A Zillion Thanks To Mama!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, December 12, 2003 in
Assalam-o-alaikum everybody
My day is getting better as seconds are ticking by. Just because a few moments back fadi mama came online and whoa.....he gave me a real, BIG surprise!!! And I think I should keep it in my secret box, and then one day I'll surprise you all by revelaing it. Hehe.
O yeah, I played cricket today. Toba . Itni buri cricket hay meri. Yesterday I played pathetic..Uffff!!! But today, it improved a lot. I took 2 wickets (thankyou, thankyou very much for clapping). And then I made 10 runs (big deal). Yesterday with my full power, I played a shot. And then I stood there watching the ball rolling on the ground. And my partner was screaming at top of his voice asking me to run. And then I looked at him and started thinking "Do I have to run?" And then I finally ran...Everybody was laughing so badly. At first I felt embarassed, but then I thought, cricket is not a girlish game, and most of all, It was my first time.
And guess what, today I didn't forget to do my accounting assignment (for the first time). Im sooo relaxed..Ahhhhhhhhhhh....
Now, I think I should go and lie on my cozy and comfortable bed.
Allah Hafiz


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