I am so happy!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, December 02, 2003 in
so today my college reopened, after a very looong week (because I missed all my friends so much). But today I enjoyed a lot. I played table-tennis after a month (because in ramazan, we wouldn't get time for our matches). And guess what, I played 5 double matches and won ALL...wow... my partner was an A-2 student, who's a great player (this doesnt mean that only because of his efforts we were victorious...I also play well, rather good. If you don't believe, come and play with me ;) ) And the oppenents were all my class-mates, and oh, one was of A-2. To sum it up, I enjoyed a lot.
In the morning, I took my first class of accounting of one hour (without a calc! O my God, when will I buy a new one?!?). Then I studies Business Management with the same teacher, for another one hour. Then I had my economics class, but due to a change in timetable, we studied General Paper (everybody takes GP). Then we had a 45-minute break in which I finished 2 packs of Real Chips (yummm). And after that I went for table tennis. Then I attended my Economics class from 11:45-12:45. And then, from 12:45 - 13:45, I enjoyed with my mates, cuz all of them had a free class...
So that was my day at college.
O yeah, something unusal happened today_nobody came to our house, neither did we go to meet anybody...so, you can say, I had a real relaxing day. Ahhh!!!
A few minutes back, Fadi mama (Ahmed Fuad Siddiqi) came online. We had a great chat, and he's going to help me to bring further fruitful changes in this boring blog of mine...Thankyou very much. And then I talked to him about my poem "restless soul", which I want to submit on www.poetry.com (search me by the name of "Umema Siddiqui"..remember ...iqui). I have submitted a poem over there by the title of "the temptation" ( a chidish poem written by me when i was in grade 8th). I submitted this poem some 2 years back, i guess, but now Pakistan is not in the country's list....so annoying! So, I talked to fadi mama, took his address (of USA) and submitted my poem...Thankyou again mama.
O my God, I just forgot, I have to complete my GP assignment..nahiiiinnnn...I thought there's nothing to do today, so I started working on a poem. But now, I have to go....O Lord! why does this happen to me only?? Probably because I own a Dinky Mind.
And you know what, my mocks will start right after a month... and I think I shouldn't go far, but my assessments are starting after 6 days....nahiiiinnnn...I sometimes wonder is it some sort of Eidi given to us by our teachers or what? Assessments right after our vacations, especially Eid vacations, doesnt mean that we were studying during those times, after all, enjoyment is also something!
Well, right now Im listening to, infact, watching a song "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed. Its a good song. I like slow songs, only when when Im feeling gloomy. And when Im ecstatic, I listen to all songs, all the fast tracks that I have with me.
Now, I think its late. I better move to my writing table for some work.
oo bye...


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