I lost my match..urgh!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, December 09, 2003 in
So, aaj aap sab logoan ki dua'aun say main apna table-tennis match haaaaaaar gai. I won my semi-final, but lost the final match. It was great fun playing the final. My opponent is a very experienced player. We were playing tick-tock, tick-tock, and then a big smash...wow! And she finally won the match__ Still, I will recieve a silver medal. Again. Last year also I got a silver medal. Does that mean I haven't improved?!? No. Those were the the double matches and this time I played single, which I think, is difficult.
In my writings you'll always find news about songs. Well, after sooo many days (better say, weeks), I heard the song "aadat" by jal. It was nice to hear that. Nice, soft and slow (of my type..). And also Im listening to some old Indian songs. Just like "kehna hee kia" of bombay.
O yeah, Faysal, I've seen that movie "kal ho na ho". It was good.
Aray haan, I just remember, my father is planning to buy a table-tennis table. wow! I'm forcing him to buy it asap.
These days I'm working on a poem. But it doesn't seem to me that it will end up in a "poem". I mean, I think that I should write a story because I have more words, if I make a story out of it. Do you wanna read another of my poems? If not, then close your eyes right now, start counting, scroll down. Keep on scrolling down until you reach 5. then open your eyes and you'll be at the concluding paragraph pf my blog.
So, if you want to read it, then here it goes.

_________Don't Look Into My Eyes___________

Don't look into my eyes,
For these glassy eyes are very deep.
The depth will sweep you away,
And in the ocean of my memories, you'll seep.

Don't look into my eyes,
For they search rays of hope.
And if you peer into them,
I may lose this precious rope.

Don't look into my eyes,
Or you'll discover my erratic life.
You'll discover my painful sufferings,
And those deep bruises caused by my sacrifice.

Don't look into my eyes,
Or the tears will surely flow.
There are things that can't be said,
The eyes can't help, but show.

Don't look into my eyes,
For you won't find anything.
These empty eyes are just there,
Anxiously waiting for something.

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well, tahts all for today....getting busy as time is passing by..


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