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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, December 06, 2003 in
ahh..sitting with my heavy eyelids, I'm trying my best to post something over here. Well, my account expired few days back, so, now I'm here to check all my stuff. my mailbox is just filled with mails (stupid answer). What I'm trying to say is that it is just flooded with mails from all my cousins and friends...uff...have to reply them also. Today is (better say "was", cuz i usually come online at night) Friday. On Fridays, I normally have 4 hour consecutive classes, with a tiny break of 15 mins. (a big relief for all of us). But in today's break I had a table-tennis single's match, which will now be played on Monday. Urgh...Hate it. Actually, today my opponent was in no mood of a match, and on Monday I wouldn't be (hahaha). Well my battery is recharging now, as I'm listening to some good tracks, just like "have you ever" by Katelyn Tarver. It is suchhhh a nice song. Do listen to it.
Hey today my sis brought Ali Zafar's album, Huqqa Paani. I have just heard two songs of that album. Have to listen rest of the songs. My sis says all are good and different. I'll comment only when I'll hear 'em. Right now I'm listening to El Amor De Mi Vida by Ricky Martin...Although I dont understand a word of this song but still I like it, such a nice, soft, slow song. And you know what, whenevr I'm gloomy, I just play this song, and rest my head on my table, close my eyes and enjoy this 4 minute, un-understanding song (i hope you understand what I mean when I say un-understanding). Simply love it! And yeah, listen to this song "Stop living the lie" by David Sneddon. O God, its such a niceeee song. And I really love those lines.
"She stands alone at a place where no-one knows her name,
She catches them staring, they turn around and vanish the frame,
And she's nursing her head and her pride,
She died long ago deep down inside.
Who is going to save her?
Nobody wants to know her."
wow wow wow, such a nice song, isn't it?
right now somebody has sent me "nothing is gonna change my love for you" by Glen Mederos. Tomorrow I'll tell you about this song_ my comments! hehe...Waisay to acha lag raha, "of my type" SLOW and Soft...khair, forget about this stuff.
O, I haven't visited anybody's blog today. So, I'm kind of feeling bored today.
umm..let me think of something new and interesting...right now I'm conversing with famma...the one who has named me OLPM (well, fadi mama, nobody knows the meaning of OLPM. A secret between us only...hehe... ).
Nothing new happened today at college,oo yeah, I had an argument with my Economics teacher. Just dont ask, he ate my head by explaining me a totally different thing, and I ate his by arguing that what he is saying is from no angle correct. We argued for about 30 mins, and then he finally said:
"Ok beta, cross this statement. It's not correct".
He still dint say what I said was correct! toba hay...then we started doing MCQs. Us main bhee main nay un ka sar khaa lia kay mujhay sahi tarah samjhaiiin. I just dont know whether my mind was blocked or either he was unable to explain the choices to me correctly. khair...
O yeah, I remember. Did I tell you that i lost my locker's key on tuesday? well, if I dint then I must tell you that I've found it again....Ahhh...Im so relieved cuz my fee slip was in the book which was in my locker. Thankyou Ahse for helping me. I was really tired of searching that tiny, keychainless key of mine at home. I searched every nook and corner of my house. At one moment a stupid idea crossed my mind. I always lick my key like a lollypop (sounds awful...i know) so, have I taken it inside? uff...so you can well imagine, my mind really stopped working at that time. And after that I decided to glue my key with a keychain much bigger than my own size, so I never lose it again! At first I wasnt worried about my key, but when my father bacame twice as worried as I was, then I started thinking of searching it . I mean, I didn't stop searching but his sentences like "o beta, you've lost your keys, now what will happen? how will you get your books back? ". And all those worried and caring looks would compel me to go upstairs again, and search for my lost key. But ahh...I'm so relieved now. So, as soon as I entered the house, I just picked out a keychain and chained my key.
aray kuch pata hay? 3 bajj chukay hain. Mujhay to khair abhi pata laga. acha janab, bas ab to sochtay huay hee aankhain bund honay lagtee hain kay apna soya hua wujood kaisay main kamray tak lay ker jaoon gee...nahinnnnn!!!!
Wish me goodluck, tomorrow is PTM (parent-teacher meeting). letsee kia hota hay. waisay to mera result iss dafa kaafi acha aay hay,..phir bhee...
wasiay tomorrow's saturday...abhi to nahin sona chahiyay mujhay...magar phir bhee so jaati houn... apni energy ki bachat ho gee.


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