And I Stand Out of the Crowd!

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For all those who think I'm an extraordinary person are so wrong. This post is not about my accolades or achievements, but it's about how I spoiled my Saturday morning =( *sigh*

Waking up at 9 am on a Saturday is not easy. It becomes even more difficult when you know the whole country's educational institutions are closed on Saturday except yours. Injustice, I know. Well, I am a morning person, but on weekends, my biological clock wakes me up at 8 or 9 am. So I dragged myself out of the bed at 9 and started dressing up for the darn "double" class of... let's forget it. I reached the campus at exactly 10 am - the time our class had to start. Boarded the shuttle, got dropped at uni, frantically ran corridors in search of our class and finally spotted it: all in 4 minutes time! Pushed the class door open a bit, heard a stern "You're late!", retreated and started bashing the rude proffy. First of all, we weren't informed where the class was, it wasn't the "usual room", and when we finally spotted the room (after peering inside almost every classroom), we were ... uh, kicked out! Like, I literally stood out of the crowd. Eeesh! [And thankfully we weren't asked to hold our ears or become murghay/ murghian] Heheh. After a few moments I realized it wasn't our proffy's fault. The day majority of students are late, they're allowed to enter. Today, just today, when I came a mere 4 minutes late, I wasn't allowed to enter. *sigh* So, are you getting my point? This, my friends, is called the Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong (and at the worst possible time!)

Instead of whining for long, Rabia and I sat on the window sill and started thinking of our options and alternatives. A few moments later, Mehwish joined the club and we, the irritated trio, camped in one of the Discussion Rooms. After wasting a lil time and texting out friends in the class, we started cracking insane jokes. Lol. We had nothing better to do. Then Rabia and I called up our moms and told them we'd be returning home in a while cuz we were "kicked out". Lol. And our moms were like, "Good going!" Hehe. When we found out the car was outside to pick us up, we decided to go buy samosas. But again, Murphy's Law came into action. The samosay wala dhaaba was closed =( And then we realized Karachi University is closed on Saturdays now =( *Baahhhhh*

But well, I had a yummy naashta at home =P and now, I'm going to complete my 3-course breakfast by having a chocolate =P Hehehe. After an hour, I'd be off for shopping, while my other friends would be getting grilled in the ... let's not name the course, cuz I've heard our proffies google our names =(

I'm glad I'm home now. See, sometimes everything happens for a reason. =P You should only be knowing the art of turning negatives into positives.

Have a blessed day.

Cherio folks ;)



kon kehta hai key mai sub sey ziyada bolta houn :p

oye check this http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com/2010/05/burnt-pleasure.html

dont worry all universities are still running :) and you arent the only one :)



Anonymous says:

you whine a lot :p

Ubaid: Ooooo.. Read it on FB as well. It was heck awesome!! =)

AD: Really? =( Still, it's pretty sad =(

Ali: No, it wasn't that fun at that time =(

Lakhani: Way too much =D

How the hell do you eat so much now? You ate nothing when we met! :O

I eat a lot when I'm hungry =)

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