What Is Accounting?

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, December 19, 2003 in ,
Do you people know what the hell Accounting is? If you know, then kindly teach it to my sister. Actually, my mind is completely blocked! "taala laga hua hay" .
Hmmmm...kuch naya hay aaj...today we had a party at our college. It was Eid Party... Kuch late ho gai. But it went good, very nice. We enjoyed, cracked stupid jokes, but it ended in angry-faces and mouthful of abusive words. You know, it happens...all those fights--verbal and non-verbal are a part of college life. Actually, one of our seniors started it and when he became intolerable, we all kicked him out of our class. Then we started chatting and laughing and all other fun stuff, without thinking about the consequences. We had no idea as to what horrible scenes we would be seeing after 12 (that's the time when our classes get over on Fridays). I was trembling badly when I saw my classmates and other guys fighting with each other. And then ... well, I don't want to discuss all this stuff now. But I pray and hope everybody's fine, especially 2 of our classmates.
[long silence]
O yeah, do you people know that my exams are starting from 6th Jan? (WHOA! now this is a New Year Gift..urgh!). And you know what, I haven't bought a calculator... Imagine, Accounting paper without a calc... another WHOA!! and most of all, no time is left for preparation of the lengthy course...WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! So, I have cent percent chance of getting a big__ real big U. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... So, I ask my readers to raise their hands for a dua:
"Allah Umema ko aik Casio fx-82TL calculator ataa farmai...Ameen aur acha grade bhee" .
Main aap ki bohat shukur-guzaar hongee.
Today, in the lunch, I ate soo much. ufff... My stomach was indicating "full" (after the party) but still I HAD to eat those chinese rice ( all those vegetables...i don't like vegetables) with fried fish. Now, I don't think I'd feel like eating anyhting in the next two days.
Well, right now I'm planning to either write a poem or to read a nice book. Actually, the words in my mind are begging me to let them out. So, all I need is a piece of paper, a pen, and silence!!!
But right now, I don't want to think much or my Dinky Mind will just burst! So, I'll read something. Isn't it nice when you are in your cosy bed, reading your favourite book under the lamp light with a handful of roasted cashew nuts scattered all over your lap, and slow music blanketing the peaceful and silent moments? Ahhh....So, now I'm going to enjoy my time, because today, for the first time, I'm not feeling tired or sleepy.

"Happiness Is A Perfume. You Can't Spread It Around Without Getting Some On You."


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