attached to each other by iron chains. I wonder why I was looking at my left side and walking so blindly that I bumped into one of the poles of that fence and with a tannnn sound it fell on the concrete. Without being embarrassed or looking up at who noticed my stupid act, I casually picked it up as if someone else had knocked it down and walked away. Hehe =P
    I just hope nothing awkward happens now. 14 hours are still to go before this day could end =(

    Adios amigos =)



    You almost killed a dog!! :-O Jahaaz-like car?? eh!? Cruel!!

    I killed a kitten once. :(

    Zalim!!! They have feelings too... never drink and drive they say...for some people it doesnt have to be alcohol...

    AD: =(

    Bahadur: It was aliveeeee

    Senilius: I almost killed a bike wala =$

    UTP: I had mango milkshake =$

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